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1). Fire anyone who uses the word "can't" more than once in a conversation with you, or whose daily lexicon is filled with excuses about why something is not possible. 2). Look for opportunity where others see will likely find it. Everything that happens, creates the art of finding them. 3). Nothing is impossible. Say that ten times every morning. Believe it in your heart. Fire anyone that disagrees. 4). Surround yourself with tigers and pirates who make stuff happen rather than the whining sloths who watch stuff happen to them. 5). Place yourself above the daily groanings and whimperings of common and lesser men. 6). Choose your objective and move towards it aggressively, crushing anyone that tries to stop you..others will follow. 7). Know when to quit. If after examining the battlefield, one door is too difficult, abandon it and find an easier door. But don't do that more than once a year. 8). Business is war and as soon as money is involved, you will realize that there are no noble causes, that loyalty must be... Read more →

I recently attended the Guerrilla Sniper class that Gabe Suarez taught in Kingman, Arizona. This is not a new class for me, I’ve attended the with Eric Pfleger in Ohio, and with Scott Vandiver in Georgia, along with Gabe’s Guerrilla Sniper II class last fall here in Kingman. However, it's always one of may favorites. Gear My main rifle for this class was my PTR–91GI. Last fall I sent this rifle over to Investment Grade Firearms to have them install a picatinny rail on top of the receiver for mounting optics (they also added a paddle mag release). Gabe was kind enough to loan me a TA33 ACOG with a .308 reticle. While this is a very high quality piece of glass, a fixed three power optic with a BDC isn’t necessarily the optimum optic for the GS role. It’s more of a Universal Rifle or DMR optic. That said, I figured it would be a good choice for testing out the rifle at distance. I added the wide HK forend and an HK bipod to help stabilize the rifle.... Read more →

We have been working with this weapon some time now and I think it is a vastly under-rated system. To recap. I bought a 10.5" LMT Upper unit from one of our staff instructors. It came as pictured less the Micro Aimpoint. I had a number of M4 lowers in stock so I grabbed one and transferred to myself it as a pistol. This would eliminate any possible concerns over the "constructive possession" issues. I added a pistol buffer tube and began working with it. More on the pistol buffer tube matter later. We have had "pistol" discussions before, mostly relating to the AK series of stcokless SBR rifles. These have zero utility and should be avoided. That is what I have said from the beginning. The M4 however, due to the design need of having a receiver extension (aka "Buffer Tube"), allows it to be used exactly as a rifle...almost. We used two different systems to use the M4 pistol (I almost want to call it a "stockless rifle" since that is in effect what we have). One we... Read more →