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CQB - Shooting Through Walls

Undoubtedly an extremely controversial topic, we used to work it routinely. It involves the concept of shooting an adversary directly through an interior wall. For example, your partner is moving into a room and takes fire at the door from the extreme left side of the room. You bring up your rifle or pistol and shoot from the area adjacent toe door to the extreme left area of the apparent room at face/upper chest level, then lowering your muzzle to where a man may go if he takes a knee, bring your shots back toward the starting point. Think of writing a long "C" with your shots. What is needed - 1). Certainty that the adversary is in the room alone. The only thing worse than missing a shot on a bad guy is shooting a non-combatant. 2). The ability to penetrate the interior wall. This is easily done with anything anyone would care to carry on a sling or in a holster. Note - Furniture may affect performance. 3). An understanding of human nature. When shots are fired, most... Read more →

It has been said that history repeats itself. I do not think that is true. But what is true is that the nature of people doesn't change and has not changed. If Moses was somehow brought back to earth in 2015, he would be astonished at the internet, but not at Obama...nor at Ferguson. Back in August 16th, 2014 I wrote "St. Louis: having "Been There Done That". In the article, still available here on my non-censored blog, I wrote the following: I will make a prediction – in this order. The Grand Jury will find the officer “Innocent Of Any Wrong Doing”. The mob will not accept it and riot again. Obama will step in, demanding another hearing. No justice – no it were. There will be another hearing where the officer is found guilty (wink-wink-nod-nod) So points one and two have taken place. I wonder if we would be seeing all of these goings on if Wilson had fought with a big Aryan Brotherhood type, or a big Asian Sumo Wrestler type, or even a Latin American?... Read more →

“Throughout the campaign I announced my support for open carry in Texas.” --Gov. Elect, Greg Abbott With the recent announcement made by Gov. Elect Abbott in Texas, the topic of open carry has again emerged. The open carry of rifles by some is nothing new. However, the open carrying of pistols in public by citizens could be something new to see. Now, I have nothing against the open carry laws. If a law abiding citizen wants to carry a pistol for the world to see, than by all means do it. What needs to be addressed, though, and what I hope to get across in this article, is the tactical advantage and disadvantage of openly carrying a pistol. Some "food for thought", if you will, for those considering to take advantage of the new laws that may soon be on the Texas books. This is not a discussion on concealed carry vs. open carry. I say, "to each their own", but know why you choose to carry the way you carry, and by all means, TRAIN, TRAIN AND TRAIN some... Read more →

The sky above us foretold of the coming rain, and as often happens here, the surrounding woods, thick as in a primordial world, seemed to grow darker by the minute. They are the kind of woods Tolkien would have written about and that make you wish for a big sack of bread crumbs. If one was prone to a loose imagination, he would consider that there were quiet watchful eyes in those woods, even today, noticing everything and rarely making a sound. We had just finished training. The students had left a great deal of fired cases on the ground, and unlike in the worrisome west, nobody stresses about their effect on the environment. With huge bunkers of Cold War ammo available, the thought of reloading to them is as foreign to them as the creature in Alien. They lay where they fell. This is Czech Republic, a free country, and we are training on an old secret Soviet base. According to the townspeople, there are many unmarked graves in these woods belonging to people who walked too close, strayed... Read more →

Several years ago I made the decision that my self-protection training was lacking a fundamental skill – I did not have any training in combatives or open/empty hand fighting skills. After researching and reading as much as I could on the subject, Krav Maga embodied both the spirit and philosophy that I wanted to spend my money and time on – an aggressive, violent response to an attack using gross motor skills and working with the body’s natural reaction to a sudden, surprising event. I was fortunate that in Manhattan, Kansas there was a school teaching not only Krav Maga (, but had a knowledgeable and professional instructor in Master Troy Auman (Krav Maga Alliance Instructor/Affiliate). Krav Maga finds its roots in the anti-Semitic aggression taking place in Eastern Europe in the early Twentieth Century. Imrich Lichtenfeld (born in 1910 in Budapest, Hungary) began training Jewish civilians in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia in the mid-1930’s to protect themselves from violent anti-Semitic attacks. During this time, Imi refined the skills and techniques required to prevail in a violent street attack, and began to... Read more →

