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No...I am not going to get all sensitive with you guys. But lets talk about what Bruce Lee called "emotional content". Nobody ever killed an adversary without some sort of emotional involvement. There are several codified responses to violence. They are fight - flight - freeze - posture - submit. The right response can be cultivated and I am a believer, very strongly, that you will react as you program yourself to react. Unconsidered, your reaction is unpredictable. As a young man entering police service I sat and listened to all the Cop Shrinks tell us about PTSD (it wasn't termed like that back then) and all of that sort of thing. But crazy me...I had ideas about how things ought to be. Perhaps my Conquistador blood...perhaps my time fighting full contact, I don't know but the idea of feeling sad at the death of one who had moments earlier just done his best to kill me seemed, well...stupid. My first clear contact...where we could see each other's eyes...was a guy on the beach shooting people. I moved to contact... Read more →

Staff Instructor - John McCreery The focus of this article will be some stance and hand positioning that will allow you to appear non-threatening/antagonistic yet, allow you to reactively or proactively strike and access a weapon. These positions will allow you to assess the situation while deciding if things need to be escalated or if you will be able to just walk away. They are almost a slight of hand or jedi mind trick to lull your aggressor. Gabe discusses these in the Close Range Gunfighting DVD available at The first pre-fight position I’d like to discuss is the Secret Service position. This is a great position to appear non-aggressive but, keeps your hands in an ideal spot. Similar to the fence , the appearance to any witnesses is that of someone who is just standing there possibly being yelled at by an aggressor. The strength of this is the hand position. If any movement is made by your opponent to reach for a weapon, you have a few options: 1. Lock down on the arm making the access... Read more →

Does your firearms training mirror a Gunfight? I challenge you to search YouTube for Police Dash cam Shooting, Robbery Shooting, Self Defense Shooting or any other combination of terms you can think of to describe a violent attack these days. Watch the video, If your current firearms training mirrors a multitude of those videos then good for you. The same question should be asked about the manner in which you train edged weapons defense or unarmed self-defense. In the firearms world, so often many schools teach you to stand on a line. After each string of fire that line is dressed up perfectly.The only movement is 1 step to the left or 1 step to the right to get off the line of attack. They may also only move straight forward or straight back. Is that "realistic" movement needed to survive the incidents you've seen on YouTube videos? Is your training Firearms Training or Gunfight Training? Can you take the skills you practice or have learned on the range and survive a gunfight? Think in terms of Boxing. You can... Read more →


One thing that differentiates us from many others in the gun world is that we never think something is "good enough". rather, we look at something and study if it can be made better and then attempt to do so. We have been studying this concept for some time now. The idea of a compensated carry weapon is not a new one and dates back to the mid 1980s and early 1990s. The most prolific of the so-called "Carry Comps" were those by Paul Liebenberg. He had done quite a few for the S&W Custom Shop as I recall and some well funded officers carried them on duty for many years. Later Wilson Combat adopted the concept and still makes them to this day. The compensated pistol was despised by Cooper and his disciples, much in the same way that red dot Glocks are seen as some sort of alien satanic cult by the iron sight tribe today. But technology cannot be suppressed...specially not today. So first, what is the "Comp" intended to fix? Its not so much "recoil", but... Read more →