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December 2011

 By Alex Nieuwland, Suarez International Staff Instructor Earlier this year, I had TSD install a Trijicon RMR sight on my primary Glock 19 carry gun. When I started practicing with it, everything was as expected when it came to sighted fire: I was keeping all of my shots in the silhouette at 100 yards, plinking at 8” plates at 50 yards, etc. Point shooting while moving, however, did not feel right. It felt as if something was slowing me down. I recently figured out what it was, and thought I’d try to explain it here in case others are in the same situation. Now, point shooting looks and feels different to different people. That’s why you should come to a point shooting class to experience it for yourself. If this is not how it looks and feels to you, move right along. I'm cross dominant: my primary hand is on my right side, but my dominant eye is on my left side. If you’re not already cross dominant, you may be in a similar situation when you are shooting... Read more →