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Alex Nieuwland - Suarez International Staff Instructor Life is pretty good, here in Columbia, SC, but during the summer the heat and humidity combine to form conditions that can be dangerous to the ill-prepared. When the summer sun starts beating down, and the humidity makes the air feel like you could cut it with a knife, it’s easy to exceed the body’s capacity to cool itself. When this happens, dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can be the result. None of those are conducive to a good training experience, to put it mildly, so it is important to take good care of yourself. I thought I’d share some refinements that I’ve made to my heat survival system this summer here. The night before I go to the range, I will fill my 100-oz hydration pack half full with sports drink and freeze it. I place it into the freezer so the cap is up, and blow into the valve to clear it, and the hose, of liquid. I’m careful not to blow too much air into the bladder,... Read more →

by Scott Vandiver SI Instructor, Atlanta Ga During the last AR15/M4 Gunfighting course I ran there was an assortment of magazines used in the class. Many of the manufactures I was familiar with but there were a few new ones. From my experience in shooting 3 gun matches I knew reliability is a key factor in choosing a magazine. I would pick reliable magazines over extended capacity any time. I also noticed what the students were doing to their magazines to improve the grip of the magazine. By grip I mean texture of the surface and removal from a mag carrier. Floor plates or base plates are also an optional upgrade as well. In the class we had several military surplus mags of 20 and 30 round capacity, some old and a few were rebuilt with available kits that contain a new spring and an improved follower. We also had new military style from Brownells. All the military stuff ran as it was designed. There are a few things to know about used military mags. They were designed to be... Read more →

Points On The Wisconsin Shooting - 1). The Bad Guy is a Skin head, Neo-Nazi type. First, I really despise those guys, and their entire philosophy. But second, and most importantly from a political POV, is that this gives the left much more political lift than if it had been a Hassan-type. Of interesting note, and all I point out is that it is "interesting", is what the gunman's MOS was. 2). No AK or AR, simply one handgun of undetermined make, other than a high capacity 9mm. The usuals are already making hay out of the magazine issue. Between last night and this AM, we sold through 50% of all our Glock magazines. 3). This having come so close on the heels of the Denver shooting has not given the ADD media people any time to be distracted and the momentum from the previous event is still rolling. Possible Fall out Points - 1). Unknown. Not much changes from what we had last couple of weeks. I do suspect that Obama will be feeling more pressure. If he wins... Read more →