Last year I conducted training for a large group of Counter Terror Officers for a Southern AZ agency. I was given some intell on what they were facing. Specifically it was a very Ataturk, Brussels type event where terrorists would be armed with small armes and kill as many victims as possible before using TBIED (Terrorist Borne IEDs). And so I worked up the material based on one thing - the best way to accomplish the mission without concerns for political correctness or the fear of the "Ferguson Effect". That mission being to quickly identify and eliminate (not attempt to arrest) the terrorists as soon as possible. The concept was that the less "killing time" the terrorist has, the less killing they get to do. And keeping with the delay in response times, an officer - or officers present must seek, contact, eliminate and move on to the next terrorist in a quick and efficient manner. One officer taking too long with one terrorist gives the other terrorists more "killing time". The results were that about 1/3 of the group... Read more →

This is from late 1970s. I don't recall the exact year, but it was my 3rd Dan test. Sosai Mas Oyama had made a trip to the USA and was there. As is common in the very physical system Kyokushin, there was a good amount of breaking. This is not the silly stuff with little spacers broken by fat guys wearing satin like you see today. This was stack 'em up and break them...period. Anyway this was the eleventh board stacked. All of them broke but this one. I kept it and wore my bruises with honor. At the end of the day, everyone was getting their books signed. Advanced Karate, or This Is Karate by Oyama. I didn't know he was coming so I did not bring my book. One of my dojo mates suggested I get the board signed. I recall Sosai wrinkling his brow and grunting when I brought the board...but he signed it. It sat in storage for years and the dryness of the AZ back country finally cracked it through where I had hit it,... Read more →

Although we know, and the terrorists know, that a group of terrorists with rifles can create a great deal of carnage we are also seeing more proliferation of explosive devices used individually or in conjunction with a group of shooters. And of course, as the invasion of Islamic refugee/terrorists continues into the west, and eventually into America, the knowledge of how to make these explosives successful will increase as well. And LE tasked with counter terrorism duties have already interdicted bomb bearing terrorists in the USA. Here is an IED blast test site that was investigated by Law Enforcement in southern AZ. One may ask why these events don't make the news? That is an administrative decision, but I suspect it is to avert a public panic, and over reaction by the many uneducated people that would shoot the poor Sikh at the 7-11, thinking "all them turban wearing people are the same". Sadly, I can't argue with the admin's rationale as events like this have already happened and Sikhs, just as one example, have been targeted by the ignorant.... Read more →

In a recent intelligence paper, I read that it is common for terrorists to stake out and study a target before committing to action. And if such surveillance is not detected, their plans continue unabated. So in the hope of keeping you more alert, and safer, lets look at this topic to detect and then evade the surveillance team. There are two parts to this discussion. One is identifying a tail, the second is eluding them. A big part of this is daily preparation to make yourself difficult to track and to facilitate eluding any tracker. First consider equipping yourself in a way that you do not stand out in a crowd. There is a great scene in the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" where every "suspect" is dressed the same way, facilitating Pierce Brosnan's character to elude the police. Obviously you can't cause 1000 guys to dress just like you, but you can dress in a way that you look like everyone else. Your vehicle should be fairly common if this is a concern. Keeping track of the red... Read more →

I was at Starbucks, getting the a quadruple espresso. I was watching a man buy four of those blended drinks. He skips the cardboard carrier they offer and walks out balancing one cup atop another in each hand. It is interesting to watch and so I keep an eye on him as I sip my high octane. He walks up to the passenger side of an SUV and hands one stack to the female passenger. It is at that point that he loses control of the other stack and one Frappucino begins to topple toward the pavement. But very quickly, the man lowers his body and hand, reaches down and catches the falling cup before it spills of hits the deck. Fantastic! What a save! I did not stop to interview him, but I suspect he did not think too much about what he would do, nor is it a move that he has practiced countless times either. Yet there it was...perfect execution and timing. Action without thought. Later in the day, I was driving home with the "Shield Maiden".... Read more →

THE VALUE OF KATA There are guys that will roll their eyes and mumble about "dead patterns" when someone brings up Kata, as if they sprang from their mother's nether regions with a full and complete understanding of all things martial. Just as successful point shooting (real world close range handgun killing not range masturbation) comes from a thorough education in the use of the sights and accurate shooting, so does mindlessness, comes from mindfulness, and patternless movement - you guessed right - comes from patterns and paradigms of movement. And Kata provide that. I suppose I could go into a long dissertation on that but I will not now. Maybe later. Definitely later. I will need to discuss this because modern people think everything that came before their own birth is irrelevant. In my early years I trained with guys that had killed more people than action heroes in the movies...and they studied Karate Katas. My parent system is Kyokushin and that has its roots in Goju Ryu, so I tend to favor that type of movement pattern. I... Read more →


These are THEIR kids. While the west is cultivating the egalitarian hipster, emo-male with the man-bun and the dad-bod, this is how Islam is training their kids. And if you wish to, the the mindless Pope, dismiss this as something other than exactly what it is, here is another video explaining exactly what their position is. A little girl, pre-teen is showing singing a terrorist song and beheading a doll. All the while western youth are...chasing Pokemon. This little girl is a true believer raised as such from childhood. It will be increasingly difficult, if possible at all, to get her to change her mind as she grows up. So what I do not understand is why do the political and spiritual leaders of the west think they don't mean it? That they are "JK" (just kidding)? And those who know this to be the truth and have named the enemy are still not doing anything at all against the threat. I don't know - past actions seem to indicate we should take them at their word. And doing so,... Read more →