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Part of my duties is to do Executive protection work. That requires that I wear a suit at times, and other times just a button up short sleeve shirt and jeans. It’s not easy hiding your gun, magazines, flashlight, cuffs, and what ever else you believe you need to carry. These tips will work for you whether your on duty (suit) or off duty (jeans and shirt). For off duty, doesn’t take much, its more about learning to dress better, and learning to find clothes that actually fit you, It's about paying “attention to detail” as in taking the time to notice that what you are trying on is not one or two sizes too big or too tight. Wearing a suit requires allot more attention to detail, so I’ll go a little further and focus on how properly select and wear a suit while armed. One of your goals when you are carrying concealed is to not stand out. It’s a little hard not to stand out with all that gear bulging around your waist. Two problems I see... Read more →

Last month, three Americans while on vacation in Europe, helped stop a terrorist from killing the passengers on the train they were riding in. The first American charged the terrorist and wrestled him to the ground, luckily the AK 47 jammed and the terrorist wasn’t able to fire it because he did not know how to clear the jam. Once the American wrestled the terrorist to the ground, it should have ended quickly with a choke hold or neck break. The problem was the terrorist was also carrying a box cutter, the terrorist stabbed the American multiple times in the head, neck, and almost severed his thumb, the American had no choice but to let go, luckily there were two more Americans there to kick his ass. I know many of you carry a knife, but not all of you. So this article is just a reminder to those who do carry to continue to carry and to those who don’t, you need to start. Realize that just carrying a knife in your pocket, and knowing how to use a... Read more →

If you look at any youtube video, there’s more than enough proof you need to continue to train to protect yourself from danger, threats, and violence as it’s part of life. That’s why you are here, to learn and then take action. In this post I’m going to talk about gear, two of the three pieces of equipment I'm going to talk about you probably are already carrying on you at all times, if your not, then you should. You should never use the excuse of it being too inconvenient or uncomfortable. When your life depends on your training and your gear, its not about comfort, its about what needs to be done, I’ll go deeper into the Combat Mindset/Killer Instincts in another post. The first piece of equipment is of course your Glock or whatever pistol you decide to carry. The second thing is a knife, you don’t have to be a knife fighter, but if you ever get caught off guard and the criminal/terrorist takes you to the ground, I doubt many of you’ve spent the years needed... Read more →

Recently in the New York Times, author Roger Cohen wrote "The Great Unraveling". In the article (linked for you guys to enjoy), Cohen wrings his hands about the same goings on that have taken place among men since the days of Hamurabi. Nothing new here folks...same old problem. The only thing that has changed is that modern industrialized nations like to meddle and fix other people's problems. They like to meddle because its good for business. But that is for another discussion. Cohen writes, "The most powerful nation on earth was tired of far-flung wars......An ungrateful world could damn well police itself. The nation had bridges to build and education systems to fix." Yes, we are in fact tired...and tired of the government forcing us to pay for those far flung wars and getting nothing at all in return. If on the other hand, America owned Iraq's oil fields for bringing them "democracy" and "freedom" that would be one thing...but the American people got, well, nothing. It is one thing to get paid for the good is another to... Read more →