While in Czech Republic some years ago we had an opportunity to play with several Czech weapons from SMGs to full-size Machineguns. Very cool what you can really do at a former "secret soviet base" in a former communist nation that is now free. The first submachinegun we worked with in Czech Republic was the infamous Skorpion VZ-61 SMG. "Infamous" due to its use by several terrorist groups around the world. Carlos The Jackal was quite fond of it as I recall. This due to its concealability (no bigger than the typical IPSC game gun), and its controllability. Take a close look at the photo. You will see six shots being fired on full automatic. The brass cases are in the air or being extracted. Notice also the total lack of any muzzle rise at all. We were treated to the "song of the Skorpion". The weapons burns though a stick so quickly that one can hear the whistle sound of the brass cases falling back to earth after the last shot is fired. The VZ-61 is an interesting little... Read more →

Now a days in 2014, going into 2015 everything that we have at our disposal can be used for both good and evil. The internet is a never ending pool of information that aids us in learning, researching & communicating. Yet at the same time it is a source of wickedness and vice that we can all identify. The same applies to violence. "Despite what your mother taught you, violence does solve problems." I came across this quote some time ago and do not know who the author is. I like it because I believe that it tells a truth that many in our society strive to cover up and/or distort. The righteous, explosive use of violence is the topic that I wish to high light in this article. Skill at arms and hand to hand are important, but often times overcome by extreme and sudden violence by even the most unexperienced tactition. Supercharging your skill at arms or with your bare hands with overwhelming and unadulterated violence can, often times, save the day against a bigger, stronger or more... Read more →

Proliferation is its own strength. And in the USA, no matter what you like, wish, or think, the most prolific platforms are the M4 and the AK. Period. To ignore that is like wishing the HK P7 was the prolific weapon because you happen to hate Glocks. Nobody cares and the market doesn't care. It is what it is. The AK can be a very good rifle but the problem has always been that the "cheap" adjective attachment has always kept it from being developed. No...a "cheap Century" with "cheap ammo" is not the first or even close to first choice any more than "cheap medical care", or a "cheap education" would be. Right now, someone looking for an AK should focus on Arsenal's offerings. And there are plenty of good choices in all three prominent calibers. For the price, that is the best buy far more than any "three-times-the-price-and-wait-a-year" custom deal, or some cobbled up mess with Tapco furniture. And with good US made ammo, a properly assembled AK should easily hold 3 MOA or better. That means chest... Read more →

The concept of the PDW, or Personal Defense Weapon, has been around for ages. The concept was intended as a small weapon (smaller than a rifle) that a man could keep with him at all times, but that was more powerful and could reach farther than the standard pistol. The Stocked Lugers and Browning Hi-Powers of the past century were an attempt at that concept. According to the classic definition, A personal defense weapon (often abbreviated PDW) is a compact semi-automatic or fully-automatic firearm similar in size to a submachine gun, but firing an armor-piercing round (often proprietary) which gives the PDW better range, accuracy and damage capability than a submachine gun firing pistol-caliber cartridges. Sometime after WW2, the PDW concept seemed to drop out of favor, possibly because of the proliferation of the submachinegun. Still, while the pistol caliber chambered SMG has some interesting capabilities, it also has some tactical liabilities. Primarily the proliferation of body armor in recent years, coupled with a focus on urban combat has made Submachineguns ineffective at some missions. The PDW concept was reborn... Read more →

The idea of a trigger guard cover/minimalist carry method is not new. If one studies the old books by the "Askins, Cooper, Skelton, Jordan" crowd, they will come across the shoe string holster. Back in those days, men would simply stick the wheelgun into their belt – Mexican Style - and go about their daily activities. But as would often happen, the handgun had a way of sliding through and down…and away. This made for a very embarrassing time of course, so the solution was to slip a “shoe string” around the belt with a slight loop that held the revolver in place, precluding those embarrassing “drop and kick away unintentionally” events. Flash forward to the modern era, and those wheelguns have been replaced by Glocks and other models. Not the sort of weapon one wants to carry holsterless and with loaded chamber. The solution is one of those inevitable discovery things. I am not certain who made the very first trigger guard holster, but they are as prolific now as welfare rats at a democrat convention. I saw the... Read more →