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The Shotgun - Force Multiplier for Civilian Small Unit Tactics- Part II – Integration of the Shotgun for Ambush Patrols

J D Lester Suarez International Staff Instructor An ambush is a surprise attack from a concealed position on a moving or temporarily halted target. Could four or five people lay down by a trail or road and fire a bunch of bullets simultaneously at a group of bad guys walking or driving along? You might very well pull it off…..then again it might not go so well for you. What could you do to enhance your survivability? Branching off into some tactics, techniques, and procedures study is needed here. Two handy references for operations of this nature are SH-21-76 and FM-7-8. When used as designed, they provide an excellent guideline and a look at the Ambush from a military perspective. Previously I talked about the tradeoffs associated with the configuration of our Fighting Shotguns. Now we must discuss the tradeoffs we will face tactically. After a quick read of the above listed references you will see that setting up and conducting a successful ambush can be more complex than one might think; it can also be as simple as you... Read more →

There I was... In the food court.

Jack Rumbaugh, Suarez International Director of Training. The first thing that registers in your mind is that the noise you just heard should not be something you hear in the mall. You know immediately that something is wrong and that you are hearing the sound of an assault rifle being fired inside the building. Your Starbucks spills on the floor as you overturn the table, moving to the nearest cover. The panicked shoppers are running over each other trying to get to the nearest exit. You realize one of the terrorists is stepping out of an alcove, blocking the exit and raising his AK-47 to fire. He is only 20 yards away as you bring your RMR equipped Glock 19 to bear, allowing the dot to settle in the center of his chest. You struggle to get a clear field of fire but as the shoppers realize their mistake, they reverse course and are now stampeding right back your way. Depressing your pistol into Sul, you swim upstream until the field of fire clears. You have closed the distance to... Read more →

John Chambers, Suarez International Staff Instructor For years a Cold Steel Voyager, in 6 inch blade length was my constant companion in many places around the world. The knife was strong, cut like crazy, and was easily replaced if it was lost in the field, or if it needed to “lost” for other reasons. As an added benefit, it was intimidating as hell when opened unexpectedly. The value of the “psychological stop” is not to be underestimated. So with all this personal history with the Voyager, I was VERY disappointed when Cold Steel (CS) discontinued the knife and I stopped carrying my 6 inch Voyager because I could no longer replace it easily. Now I am perfectly satisfied with a mid sized folder as a defensive blade. However, I really missed my pocket sword and I could not believe that CS would discontinue a series of knives that was so popular. The only logical reason to do so would be to introduce a truly improved product, and did they ever accomplish that goal! The new Voyager XL is a much... Read more →

Lessons from the Force-on-Force Gunfighting Course in Columbia, SC

By Alex Nieuwland, Suarez International Staff Instructor This October, Suarez International Tier 1 Staff Instructor Randy Harris traveled from Tennessee to South Carolina to teach a Force-on-Force Gunfighting class. This course is a good demonstration of what makes the whole Suarez International handgun curriculum so advanced: it is based on the lessons from Force on Force training, and without learning those lessons your preparation to fight real gunfights is incomplete. Extrapolating from square range training to gunfight tactics, like so many other organizations do, is putting the cart before the horse. The purpose of this post is to share some of the lessons learned from this FoF training course. Some of these lessons have to be experienced to be really believed, so find a FoF course near you and come experience them for yourselves. Lesson #1: No prior experience is needed to benefit from FoF training. Suarez International makes FoF training available to the general public, without requiring any prerequisites. This class demonstrated the wisdom of that policy. Students who were already skilled with live weapons had a chance to... Read more →