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Red Flag was established in 1975 as a result of poor performance in Vietnam by the USAF pilots and Weapon System Officers (WSO) in air-to-air combat. Many of the crews at that time had also fallen prey to the Surface to Air Missile Systems scattered throughout Vietnam. Due to these short comings, the Air Force conducted a study titled Project Red Barron II. Project Red Barron II concluded that a pilot’s survivability in combat dramatically increased once the pilot had completed 10 combat missions. Today, Red Flag Exercises are conducted at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. It is a major multi-national exercise bringing air forces from around the world to train together and to learn from one another. Since inception, the purpose of the exercise was to put air crews into simulated combat in several realms including Air-to-Air Combat, Air-to-Ground Interdiction and Close Air Support. The training is as close to real combat that a pilot can get in a controlled and safe environment; allowing the crew to get their 10 combat missions under their belt and increasing their ability... Read more →

One question we often get is the proper position of the front hand in rifle shooting. We always answer that it depends. Not the answer the student is looking for, but the right answer since the placement of that front hand depends on what you are trying to do. In this post I will discuss those macros of application and where the front hand will need to go for the best physical advantage. First we must understand that the rifle is a very tactically flexible weapon that can be pressed into a myriad of roles from close range CQB to extreme outer distances...and with the same rifle. Because the majority of competition, or training classes may focus on the easily administered CQB aspects does not mean that is all there is. Longer Ranges - Positional Shooting: The focus here is not on rapidity of fire, nor controlling muzzle flip. Rather, engaging a longer distance target, the goal is to provide for as much bone support as possible. Think of a sitting position like the one shown at left. The perfect... Read more →

I was able to attend a ceremony last month that was hosted by the Victim Assistance organization in my area. First, let me say that I appreciate and respect what this organization does. In a nutshell, the people of this organization serve as advocates for victims of violent crime and help them through the “due process” process of the American legal system. This, however, is not why I write about this. The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize and honor law enforcement and various social service organizations for their “fight” on behalf of the victims. One of the individuals recognized was an elderly gentleman that was the victim of a home invasion robbery. The master of ceremonies (MC) introduced him. It was a nice introduction until he walked up to deliver his prepared speech. As he approached the pulpit, the MC, in her most sincere voice, stated, “He is a true victim.” “What a way to be labeled!” I thought. I never want to be labeled a victim, and I refuse to label myself a victim. The gentleman stood... Read more →

Your Enemies Define You: When you are beginning in your professional life or business, you really have no enemies. You hang out with your friends, and others that share your world view. You may have small disagreements here and there...the odd schoolyard fight (I think they still have these), but enemies? No. However, the more prominent you become and the more successful you become, those petty and meaningless disagreements will become larger. Often the result of jealousy or fear, they will drive others to become your enemies. I don't normally listen to U2, but their song Cedars of Lebanon came on and the lyrics struck me, and inspired this article. Choose your enemies carefully ‘cos they will define you Make them interesting ‘cos in some ways they will mind you They’re not there in the beginning but when your story ends Gonna last with you longer than your friends. Define your enemy, name him, and then realize that the complete antithesis, is you. So, who are your enemies? Read more →

I have never met a healthy, muscular, strong looking vegan, or any person that eschewed meat from their diet. I am not saying they do not exist, only that I have never met one. I suspect that if healthy strong non-meat eaters exist, they are likely in the extreme minority, as likely supplement heavily just to get the missed nutrients. Most guys I know who eschew meat are not like that...quite the contrary. When we happen to eat together, I usually shrug and order the filet and a glass of Merlot. If they ask how I can possibly eat such trash, or the best one, “how I can make my body a graveyard for dead animals”, I tell them about my studies regarding the Paleo diet, about the Doctors Eades research, Protein Power, The Zone, etc. Then I say something like, "Look at you...then look at me". Usually with a mouthful of dead animal flesh dripping from my mouth. At that point they either attempt to explain it as some sort of philosophical issue, or simply change the subject. Again,... Read more →