This last weekend we taught a three day Red Dot Pistol School. It was attended by over 20 students with various weapons and red dot systems. We took them through a great deal of work, and met standards of face shots at 25 yards, and body shots at 100 yards. We broke up the training between proactive work, as may be conducted during the various Active Shooter/Jihad Killings that have become so much a part of modern life - and reactive work as typified by common self defense shootings at close range. I expect we will have an after action from the students to publish shortly but we fired approximately 1,000 well directed and accurate rounds in three days. During one of the days, during a break, I had staffer Greg Nichols video a few shooting drills with our NFA Glock PDW. This weapon has very serious capabilities and is already being examined by some police units as a special applications weapon. Have a look. Related articles The Stocked Pistol Revisited for 2014 SUAREZ VIDEO: THE PISTOL PDW/SBR CONCEPT -... Read more →

The world has always been in struggle. Those that think one day we will have “world peace” are fools because that is not human nature. And many of us would despise that existence. The fundamental struggle of course is between good and evil. That should be clear, as far as the nature of the sides, but some people who serve evil think they serve good. Ask a jihadist about it and he will tell you that us infidels are the evil ones. We see this differently of course, but you will not convince the other side. And what evil does...its tactics... is that it demands tolerance when it is weak, in order to weaken the strong good. “We are all children of the same God”, or “We are all Americans”, and so forth. And the problem is that the only way that you can define and identify evil is by some sort of faith system. But in the modern age, that perspective is, for many unacceptable. Although it is hard to define and pin point in the academic way demanded... Read more →

Short Circuiting The OODA Loop An illustrative story: The call had come in of a trespasser using the laundry at an apartment building. It was the sort of call we all rolled our eyes and cursed the ever liberal city council of Santa Monica for drawing all the stinking bums from Los Angeles county. Regardless, patterns of movement established through years or knowledge tended to keep you safe so bullshit call or not, I parked my war wagon a few doors down and walked up to the laundry room adjacent to the alley. He was standing there washing his clothes. A typical LA street dweller…but something about him was different. I could not put it into words if you had frozen the frame and asked me to describe it. It was the way he moved maybe…or his build – not overly muscled, but not malnourished. Something told me at the instant he turned to look at me that I was in serious danger. The transient was in his mid thirties, and walked over to me, hand out stretched as if... Read more →

In a scene from what the current administration would want us to think is the "new normal", we have this: "A man dressed in a private security uniform and making reference to Allah, entered a St. Cloud Minnesota mall Saturday night and stabbed eight people before being shot dead by an off duty police officer." ...and this. "A man who was killed after stabbing eight people Saturday night inside a Minnesota mall was “a soldier of the Islamic State,” an ISIS-linked news agency said Sunday morning." And this happens almost simultaneously with bombs in New York that are reminiscent of the Boston Marathon bombings that so many Americans seem to have already forgotten about. We live in a time of war and it would be foolish of us to forget that for a moment, or to forget who the unannounced enemy happens to be. The terrorists all have a common thread, a cultural, political, and religious ideology that connects them regardless of where they were born, what passport they hold or what language they speak. I am still astounded at... Read more →