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For those not familiar with the concept, the Dead Man’s Ten is the time in seconds that the brain can remain often sufficiently oxygenated and capable of directing the body in purposeful activity after taking a fatal wound (or wounds) that stops blood circulation. Research has shown that the only shot that will instantly stop a fight is one that destroys the brain or severs the spinal cord thereby disabling the central nervous system. Read more →

DTG: 120220DFEB13 (Northeastern Afghanistan) This world would appear completely alien to the average man or woman; it is enveloped fully in a dark haze of greens and greys and there is an incessant high-pitched whining noise that prevents any semblance of normal speech communication. Upon the cold air there is a smell of petroleum mixed with dust and metal. You look up to see the MH60M crew chief turn and hold up both of his gloved hands. With spread fingers he yells “TEN MINUTES!!!” ……..The doors of the aircraft slide open inviting in a torrent of bitterly cold air that immediately creates a burning sensation on your face as you slide forward into the open door and let your legs hang in the 138mph wind. The fast rope bars get extended with the thick braided ropes coiled in their release straps. The crew chief taps you on the shoulder and you look up to see the signal for “SIX MINUTES!!”……. You check your equipment from head to toe, ending with a final ch eck of your short nylon tie-in; followed... Read more →

1). Fight focused not gun focused: I spoke those words in the early 2000s. Like many contributions, others grab on to them and pretend to have invented them. The point was to illustrate the objective in the fight – kill the adversary. This was a counter point to the desire to fix the weapon when the bad guy (target) was within reach. You see the concept illustrated in the 2005 video (and it was in VHS) Close Range Gunfighting. I run out of ammo in my Glock 17 and immediately drew a J-frame and continued firing. When the 38 was dry, I dropped one of them and pulled a 5” folder and cut the target in half. Focus: Kill the adversary, NOT fix the gun. 2). Shoot them to the ground: Another concept “adopted” without attribution. The phrase was first uttered by Marc Fleischmann of SIS fame when discussing a gunfight where the good guy basically butchered the bad guy to death with 15 rounds of 9mm. I liked it and adopted it to signify the value of volume of... Read more →

I’ve never heard anyone ever say they didn’t want more ammo. Ever since I started learning about guns and defensive shooting, we’ve always been told to carry at least reload, and more if possible. I think that traditionally we did this because that was the standard load out for the .45ACP 1911, gun and 2 spare magazines, and gun people are nothing if not traditional. Today though, with the advent of modern service pistols such as the Glocks, the Springfield XD and XD/M, and the Smith & Wesson M&P series, we have incredibly reliable sidearms, which hold a significant amount of ammunition. When we look at the dynamics of violent encounters in the civilian sector, it is the rare incident that requires the shooter to reload at any time during the fight. Also, for a great many people, the ability to carry anything more than the gun and what’s in it is nullified by where they work or other personal circumstances. So, with a gun that carries 15 rounds or more, is it really that important to carry a spare... Read more →

I love the Lord of the Rings series. For me, it illustrates the very real fight between good and evil in a fantansy type way. I have used it in two articles; THE EYES OF MORDOR, and now this one. The premise here, though, is to keep your weapons hidden. I base it off of the instruction given to the Hobbit, Frodo, by Gandolf, when Frodo inherited the Ring of Power. This is not a discussion on the legality or the "right" to bear arms or to open carry. In my personal life, that is a dead issue as I carry no matter what. For my POV on open carry, read my article "Open Carry - Food For Thought". This, on the other hand, is a call to avoid stupid situations that could have been avoided in today's stupid society, by properly concealing your weapons. Bottom Line: Keep your stuff covered!! There was an excellent thread started on the Warrior Talk Forum where a concealed carry individual was tackled by a wannabe do gooder "hero". You can view the video... Read more →


I thought that I would share this. Nothing like learning from your own mistakes. This is intended for "food for thought". Yesterday, Sunday 01/18/15, I was providing some security at a church event. My wife and I took separate cars to church. I drove my unmarked police vehicle and she drove our personal SUV. On the SUV, I had a sticker representing the police association that I belong to. Yes, it was for those times that I may have gotten pulled over for speeding.....:). Well, as my wife was going home from church, she noticed a piece of crap biker dude a few cars behind. He caught up to her and started looking into our vehicle. He had full tats on the knuckles and tear drops under the eyes, riding the standard hog. He spent some time looking at the police related sticker that was on the left side of the rear window. He did not pass but decided to slow up and parallel my wife's driver's side window. As she looked at him, he pulled down the bandana that... Read more →

Who are we fighting? Does it matter?

Knowing ones enemy is a military concept that dates back to the beginning of time. It is still used to this day in the military, business and many aspects of the civilian world. Today, the global enemies we face are Islamists who are determined to destroy our way of life, and all who stand in their way. They are dedicated to an ideal which is contrary to all that is good. On a more personal level, we are faced with criminals in our cities, drug dealers in our neighborhoods, and various and sundry individuals who are more than willing to hurt you and your family to get what they want. The thin veneer between civilization and anarchy is only 3 missed meals, or one natural disaster, away. To take the time and energy to study in detail every facet of our potential adversaries is time and energy away from the ones we love, and the things we enjoy. As someone who spent much of his adult life in different parts of the world at the request of Uncle Sam, I... Read more →