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Making the Long Shot, Part 1

By Jack Rumbaugh, Suarez International Tier One Instructor I had the pleasure of teaching our Point Shooting Gunfighting Skills class over the weekend and we talked about extreme marksmanship being on one end of the shooting continuum and point shooting occupying the other end. That discussion prompted this first in a series of articles on what it takes to make that long shot. Most people would agree that pistols are considered close range, reactive weapons. "It's a defensive tool", they say. True, but with the proper application of marksmanship fundamentals, a skilled pistolero can turn a lowly Glock 19 into a weapon that can reach out and hit a man-sized target at 100 yards or more. I can hear the sacred cow worshipers now... "No way! It's heresy! Dogs and cats living together... Mass hysteria!!!!" My answer to that is if my students can do it after one Defensive Pistol Skills class, maybe you can too. It's all about the fundamentals. I would first like to discuss trigger control as it applies to long distance shooting. Trigger press is critical... Read more →

The Necessity of Getting Your Hands Dirty

-Jon Payne, Suarez International Staff Instructor Just imagine not being able to access your gun. That’s right you’re in the fight for your life and you can’t get to your firearm. The only things you have to keep your life are your hands, feet, knees, and elbows. Can you fight to get to your gun? Today’s Gun Culture revolves around the gun of course, but here’s something gun people don’t often want to talk about. Your gun won’t solve all your problems! Ever know someone who could shoot the wings off a gnat, but couldn’t see their own shoes when they wore them? I used to work with a Shift Sergeant that was a phenomenal marksman. He could use the S&W Model 15 revolver to drill dime sized groups at 15 yards on demand, at 25 yards I never saw him shoot a group larger than my fist. This sergeant spent many hours studying the combat handgun and becoming disciplined in his marksmanship fundamentals. There were other areas he could’ve used that discipline. The sergeant I’m referring to was very... Read more →

The Belt as a Weapon John McCreery – Staff Instructor, Suarez International There have been many conversations at Warrior Talk about improvised weapons. In this article, I want to discuss an improvised weapon we have on us most of the time, the belt. It fits in most environments and usually will not get a second look. Like many improvised weapons it may not be the fastest to deploy but, when you can get it into the fight, there are some great, simple techniques that can be used. I wear a sneaky belt. If I grasp the buckle with my right hand and the excess belt that is velcroed, with my left hand and pull, it will undo the belt and let me pull it off in one motion. This leaves me with the buckle in my right and and close to the other end of the belt in my left. I am set for a number one angle attack or straight overhead to the noggin. Something you may need to consider is striking first to interrupt your oppenents OODA loop... Read more →

AR15/M4 Rifle Gunfighting - After Action Report

Over Memorial Day weekend I attended Randy Harris' AR15/M4 Rifle Gunfighting class. This will be is a bit different from my usual after action reviews. I was not actually a student in this class. Instead, Randy was nice enough to let me sit in as an 'Assistant Instructor', which essentially meant that I watched Randy teach the class, helped run the firing line, demoed stuff, and offered the occasional comment from the peanut gallery. Why spend a weekend over in Chattanooga doing this? Well, back in February I taught a Fighting Rifle Skills class and one of the students brought an AR. I'm mainly an AK guy, but I'd prepared for this eventuality: I watched the AR-15 Rifle Gunfighting DVD, read up on SI doctrine for running the AR, etc. I think I did a pretty good job telling the student how to run his rifle, but I could have done better, particularly when it came to demonstrating some of the AR specific manipulations. The best way I can describe it is that I knew this stuff in my head,... Read more →