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September 2010

South Africa is a beautiful country with a history of great conflict. Currently, due to many factors, not the least of which is the politically correct and morally coward abandonment by western governments, it is also one of the most violent places on earth. If one is white, they have a target on their chests. And if one is wealthy, an additional target on their family and their possessions. Such an environment is a hard one, but also a great one for martial study and development as well as for the security business. Here it is common to see security personnel....private security, carrying assault rifles as a routine matter. The rifles most often seen are the FAL, the locally produced R series copy of the Galil, and the new DASHPROD. Recently I was there for some business and had an opportunity to handle one of their DASHPROD rifles. I will write more on it soon, but I wanted to get this up for your reading and comments. The Dashprod is sold by a local company, and is of Bulgarian origin.... Read more →