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By John Chambers - Suarez International Staff Instructor Recently I had the opportunity to provide training through Suarez International for group of soldiers and contractors who are heading overseas. The class was a mix of ECRG/CQB pistol, AK Gun Fighting and knife work. Due to the fact that the soldiers specifically would be using issued weapons it was imperative that I brush up on using the M9/92F pistol that I had also used while deployed. I had learned a few tips and tricks about the weapon and if I was going to teach others to use it. I wanted to make sure that they learned from my experience. I had not spent any quality time with the Beretta since leaving the service in 2008 and since, I had spent most of my handgun training time with either my G17, G22, or for purely recreational shooting my K Frame Smith & Wesson revolvers. After spending the greater portion of two years shooting and carrying nothing but a M9, I was very willing to leave my personally owned 92F in the safe.... Read more →

By Randy Harris - Suarez International Staff Instructor Mediocrity. Gabe wrote a piece about it a couple of weeks ago. In his article he was talking about those who go and get their carry permit but never get any further training because after all , they are "just a civilian". They almost seem to look at their mediocrity as proof of "normalcy" and that even though they carry a gun from time to time it is still OK because they really are not that good with it. Not like those nuts who actually practice. And SPECIALLY not like those psychos that go to classes and actually learn how to not just shoot, but how to fight with their guns, knives and empty hands. I guess being normal and helpless makes them feel better inside than being above average and competent. I thought about this a bit and after seeing some frankly depressing discussions on the internet about what is supposedly impossible. I have come to the conclusion that it is not just some "gun people" that just want to be... Read more →

By: Randy Harris - Suarez International Staff Instructor The subject of Force on Force training is one that we should all consider. After all, what are we actually training for? Do we train to avoid getting mugged by a flat piece of cardboard that does not think move or try to hurt you or are we training to deal with living breathing thinking adversaries? The obvious answer is live adversaries. So if your training regimen does not or has never included any Force on Force component then how do you know whether what you are practicing REALLY works or not? Maybe you train with some "guru" who has been in many fights and never lost. All that really tells you is HE has a grasp of his material and was successful. It does not tell you how well you would fair using that in a real confrontation. So how do we know? We have to test it. Some may say "well what I do works in my IDPA matches". Great. You are thoroughly ready to proactively face a 3 foot... Read more →