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Hill leaders think more 'lone wolf' attacks coming Our only reaction to that statement is, " must be joking", with a definitive sarcastic and jaded tone. Nonetheless, it seems the "leaders" have removed their heads from their usual resting place enough to see what everyone else sees. "A top congressional Democrat and Republican both warned Sunday about more “lone wolf” attacks, inspired by Islamic jihad and easily promulgated through Internet propaganda." "The police and the military have to be on guard," California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN's "State of the Union.” "We need to think in some new ways." I have been expecting things like this since we saw the activity in Mumbai. Far simpler and more effective than crashing an airplane, an armed jihadist easily acts alone or with a small group to act out their faithful jihad. As was seen in Canada, a quite restrictive environment with regards to firearms, gun laws will not prevent their actions. And at the end of the day, if one cannot get a lever action... Read more →

This is not an article about political correctness so bear with my plain speaking on this topic if you choose or disregard if you prefer. The stereotypical gunfight or aggressive encounter has our hero standing between the bad guy (and yes I do mean “guy” in this context) and the defenseless woman or child. Well, friends the world is different and while I agree with being chivalrous we need to adjust our thinking a bit to adapt to the changing world. The demographic for the people I see at training has changed pretty substantially over the last several years and I see a marked increase in the number of women in class. I have had the good fortune to work with a number of women who, eyes wide open, recognize the dangers of the world today and have made the decision to continue to be fully self-sufficient in all things. I’m proud to have worked with them and am glad to have contributed to building more warriors on the side of the good guys. Now the converse. Most of the... Read more →

TSD Combat Systems Tactical Grade Ammunition 9mm +P 115 grain DPX - 50 Rounds This "Tactical Grade Ammunition" is made for us by Corbon to our specifications and branding. Tactical Grade Ammunition has a deeper penetration in tissue making it the optimum load for self-defense and tactical use. The ammo is loaded with the Barnes X Bullet, which retains 100% of its weight, even after shot through barriers such as clothing and steel. The permanent crush cavity is considerably larger than a typical hollow point due to deeper penetration. The Barnes X-Bullet is a solid copper projectile, heat treated for extra toughness. There's no separate jacket and no lead core. The bullet holds together for deep, dependable penetration, and subsequently, decisive terminal ballistics! A deep forward cavity causes the nose to peel back in six separate, razor-edged petals. Viewed head on, the appearance of these petals gives the X-Bullet its name, and its enhanced terminal performance for tactical environments. Velocity: 1250fps. Energy: 399 ft./lbs Penetration on soft tissue: 12-17 inches. Unlike other high end anti-personnel ammunition on the market, Tactical... Read more →

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this class. In a previous article I referred to the Suarez International Force on Force class as a "guided discovery" and that is exactly what it was. As the instructor, I am extremely grateful to my students that attended and put in the work over this two day course. There were two students in this class and they ran every single drill and experiment. They stayed focused and worked hard in the cold then hot, windy and dusty west Texas enviroment. Though, the attendance was low, I am confident that the tribe will grow as the masses learn the value of this training. Day 1 We started the day with a brief lecture on mindset and the proper mental preparation needed to prevail in a fight. In it we discussed the need for a clear mission and focus on winning the fight, aligning ourselves spiritually with taking a bad guy's life and legal and emotional issues that may or may not arise after the smoke clears. After discussing mindset and going through the safety ritual we... Read more →

When we look at the deployment of a rifle, we need to understand that rifle work is not limited to CQB. The rifle is a weapon that can be used from zero distance to the limit of its intended use, which for the assault rifle is approximately to 300 meters. Training beyond 100 yards/meters is difficult for a number of reasons. Most ranges are limited to 100 yards and few people ever get the opportunity to really stretch their rifle's legs farther than that. As well, few people have the opportunity to shoot in the field on a regular basis. Thus the focus is CQB, almost to the exclusion of other distance intervals. I believe this is a mistake,as students thus trained only get a part of the full picture. In this article we will be discussing a concept that we have taught for many years, and that is the "Floating Support Hand". Specifically the idea is that the support hand (alternatively called the "reaction hand", the "left hand", or by cave dwellers - the "weak hand") should not be... Read more →

