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After having trained with Suarez International (SI) in the past, applying the techniques in real life against thugs that tried to kill me in 2009 and then finally responding to a call where an officer from my agency was shot, I felt inspired to bring the SI methodology to west Texas. What was passing for LEO training, was taught to the lowest common denominator and was not sufficient to make officers and civilians dangerous to the wolves that were hell belt on their destruction.  I felt that having experienced the training first hand, I had a responsibility to spread the word. If I didn’t do it, nobody else would. This little thought started rolling a stone that has only picked up speed as we approach the New Year.

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In November of 2013, I called SI Headquarters with a request to host Close Range Gunfighting in Lubbock, TX. It took only a few days and I was on the phone with Jon Payne. Let me tell you about Jon Payne. Many of you know him and have known him for a while. I, however, didn’t know anything about him until he called me. Over the past year I have come to know and admire him. Jon has been the personification of excellence when it comes to life and firearms instruction. The trip from Orange, TX to Lubbock is a long 10 hour drive. I know, I’ve done it. Jon and his wonderful wife made the trip. Due to some unforeseen obstacles, they got in to Lubbock extremely late and slept very little the night before he had to teach 16 of us hungry warriors. The west Texas weather in April did not disappoint; with winds gusting to 25-30 mph and temperatures in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s.  Jon didn’t miss a beat. It was an absolute pleasure and honor being his host and student.


Fast forward to May 2014, Orange, TX. I attended the SI Combat Pistol Instructor School taught by Gabe Suarez. This was a certification/instructor level course hosted by Jon Payne. After attending this course and being mentored by Jon, I took the plunge and became the FIRST Suarez International Affiliate Instructor in the United States, becoming Suarez International Affiliate – West Texas. I say this not to brag, but to illustrate my dedication to spreading the Suarez International methodology to as many as I can. It saved me from certain serious injury and death, and I know full well that it will save many more.

To Jon Payne, thank you for your instruction, friendship and continued mentoring. This is not a “suck up”. It is sincere gratitude and giving credit where credit is more than deserved. THANK YOU!

So now approaches 2015. What an exciting year we have planned!

We’ll kick off the year with an intense CRG-1: Pistol Gunfighting on February 21st. This will be a one day class, covering the entire CRG-1 material that is usually taught in 2 days. This is pure shooting. We are not just going to learn how to shoot straight, draw from a holster, point shoot and keep the gun in action. We are going to make driving the gun second nature. I’m talking about running it as natural as walking, running or kissing a new born baby. Whether behind cover or at a dead sprint, pointing a gun on target and unleashing a hellish burst to the chest and face will be done without thought. Clearing malfunctions will be so simple, you’ll perform them in your sleep. It’s not just another “fundamental” class. It is THE fundamental class if you aspire to be an effective gunfighter.

Then comes March 28th & 29th. It’s not all about being a great shooter. A well rounded warrior has to be skilled with the blade. Therefore, Suarez International Staff Instructor, John Chambers, will be teaching the Suarez International Knife Course here in Lubbock. I will be his host and am looking forward to this class.

I trained under John Chambers in November 2014 in the 0-5 Feet Gunfighting. AN EXCEPTIONAL INSTRUCTOR! Check out his bio and you’ll know that this guy has been around. Don’t miss out on training with him and learning how to use a knife here in Lubbock, TX.

Moving to April 18th & 19th, Suarez International Affiliate – West Texas, i.e. me, will be teaching CRG-2: Close Range Gunfighting. This is the class that started it all. Traditional shooting methodologies can teach you to shoot. They may even offer what they consider to be moving and shooting. Yes, they are moving and they do shoot. WE FIGHT!! This is an intermediate level class that will take your skills to a fighting level. We are not gun focused here. We are fight focused and it shows in the way we move. We don’t side shuffle, often times referred to the FLETC side step. We don’t move by skipping to the right or left than stop to shoot as preached by another well-known personal defense organization. We do it all together and do it naturally. You already know how to point your feet in the direction that you want to go and move. You have more than likely been doing it your entire life. Why change? Use nature to your advantage. We add the gun and teach you how to fight with it. It is about shooting human scum to preserve our own lives. Not some human likeness or silhouette. The mental is trained just as much as the physical. One handed, two handed…it makes no difference. We’ll teach you to shoot all the way through the draw stroke. You’ll learn to be truly ambidextrous as the warriors of old; all while moving in different directions. We’ll continue to perfect our gun handling skills and manipulations. Not only do we cover the reactionary gun fight, which consequently, other schools leave out, but we will train and drill getting to cover, shooting from cover and moving from cover to cover while putting rounds in our enemies’ heads. Finally, you’ll learn the 360 degree After Action Assessment. It breaks the habit of flawed range mentality being spouted in the name of safety. The battlefield is 360 degrees. Not 180. This will break your tunnel vision, look for more enemies to kill, and immediately determine your medical needs. Any one serious about their ability to WIN their gunfight will take this course.

Finally, June 13th & 14th. CRG-3: Advanced Gunfighting is coming to Lubbock. This picks up where CRG-2 left off. Suarez International Staff Instructor, Jon Payne, is returning to the Hub City to teach this. I again will host him and train alongside everybody that attends. From Suarez International, this is what you have to look forward to.

“This course is pure shooting at all ranges. We will spend the morning of the first day polishing up our pistol shooting fundamentals and then spend the remainder of the weekend taking our skills to higher levels. This is a physically demanding course that builds upon what you have already trained in other pistol classes. Course material includes methods for increasing speed and accuracy.

In this class, we will do some long range shooting . . . like 75 yards and 100 yards! We will teach you to hit at all possible distances. We will also point shoot from belly to belly distance, while ignoring the use of sights both stationary, on the move and on the run. We will study the various Threat-Focused Point Shooting systems (Point Shooting) as well as Sight-Focused Shooting Systems and their seamless integration and applications in a total Close Range Gunfighting program. We will shoot from field expedient positions (including one handed, behind cover, etc.). We'll examine special problems such as confined area shooting, shooting in crowded environments and other difficult problems. All attendees should have a high level of skill and a reflexive understanding of safety measures.
There is little or no lecturing and the majority of the time is trigger time. Come join us in this exciting and cutting edge training event!”

2015 will truly be an epic year for Suarez International Affiliate – West Texas and the Suarez International Tribe living in this area. I encourage everyone that reads this to sign up for these classes. The expense is well worth the investment in you and your skills. The value far out ways the cost when it comes to WINNING your fight. These classes will provide the instruction you need to be dangerous.

 If you haven’t yet, ENROLL! Do it today. Make it happen. I’m glad that I did. My family is glad that I did.

May God bless all of us as we prepare ourselves to fight the evil of our day!

Happy 2015!! 


Jess Karren

Suarez International Affiliate - West Texas

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