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John McCreery - Suarez International Instructor Natural Improvised Weapons During a discussion of improvised weapons I started to think about timing when introducing an improvised weapon. Some take more time and thought than others. Sometimes the encounter may find you behind the curve and reacting to a strike, leaving you with no time to consider an improvised weapon. A phrase Eric Pfleger used during the Combatives for Gunmen class stuck with me; The God-given club! He was referring to the forearm. As some of the instructors were discussing this topic Eric added this “Too often fighters, when receiving a spontaneous hands on attack, seek a tool (such as a baton, pocket stick, pistol, etc.) to respond...all well if it can be deployed...however that is not often the case. Our body weapons are the fastest responses we can deploy in such an event because they are always 'in hand', they require no prior concealment, and you will never have to check them into your luggage or leave them in the truck. They are simply there to be called upon instantly. Applying... Read more →

-Suarez International Staff Instructor Jon Payne I have seen the problem before; they will try and twist themselves into a pretzel trying to shoot anything you put in their hands. What I am seeing is “Cross-Dominance”. People are either right-handed or left-handed with the majority being right-handed. Those who are right-handed are usually right-eyed. Those who are left-handed are usually left-eyed. I left the idea of being normal behind years ago and the law of averages never seems to work in my favor. I am “Cross-Eye Dominant”. As a youngster I was not comfortable with a rifle and couldn’t break glass in a phone booth with a shotgun. I took to the pistol very quickly, but it was years before I understood why. My father was a car salesman and my mother a surgical nurse. I was raised in a non-shooting home. Dad had a small revolver he kept for home protection, but I never saw him shoot it. My Papaw told me stories about hunting and growing up during the Great Depression but was too old to take me... Read more →