The issue of sighting with with one eye or two eyes while shooting has been around for a long time. As in much of what we are doing, it is a matter of context and distance. If you are fighting a bad guy at five feet as you explode off the x and shoot him to the ground, both eyes open works fine. Try the same thing at 50 yards and your results will not be as good. As most things, it depends on the problem at hand. Like degrees of movement (from stationary to sprinting), the use of the pistol's sight/sights (from focus on sights to focus on threat), the rate of fire (from carefully pressing the trigger to machinegun mashing it as many times as needed), and now the eye usage (from both eyes open focusing on the threat to one eye open only and focusing on the sights) - what you do and how much depends on the difficulty of the shot. For close range gunfighting, both eyes open makes sense as it is simply a slightly... Read more →

In my daily news feeds I get all manner of information and articles. One that came to my attention Monday was of a guy maligning Columbus and taking the position that there should not be a holiday to celebrate such a dastardly man. The main thrust of the argument was that the Indians, or indigenous tribes, were peaceful and kind, sort of like a Disney movie, and the evil Europeans were thieves and murderers. To anyone who has actually studied history with an open mind and detached point of view appropriate to the social norms of the era, that argument is like the one decrying the evil European Crusades into the land of the peaceful and kind Saracens. Indian tribes raided and fought each other routinely as did all primitive communities since the dawn of man. Not in as organized a manner as the Europeans, but that was due to civilizational disparities and not because the Europeans brought greed, lust, envy, and selfishness into the garden of Eden. There is no written history of the Caribbean and North American tribes,... Read more →

I got these photos from our man in Moscow. He has handled the "rifle" and has good things to say about it. With all of the geo-political nonsense going on, and the new demonizing of the Russians, it is unlikely we will see this in the USA. A few years ago I had a similar animal built that used magazines from a PPHS-43. Due to parts logistics, I had it made in 7.62x25. It was based on the Vityaz-SN being used by Russian SF guys in the urban theatres. I ran it in a few classes but sold it, as my supply of quality 7.62x25 ended. It is an interesting animal, and in an SBR form would be a nice SMG-sized weapon for Kalashnikov Aficionados. Read more →

I was on patrol, traveling down a major street, admittedly, thinking about what to do on my weekend that was about to start. I noticed a black older model Camaro make a wide right turn onto my street. A minor traffic violation but a violation none the less and an opportunity for some proactive police work. I caught up to the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop by activating my over head red and blue emergency lights and bumping my siren to catch the driver's attention. The driver pulled over to the right. "Normal so far," I thought as I exited my vehicle. As I started my approach, I told the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel. I said, "Place your hands on the steering wheel, please." I didn't ask him to, but I wasn't a jerk either. That's where things started to get unusual. He didn't comply. I immediately stopped my approach and told him a couple more times to place his hands on the steering wheel. A simple command to understand, in my opinion. The... Read more →

In the dim past, when the first functional self-loading pistols became available, it was examined as what we would today call a PDW (personal defense weapon). Unlike the infantry rifle, or other long gun, this was meant to defend the user and extend the capabilities of the "one-handed pistol". The first stocked self-loading pistol was the Borchardt, a clumsy but functional for the day, pistol. It incorportaed a flat detachable stock. Eventually Mauser and Luger expanded on the idea as well as Mr. Browning and Mr. Webley. In fact, it was a common accessory for military pistols of the pre-WW2 era...and subsequent designs such as the HK VP-70 and others that followed. Because of our ever protective government, having a true stocked pistol requires licenses and an additional $200 for those in free states. But with the advent of the American With Disabilities Act creating a true "protected class", and that in turn giving rise to a very clever work around in the form of the "Pistol Stabilization Braces", even that is a non-issue. And I want to stipulate that... Read more →