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On Business Be bold and take chances. Boldness will never replace skills, but boldness and skills can help create opportunity. Don’t take unnecessary risks, but do step outside your comfort zone. The old adage is true “Nothing ventured; nothing gained”. It can pay to be first, so always look for the shot to be first. Learn your subject matter better than anyone else. Don’t just learn it, but practice and polish your delivery. There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Weaker men may not be able to tell the difference; ensure you do. My clients are all adults and like to be treated as adults and with respect. You choose your clients; you have to know what direction you want to go and who you want as a client. My career in the United States Air Force was the same as many others; the difference was in my approach and application. USAF Service I entered the USAF in 1988 as a Security Policeman/Security Specialist. I was trained in Industrial Security, Air Base Ground Defense, and Anti-Terrorism. I qualified with... Read more →