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Team Tactics. Recently I was discussing this with another gent. Here is my POV. I learned this stuff back in the age of ignorance (pre-google..pre-youtube). I was blessed to train with the Recon guys at Camp Pendleton, with LAPD D-Platoon, and with LA Sheriff’s SEB. I attended every SWAT school available from HK’s to the FBI SWAT school, and with notables such as LASD's Gary Rovarino, SAS' Phil Singleton, FBI's Ron Frigulti, and multiple HK International courses. To say I conducted a few High Risk Entries with my team would be like suggesting Antarctica is chilly. This was back in the era of “Jeans and Raid Jackets” and MP5s with Kel-Lights duct taped to the handguards. Makes me feel old when I see all the cool gear available now. We were all individual operators back then. (More like thugs with guns...but I digress). And our ability to project force of violence was multiplied with numbers. But working team function as well as whatever-the-foxtrot-else we were assigned to, we always looked at this in two ways. First there were Individual Skills,... Read more →

A question was asked recently to the effect of “What is a good IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) for me to get?” In all honesty that is as loaded of a question as “What rifle should I get?” I say this because there are a bunch of variables that will significantly impact the answer. These include but aren’t limited to: What is it for? Is it to carry in classes or on the range? Or is it to be ready for a roll over motor vehicle accident?” For the purposes of this article I’ll assume it is for shooting classes and trips to the range. What is your level of formal Medical Training? I try not to be an elitist asshole about this but listen, YOUTUBE is NOT a source of formal training, nor are many of the courses taught by “Shooting” instructors who may not have any real training on the topics themselves. The bottom line is that your kit needs to contain items that YOU are 100% comfortable using. What is your budget? I understand that quality Medical... Read more →

While teaching a Pistol Gunfighting class, I was discussing the sight alignment and sight picture module in which we discussed identifying one’s master eye, aiming with both eyes open or with one eye closed. This was a fundamentals class so the in depth discussion of “firing that perfect shot” was had. One of the students shared that other “gun guys” had stressed the importance of keeping both eyes open as you aim and shoot. It seemed that dimming and/or closing one eye was wrong and should never be done when shooting. I wasn't present to hear that discussion between the student and gun guys. It was more than likely held during a shooting competition, IDPA type event. I will say that these gun guys' teaching was neither right nor wrong, but simply incomplete in my opinion. As with many things in the study of combat shooting, so many grab onto one piece of the puzzle at the dismissal of so many other important aspects of the skill set. Similar to “I am a point shooter” or “I am a sighted... Read more →

Shooting and Fighting Aren't The Same...

Here’s the scenario: Civilian Joe (hereafter known as CJ) decides to buy a pistol for personal protection. He gets himself a Wilson Combat 1911 .45 Auto, cause that’s what the big named trainers carry. He gets his concealed carry permit, and shortly thereafter takes a shooting class from a local guy because “well, he sounds pretty good.” Not too much later, CJ starts shooting in some local competitive matches, and even wins a few. He’s feeling pretty good about himself, and his friends start to consider him the “gun guy”. One night while walking to his car in the super mart parking lot, he meets 6’5”, 240 pound Mongo the ex-con who pulls a knife, and says he wants CJs wallet. CJ draws his gun, and gets killed. Why? CJ made the mistake a great many shooters make, in assuming that shooting skills translate into fighting skills. Nothing could be further from the truth. The basics of shooting are easy: sights, trigger, follow through. Even a four fingered retarded monkey can do that. The challenge comes in learning how to... Read more →

A Suarez International class can be a good place to wring out your gear. To quote a student in a recent rifle class: “You really don’t know if your gear is ready to go until you run it in a Suarez International rifle class.” The more you can take care of gear issues ahead of class, however, the more you can focus on developing your fighting skills during the class. At the suggestion of some of our students, JD Lester and I have put together this list of recommendations to help students prepare for their Rifle Gunfighting classes, so we can maximize our short time together training instead of dealing with avoidable gear issues. Some of these recommendations are specific to the classes in Columbia, SC (like this one, this February), but most apply to all Rifle Gunfighting classes, no matter where they are taught. Feel free to add your own suggestions or experiences in the comments below this post, or on WarriorTalk. Rifles Bring whatever rifle you want, as long as it’s a magazine-fed semi-automatic. The Cowboy Assault Rifle... Read more →