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15 posts from October 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Kneeling position is the next in our series. It is about as accurate, all things being equal, as squatting. Classic Kneeling is assumed as follows. You drop into a kneeling position with the leg approximately 90 degrees apart forming a right angle. Your butt rests on the heel of your foot. This last part is crucial, without which you may as well just stand. The bottom foot maybe flat, or on the toe as the situation requires. The forward arm is bent and the triceps just above the elbow rests on the knee. An interesting attribute of kneeling is the...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Video of the SIG P290

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It was during the era of the LA Riots. My partner and I were moving down an alley in Los Angeles, moving to a position to intercept some bank robbers. It was dark, about 2200 HRS, and our investigation had tracked them down to a house our team was setting up on. On the other side of the alley...in the street, shots rang out. It didn't have anything to do with us. It was only a drive by shooting by some offended gang member shooting at another gang member. All it really meant was that we would need to move...

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Reactive Draw Stroke

by Dave Sauer, Suarez International Tier One Instructor Like many of you, I spent years perfecting my “combat draw” in the static world of the Modern Technique. I prided myself on being able to perform a perfect Five Step Presentation and hit the head box from seven yards in under a second. Front sight, compressed surprise break, fluidly fast with no wasted movement. Text book. I shot 500 rounds a day five days a week. Starting with my hand on the gun I could do it in under a half second! (twice as slow as Bob Munden). I practiced so...

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Continuing with our study of field shooting positions we will discuss the sitting position. In the field, sitting will be far more useful to you than prone. A few weeks ago we ran an entire 100 - 1000 yard sniper class shooting almost exclusively from sitting. It is, once understood and developed, almost as accurate as prone. As well, it is far more adaptable in the field when dealing with broken terrain and/or elevation changes. The sitting position most conducive to accuracy vis-a-vis bone support, muscle relaxation, and stability, is with the feet drawn up under the knees. Bring these...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


In my rifle classes I often say that rifle is a physical weapon. I am actually not the author of that phrase. It belongs to Jeff Cooper. Jeff disdained the shooting bench as the crutch of the lazy and advocated field shooting positions. So do we. Shooting positions are not as fun as doing multiple magazine dumps into a whithering poster of a sci-fi character, but if the focus is on training the rifleman, then the demands of field shooting requires learning them. First is the prone position. This is the most accurate and desirable of all the shooting positions....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Force on force training has brought the defensive shooting world, kicking and screaming, into a modern age. This renaissance of training development has never been seen before and I attribute it to several things. One is the proliferation of Concealed Carry around the world, and second is the willingness of some instructors to step away from the traditional world of the shooting range and involve themselves in force on force training. The same thing happened about a decade ago with the martial arts world when the Gracie family challenged any and all martial artists to a no-holds barred match that...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why - What - How and the Purpose We Share

The world is a complicated place. And every few years, it is good to refocus and reorient in the event that distractions have taken place. And, we must admit, that in the past couple of years, we have all had our share of distractions. What is our purpose? Everyone needs a cause or belief that motivates them and drives them to action. It is the why of what we all do. Everyone who is anyone of substance or consequence needs this purpose, otherwise they will stumble through life by accident, like a cow or..dare I say, a sheep. This is...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Of Five Rings - Modern Application

Miyamoto Musashi is thought of in many circles as one of the best swordsmen to have ever lived. In actuality, there have been many other men both before and after who have killed many more men in combat than Musashi’s humble score of 60. But undocumented knowledge does not outlive the one who possesses it. Nonetheless, what Musashi did, that perhaps his colleagues of the sword failed to do, was to document his findings in the form of a book – Go Rin No Sho, or as we know it, The Book Of Five Rings. Read literally, it is a...

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

There Is No Can't

This post goes along with the one about "Eliminating the Complainer". This one deals with the "Can't Virus". I will say right now that I hate that virus, and the things it spawns. I got into an arguement with a very dear friend recently that I wish would not have happened because what he was doing was spreading the virus. The only way to cure the virus is to not accept "Can't". Anything is possible and nothing "cannot be done". It may not be legal, or easy, or logical, or whatever, but it certainly is not "impossible". I want to...

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