Sunday, September 14, 2014


Don't get concerned about "shooting targets". Don't become overly fixated on the target...or on shooting the target. The target is simply a stand in for a living adversary. Its not about hitting the target...its about killing.

Learning Spanish for Fun and Profit

Article Excerpt Image As Suarez International instructors, we believe in being well rounded. That not only implies being good with all manner of weapons, but also being well rounded in other areas. Fortunately, being well versed with modern weapons does not require that one retreat to a temple to focus entirely on one’s martial skills. There is still time to learn other useful things. One of those things is other languages. A fe w years ago, I visited Mexico for the first time. This was the first country I had ever visited where I did not know the language, and I did not...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Distance From Disorder - Again

The original article by William Lind can be read here. I suggest anyone interested in building a team, a business, or wealth, read and memorize it as it is one of the most importnat pieces one can know. It is written with the view of foreign policy but I suggest looking at it from the perspective of relationships. Specially business relationships. It means America’s grand strategy should seek to connect our country with as many centers and sources of order as possible while isolating us from as many centers and sources of disorder as possible. Where it says "America" feel...

Friday, September 12, 2014


Article Excerpt Image HANDS VS. GUNS - DVD Hands VS Guns was recorded live during a Suarez International Force On Force Instructor School. The material is simple, violent and fresh as taught in class. It relies on the element of surprise combined with extreme violence of action. In this DVD you will experience condensed live lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on-training with students at the class. the material is presented in an easy to learn manner with simple and repeatable opening moves, followed up by common body weapon attacks, use of knives, and/or drawing your own pistol and responding. All presented in an easy to...


Article Excerpt Image I first saw this in an article by my friend Chris McLaughlin in the old, and then credible, SWAT Magazine. He wrote the story of its development for the US Marshal Serivice and its Witness Protection guys. As well its production by Wilson Arms, and later other firms. The short barreled shotgun is a highly contraversial weapon, loved by some and maligned by others. We have never taken any bit of collective knowledge for granted, nor taken the words of others as gospel. When we "see for ourselves" we often discover that the reason something was either widely accepted, or...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Article Excerpt Image Very few Americans study any history at all. It is as if they think that the only history of any importance is their own short history. But that is a shame because much of what we are seeing today was born hundreds of years ago, and the motivations of the players back then very much motivate the players today...even if the politicians fail to see it. Islam has been attempting to overthrow the western world since the 7th century. Nothing has changed. They want the entire world under their thumb. Their world is the world which is submissive to Islam....

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