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Owning The Night - Which Path?

Gunfighting has always been an ongoing study. There are innovations being made constantly, both in the tactical (aka skills) and technical (aka gear) areas. It is a mistake to focus exclusively on one, and ignore the other. For example, one may have very good night combat skills, but his ability to apply will be severely limited if all he has is a 5 shot J frame with a mini maglite. On the other hand, a man with a PVS-14 and an OTAL laser that has no tactical skills will not fare any better. The key then is to have the technical to match the tactical. And when one considers that the tactical is more easily improved than the technical, it makes sense to start with the best kit possible, and then grow into it. One strong concern for many has always been the "fight at night" thing. Like all conflicts we can divide them into reactive and proactive. We can typify the "reactive" event as follows. You are walking to your car in a dimly lit parking lot at 11:00... Read more →

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend John Chambers’ M4 Sniper Week - Designated Marksman School in Coleman, Texas. This is a five day class combining his DMR and Advanced DMR classes. John is a graduate of the Army's squad designated marksman training program and served as a designated marksman. Most of his service was in a Long Range Surveillance Unit, which has a lot of applicability for the sort of guerrilla small unit tactics that Suarez International teaches. He is exceedingly well qualified to teach a course like this. Gear This was not an easy class to fly out to. Sniper classes are fairly gear intensive, and combined with the class being five days long, it requires a lot of stuff. John was willing to receive a box of gear I mailed there for me, so I could limit myself to one checked bag, plus a carry-on. Even so, I had to be selective about what I brought. My rifle for this class was a FS2000. The bullpup layout makes the rifle very compact, but it still has... Read more →