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By Alex Nieuwland – Suarez International Staff Instructor in South Carolina I’ve heard all of these comments, some of them recently. “All of this realistic training to win gunfights is getting in the way of my IDPA.” “Practicing with my reloads that barely make power factor and barely cycle my gun has made my gun handling worse instead of better.” “I can’t stop myself from walking backwards instead of pointing my toes in the direction I’m going. I’ve been a gamer for too long!” All of these shooters had fallen into the gamer trap. I know I had, so I could relate. Participating in gun games, just like most things, is good in moderation. When taken to extremes, however, it becomes easy to fall into the “gamer trap” where winning the game instead of winning your upcoming gunfight becomes priority #1. As Jim Cirillo, who was an accomplished competition shooter as well as the winner of many gunfights, put it: “It may take extra time in a sports match, but in reality it would save lives. To hell with the... Read more →

The PPS-43 SBR The real PPS-43 (Pistolet-Pulemyot Sudaeva, model of 1943 = Sudaev SMG) was an answer to the need for more compact and handier weapon than its predecessor, the PPSh-41, then in use by Soviet Army. The original PPS is a full-automatic only weapon, simple blowback, and is fired from the open bolt. The safety is located at the front of the trigger guard. The receiver and barrel shroud are made from stamped steel. Rear sight is L-shaped flip type and is marked for 100 and 200 meters distance, front sight is fixed blade type. The barrel is equipped with very simple muzzle brake. The folding stock is made from steel and folds up and over the top of the receiver. much for historical and technical discussions. It is a common thing for writers to take a WW2 era weapon and then compare it to an HK MP5 or an FN P90. Other than to sell the guns that may advertise in that particular magazine, doing this is foolish and akin to comparing a Stuka Dive Bomber to... Read more →

Written by John Chambers - Suarez International Tier One Instructor During a recent Defensive Knife class, my 14 year old daughter joined the class as one of the participants. Now as her father, I knew that she would be able to hold her own in the class as she has almost 10 years of experience in the martial arts and does not know the meaning of the word quit. But as the instructor I was very pleased to see her not only do well, but to see concrete proof that the defensive blade is major force multiplier for a trained child. My observations of this class and others have proven to me that the knife is the ideal defensive weapon to help “predator proof” our kids. Advantages of the Defensive Knife for Children Weapons are an equalizer, with proper training – For many years we have preached to any who would listen that a weapon helps even the odds for a woman who has to face a larger and stronger attacker. Children are already at a size and strength disadvantage... Read more →