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Most modern rifles are equipped to accept a muzzle unit of some sort. These can be categorized into three areas: Muzzle Brakes, Flash Hiders, Compensators. In this article will discuss all three areas as well as what benefits and liabilities each type of unit will provide. 1). Muzzle Brakes: If you look at an AK-74, you will notice a long heavy cylinder attached to the muzzle with a window on each side. These windows, or "ports" are angled upward and intended to channel the gasses expelled from the muzzle in a way to attenuate, or "brake" the muzzle rise normally experienced during the firing cycle. All firearms, even a 22LR training rifle, will exhibit muzzle rise. The more powerful the cartridge, the more muzzle rise will be experienced by the shooter. Muzzle rise is a problem because it requires time to get back on target to deliver a follow up shot. The greater the power of the cartridge and the rapidity of fire (i.e., a 50 BMG, or an assault rifle on full auto), the worse it gets. Muzzle brakes... Read more →