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In 2005, my company was the first to teach a Kalashnikov-centric class in Prescott, Arizona. We were followed soon thereafter by those who saw that as a good business idea (and no one is blaming them). We trained and taught Kalashnikov in all manner of places on the four corners of the world until 2012. That was the era when I tried, quite unsuccessfully I admit, to update the AK system to stretch it from the surplus bumpfire brigade rifle to a hopefully accurate and well made modern weapon. I had seen Sako 95s in Finland and thought that we in the USA could certainly do that! Well, it seems we could not and lacking more resources to throw at the project, I slammed the door on the ever changing specs, the shoddy quality of the Izhmash rifles at the time, and the lack of delivery from the US accessory builders. With some frustration I might add. The SIG 556R was a great rifle, in spite of SIG's lack of interest in doing anything to promote it. And it appears... Read more →

But I know it is important to train in the cold...even for the warm-blooded Cuban. So today was a good day to test this...and a few other things. I received the hand guard and top cover pictured recently - fresh from the Alfa's Armory in Moscow (we are Suarez "International" are we not?). Installed in a common American Kalashnikov, I took it through its paces under what I consider harsh conditions. I will write more on this accessory soon. In my opinion, it is the best AK accessory that I have seen in a very long time, and outshines the Texas Weapon Systems product by a wide margin. Will it ever be imported or made in the USA? I don't know. What I do know is that this unit, if made to the standards of the Russian Zenit product will not be cheap. And while M4 end users would not balk at a $400 price tag, I doubt the prevailing AK culture in the USA will support that price point regardless of quality. I could be, and do hope I... Read more →

After having trained with Suarez International (SI) in the past, applying the techniques in real life against thugs that tried to kill me in 2009 and then finally responding to a call where an officer from my agency was shot, I felt inspired to bring the SI methodology to west Texas. What was passing for LEO training, was taught to the lowest common denominator and was not sufficient to make officers and civilians dangerous to the wolves that were hell belt on their destruction. I felt that having experienced the training first hand, I had a responsibility to spread the word. If I didn’t do it, nobody else would. This little thought started rolling a stone that has only picked up speed as we approach the New Year. In November of 2013, I called SI Headquarters with a request to host Close Range Gunfighting in Lubbock, TX. It took only a few days and I was on the phone with Jon Payne. Let me tell you about Jon Payne. Many of you know him and have known him for a... Read more →

This morning when checking my newsfeed, I read of the mass slaughter in France...once again by - wait for it - "radicalized muslims". I know many French Military and Police and I am sad for them. I hope they bring swift revenge to those responsible and I hope their nation, and the rest of Europe, wakes up to the threat they are facing, and takes steps to squash it. I suspect there will be many comments about the French from those who've never been there. I have trained with members of the French Police as well as La Legion, and found them every bit as capable and courageous as any professionals on earth. The problem is in the that we share here at home. A leadership that refuses to recognize the threat's origins and refuses to even name, much less fight, the insurgency that is growing in each western nation. Eventually that will change, but the lives lost will inevitably multiply before the west, in its frustration, gives rise to another Sobieski or Martel. Prayers for peace and healing... Read more →

Deep Practice Repetition strengthens and confirms. Practice makes perfect. The will to win is worthless unless you have the will to prepare. We have all heard these quotes at some time or another - we all know we need to practice in order to get better at any skill or task. In particular, we want to practice those essential and life saving skills required for winning the fight. Daniel Coyle, author of the 'The Talent Code', has researched the science behind practice, and how we can work to make those skills we practice more intuitive – and the star player in our practice is a fatty substance called myelin. In order to make our practice more effective, we need to have at least a cursory understanding on how our brains receives information, makes decisions on that information, and sends instructions to our muscles for action. Our brains receive input from our senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell and feel. With a given input, our mind makes decisions based on past experiences and sends out commands to be carried out. Those... Read more →


I have five Recce rifles. My son has one..thusfar. All based on the M4/AR system. Not an excess when you are in the business. They sport a variety of optics, again, because our access is quite good with regard to these things. So I have worked with many of the combinations discussed in this thread. I will also say that I don't focus on selling optics as I don't care to get on a race to the bottom with amazonized-optics of any sort. But to continue. With the Recce, one has to ask what its for. The answer is usually to hit things far away but be able to carry it with you over rough ground for a long way. Obviously you can hit things far off with a Match M14, but try to carry that with you up the hill where my target is downrange and back before shooting again and you will be fantasizing about light rifles. That is what the rifle is designed for. Not for CQB...not for a Civilian QRF to Mumbai...not to shoot off a... Read more →

Every year during this season I examine what happened during the year, how the industry and gun community have changed, and what I as a business man, leader, and thinker, should do as a result. After a careful study of the industry and our position therein, 2015 will see us narrow our focus. Our company focus will shift from an online retailer to a manufacturer. Most of what we will offer for sale we will be the ones making it. We will be eliminating many products that are available "everywhere". The Amazon factor is not something we want anything to do with, thus as we delve deeper into 2015, you will see mostly Suarez-made gear in the store. And nothing we make, nor sell to our dealers, will ever be sold on the discount scene....sole source and that is the way it will always be. We will not be the cheapest...nor will price be the over riding factor in anything. To the contrary, while we will seek to keep price points reasonable, the goal is excellence and quality. We know... Read more →