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On Cuba

My last memory of Cuba was on an American jet looking out at the island we were “leaving forever”. The sounds that accompanied that visage were those of my mother weeping and my father telling her we would be back in no time. That was in 1967…a long before many of those who brought Jimmy Carter II to power - not once but twice – were even born. Quite a story that I may tell one day when I am old and not caring about what anyone thinks. Americans would be embarrassed at how naive they are about the world and how it affects them. We hear about the Korean nutball, and then the news anchors will drone on about Putin (even if he is three times the man the POTUS is). But we don’t hear about Cuba or about Castro. It is almost as if it was a huge embarrassment for America…(insert images of JFK abandoning those he promised to support at Playa Giron – as Cubans would say – Covarde!). Iraq will invariably become the same I expect.... Read more →

With the events of Sydney, Australia still playing out as I write this, I feel the need to write what alot of us may think and feel. However, there are still alot more, in my opinion, of spineless, blind and purposely ignorant people that refuse to take responsibility for their lives. They stupidly turn their lives over to someone else be it a parent, grandparent, government, school, ideology, etc. It is to these spineless little people that I direct my comments, though, they probably won't read the article, let alone heed the message. EVIL IS REAL! ISIS IS REAL! THEY REALLY DO WANT TO KILL YOU!!! No amount of love, peace and "lets all just get along" is going to change that. No, I won't get along with people that want to kill me. Early reports stated that an individual walked into a coffee shop in Sydney carrying a gym bag. So he might be on his way to the gym and wanted to get some coffee on the way. To each his own. But, is there any reason to... Read more →

RED DOT COMBAT PISTOL SCHOOL September 11-13, 2015 Prescott, Arizona INSTRUCTOR: Gabe Suarez This class was first taught back in December 2011. We are bringing it back for 2015. In this class, red dot pistol shooters will learn everything we have learned from running the red dot system for the last four years. We will discuss everything from maintenance to carry and of course how to employ the modern combat handgun equipped with a red dot from zero contact to as far as the range will allow. If you are the owner of a red dot-equipped pistol, and carry it for self defense (like we do) this is an event you cannot miss. BUYERS OF FULL SUAREZ RED DOT SYSTEM SLIDES ENROLL AT SPECIAL INVITATION Comments from past attendees: We shot those same steel at 75-100 yards. Standing. Unsupported. Oh, there was some kneeling and Creedmore for exposure, but look at that again: offhand shots at 100 yards with even the newest guy making them. Multiple shooters were 5 for 5 on the reduced steel. There are plenty of guys... Read more →

I was a police officer for 15 years. I saw the worst and the best a police career can offer. All of this crap in the news...I lived it back in Los Angeles the most politically correct, racially-diverse, and violent area in California. I was there when the whole Rodney King Race Riots kicked off. I was threatened, and my family was threatened. And yes...I took care of it. I was shot at and shot back. I dealt violently with violence and developed life saving attitudes and perspectives about those I faced on the street...every god damned night. I was investigated by Internal Affairs, and the FBI...and I got up in the morning...or actually the evening, and I went to work again, and again...until I simply got sick and tired of it and moved on. So here is the thing. And I need to say this because everyone wants it both ways, but human nature and reality indicates it is not possible to have that. Everyone wants Andy Griffith (with no gun) when they stupidly run a stop sign... Read more →

I was assigned to the Gang Unit in 1992. This was a sort of reward. I had gone to an armed robbery where I got into a major gunfight with three L.A. Gang members. I did quite well, and the result was first a posting to Crime Impact, and then the Gang Unit. My partner was an ex-gang member himself that had all his gang-based ink burned off. We had a great time in those days. That was the Peri-Riot period in Los Angeles and we were very busy. Most of the prior Gang Unit guys were a bunch of smilie-faced, picnic-basket-carrying, sissies that sought to "get into the minds" of the thugs. But my associate and I understood how to communicate with them just fine. I recall the first call we went on together. It was a "gang party" and usually responded to by several two man cars with a great deal of subsequent posturing and nonsense. We took it "Code 4" alone. On arrival we told the main guy that they had to close it down. Somewhere between... Read more →

I recall seeing and reading about the first Steyr AUG rifles back in the late 1980s. That was still the era where anything that was not somehow stocked in wood, and finished in Parkerizing was frowned upon by the masses. Information was limited, in that pre-internet era, to what the curmudgeon at the gun store knew (which was usually very little), or what the gun writer was paid to say in the gun magazines. The AUG was a strange gun - plastic and green. And it was strangely backwards with the magazine in the wrong place and all of the usual xenophobic complaints of the uneducated about something new. but the AUG remained, and actually flourished. I recall that my late friend Jeff Cooper was fond of it (all except the caliber of course - I am sure he would have preferred one in .375 Dragoon). In the end, what killed the AUG...or at least severely wounded it...was the Assault Weapon Ban of 1994. But in 2004, all of that changed, and as the tier one European Arms Industry began... Read more →

The Grab N Stab Knife was born in early 2000 during a particularly dark time. I had a conversation with a gentleman with an extensive prison resume. Amazing what information you can get - or whom you can eliminate - for a sketchbook and a few pencils. The subject of our story was a convict. He was on his way to Soledad, and had not "caught the chain" yet. His deal was he liked to draw pictures for his kids. So I bought him a sketchbook and a few pencils. In that culture a good turn, like a bad one, demands repayment. Its an honor thing, and he asked who I wanted killed. I didn't want anyone dead at the moment so I simply asked him to show me what his technique was. Our friend you see was a member of a notorious prison gang, and he had a few stab scars as well as some defensive stuff on his heavily tattooed arms. "Technique?" he asked...scoffing at the thought. "Nah bro...theres no 'technique' walk up when they don't think its... Read more →

Continuing with the discussions on marksmanship, an important pair of aspects are the issues of breathing and trigger press. One is strictly skill related, the other is skill and gear related. Breathing is a muscular action, whether voluntary or involuntary. The muscular action of breathing, or of holding the breath in creates movement, which is the bane of a stable shooting platform. Not an issue in run-and-gun CQB, but a crucial consideration for accurate shooting outside CQB. In sniper school we teach the natural respiratory pause. We breathe normally...maybe taking a deep breath or two, and then allowing the air to expell naturally from the lungs without forcing it. At the point that the lungs feel "empty", you will have between 6 to 10 seconds of oxygenated blood flowing before the breathing must resume. Its during that period of time where, maintaining the visual focus on the sights or reticule, you begin pressing the trigger. That is the timing. Focus visually on the sights or reticule. Keeping that in place, establish the respiratory pause. And keeping that in place, work... Read more →