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The images of the murderous Mumbai Terrorist Attack lie lightly on the minds of americans. We saw glimmerings of it at Fort Hood, albeit not as organized or extensive, yet just as cowardly and effective. We know that once the enemy discovers a viable tactic, they will exploit it until something better comes along. They have learned that attacking soft targets such as schools, malls, churches, and any other place where the occupants are presumed to be unarmed, or non-combatants, is efficient and cost effective. That they are evil is not in question, but we must realize they are also very crafty in that evil and prepare accordingly. Many carry a handgun daily, but that handgun is often limited in size and application due to dress codes and social requirements. The need to be better prepared remains. Introducing the Terrorist Interdiction Bag (TIB) from One Source Tactical’s Technical Services Division. We have all heard about the so-called War On Terror, as well as the enemy's successes in that war while attacking defenseless soft targets. The ugly truth as shown by... Read more →