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This morning when checking my newsfeed, I read of the mass slaughter in France...once again by - wait for it - "radicalized muslims". I know many French Military and Police and I am sad for them. I hope they bring swift revenge to those responsible and I hope their nation, and the rest of Europe, wakes up to the threat they are facing, and takes steps to squash it.

I suspect there will be many comments about the French from those who've never been there. I have trained with members of the French Police as well as La Legion, and found them every bit as capable and courageous as any professionals on earth. The problem is in the that we share here at home. A leadership that refuses to recognize the threat's origins and refuses to even name, much less fight, the insurgency that is growing in each western nation.


Eventually that will change, but the lives lost will inevitably multiply before the west, in its frustration, gives rise to another Sobieski or Martel. Prayers for peace and healing go out to the victims and their families, and prayers for pain, horror, and destruction for those who conducted and support such evil.

Nous restons avec vous parce que nous sommes vos amis.


I will add the following after watching the footage with my staff several times.

What many do not know is that the GIGN has been watching and defacto protecting that media outlet since the firebombing a couple of years ago. GIGN is as capable and good at killing as any US PSD Group.

That these terrorists managed to find the keyhole into this, carry out their mission and then escape, is indicative of a highly trained paramilitary group...not some crazy guy with a gun. It also speaks to me of either a complete coincidence, a deliberate political order standing down of forces "at just the right moment", or an inside job.


Watching them move one can say they are no strangers to team tactics, killing, or special hit and run direct action. Hardly the lone wolf jihadist, or "sudden jihad syndrome", this was a well planned, supported and executed event.


To point out that gun laws are totally stupid and ineffective need not even be mentioned. France's laws regarding firearms are restrictive enough to give Bloomberg a twitch in his groin, but they apparently do not apply to Islamic Terrorists...only to the "law abiding". I wonder if we were able to tell each of the civilian victims what they would face in the next few days, if they would choose to violate the law and arm themselves? We will never know.

Now to discuss the problem: The problem is simple. We have a complete lack of any sort of meaningful, nation-centered leadership in the west. It is as if the western world's leaders are getting paid off by the very people doing the murdering. It is easy for some to use this as a platform to say the west needs to "elect good leaders". We can vote all we wish but we will get the same sort of leaders we have now and will have wasted a good amount of effort trying.


The GOOD leaders will say "he who does not work, does not eat", and the rats and vermin freeloaders of the world, far out-numbering those who work, will always elect those who will give them more cheese. And the cheese-givers tend to be terrorist-huggers, and islamo-apologists as well. I'm certain there is a connection somewhere but establishing it is beyond my pay-grade.


So in reality, although leaders do allow the problem to develop and fester, it is very unlikely that unless the death tolls exceed what even the rats can support, that you will see another Reagan, de Gaulle, or Thatcher. So until the frustration of "bloody murder" exceeds the selfishness of entitlements, not much will change in the governments of the enlightened nations of the west. Leaders-schmeaders....a viking would not worry about what a weak and ineffective leader does or does not do.


At the end of the day, it is not about elections that are fated to fail, but about organizing yourself, your people, and your business around the understanding that there really are others out there...maybe right next door, who hate you and wish to kill you simply because you elect to live free and not bow down to their backward traditions. It is about the recognition that we are entering an ear of ideology and not nationality.


In the era of the Jihadist...when anyone could be a Jihadist, and where any man or woman may be the target, we must also ring in the era of the Private Counter Terrorist, where everyman who may find himself at the moment of truth, is in fact his own Counter Terrorist. So that events such as these, should fate place you there, will find you with a weapon in your hand (either taken from the terrorist you just killed with a knife, or illegally carried in the first place) and smiling at the prospect of a good battle - rather than hiding under a desk hoping to go undiscovered.


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