Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII Abuse Test

Still functioning, Hahn Precision Sights still zeroed, TSD Magazine still works. Russell Phagan-Suarez International Specialist Competitive Shooting Read my blog here Discuss on the forums here Related articles The Ultra-Lightweight AR CAV-15 Returns to Production, Now on Sale

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Pistol For the Present Day Gunfighter (Why I carry a Glock)

When the Glock first arrived on the scene, I remember hearing many deride this new “plastic gun” as “not worthy” when compared to its most successful and widely used predecessor the 1911. Many believe that the 1911 is “the” pistol, the standard to which all other pistols must be compared, and to be fair, the 1911 is a great gun with a great reputation and its role in combat experience does back up those claims. As with all things, change is inevitable and just as the 1911 replaced the revolver, so has the "plastic gun", specifically the Glock, replaced the...


SKIPPING BUCKSHOT…AND OTHER PROJECTILES I learned to do this back in 1986. It had been used in gunfights by the L.A. Sheriff's Deputies several times and a viable tactic. This was the age before lawyers wrote qualification courses and Internal Affairs guys were in charge of tactical training. Before the silly statement was spoken in fear, "every bullet has a lawyer attached to it", and the death before litigation culture became the norm. Today, I don’t know of any private or public sector schools teaching this actively. I know that we teach it and make it a common activity in...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Basic Breaching for the common man Part II (Ballistic & Windows)

In the second part of this series on breaching we will discuss the ever popular “Ballistic” or Shotgun breach, as well as some techniques for breaching windows. If you happen to miss part one please take the time to have a look at it as well. Ballistic breaching This is the technique that everyone is always so keen to learn about, because let’s be honest it’s damn sexy and just plain cool to shoot open a door with a shotgun. But we need to understand that ballistic breaching is not without hazards and thus is a technique where its...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

RMR Equipped Glock Use and Benefits

In this video I discuss the use and benefits of the RMR Equipped Glock. Actual match footage is used to demonstrate how the RMR equipped Glock works. Russell Phagan-Suarez International Specialist Competitive Shooting Read my blog here Discuss on the forums here

Friday, July 18, 2014

Home Alone – The Minimalist Approach to Getting in Shape

If you have finally decided to take Gabe’s advice and start working out but are not sure what gym to join or when you’ll find time to hit the gym, let me offer some advice. Forget the gym. At least postpone it until you get in better shape and can maximize the benefit of a membership. There are advantages to a club; however, the travel time cuts into workouts. My hectic schedule and rural location convinced me to go it alone. If you want to give it a try, here is how to start. Schedule a regular time. I find...

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