GABE SUAREZ HANDS VS GUNS - STREAMING VIDEO Our first paid streaming instructional video. The material is simple, violent and fresh as taught in class. It relies on the element of surprise combined with extreme violence of action. In this DVD you will experience condensed live lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on-training with students at the class. The material is presented in an easy to learn manner with simple and repeatable opening moves, followed up by common body weapon attacks, use of knives, and/or drawing your own pistol and responding. All presented in an easy to follow, easy to learn and retain manner based on the positional aspects of the attack, and the open avenues of movement. BUY AND WATCH THE VIDEO HERE Read more →

We recall the drill. The kill-house instructor briefed you on the radio call. "Shots fired, homicide in progress in a home, multiple victims down, suspect is a male white - 40 - wearing a red hoodie, white pants and sunglasses. Armed with a handgun" Then he said, "Hurry - back up is thirty minutes out", as he tapped you on the back. Then as you go into the kill-house (oh wait...never mind, they renamed it a few years earlier to "shoot house"...cant be training killers dontchaknow)...then as you move into the "shoot" house you are met with a myriad of no-shoot targets depicting children, nuns, and women with terrified looks positioned as if fleeing the evil man whom you were told was in the process of killing everyone. Then as you clear a corner you see the red hoodie, and the man fitting the description in the purposely dimmed (but not too dim) light, holding his hand outstretched with something metallic in it - as if holding a firearm. He is pointing it at your face and you realize the... Read more →

When Suarez International began the study of the Red Dot Pistol in 2009 I had no idea that it would become such a popular and mainstream idea. And yet today, almost a decade later, we are seeing more pistols with red dots than pistols without them. I predict that it will be a rare thing to see a pistol in a combatant’s holster that does not have a red dot as a sighting system. However what invariably happens is a desire to shortcut the system, and to get the benefits on the cheap. With that we see the proliferation of low quality red dot sights mounted on pistols. And by “low quality” I mean sights whose greatest attribute is that they are cheap. But “cheap” never brings quality. Now I understand very well that not everybody can drop $500 on an optic but an optic on a handgun that will be carried 24-7 in a holster is vastly different than an optic on a rifle that will sit in the safe until the weekend. Weapons meant for fighting (or “self-defense”... Read more →

I hated the pistol. The agency had decided, that for our own good, and because some "upwardly promotable" officer had dropped her Browning Hi Power and it somehow "went off", we would all be using the new generation S&W 5906. When I got my issued weapon, I think I threw up a little. This was NOT a pistol for killing. It was designed to make even the thought of using it difficult. After all...a dead cop was far better for the chief than a dead blood or crip gang member. I drove to Long Beach Uniform after a 12 hour shift to buy my own 5906 and have the legend himself...the patron saint of Smith and Wesson, Steve Deladio work it over for me. The trigger needed to be, in the words of one of my mentors, one officer CD Smith...."hostage rescue accurate". Steve smoothed out the DA so a Colt Python would be jealous of it, and the SA was what you would think just right on a tuned 1911. And Steve managed to "malfunction" the magazine safety disconnect... Read more →