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Fear! and being the first man FEAR! It is the life draining emotion. It is what keeps you from accomplishing and doing and starting. It is excessively protectful. It is how animals think...the kind of animals that get eaten. Seth Godin calls it the "lizard brain". Fear is destructive in that it prevents you from doing anything at all other than running away or hunkering in a fetal "down and cover". Fear thrives on pessimism and complaint. The man that wakes every morning, walks outside and smiles at the bright sun and blue sky and cinches down the ruck, and moves out to a day of promise with a straight back and head held high is neither pessimistic nor fearful. I didn't say a "safe day" without challenges, but rather a day filled with opportunities. Contrast that with the man who slouches in the couch watching one program after another advising him of the coming calamity of the day. He moves through his day defeated and almost mournful, neither noticing nor appreciating the beauty around him...nor the opportunities those seeming... Read more →