The Gentleman Killer


The Gentleman Killer

I worked with a man once that was the epitome of this. He spoke several languages and was well traveled. He could quote Norse mythology as well as the bible. He knew what words like "clandestine" meant - and used them in everyday speech - when others did not. He was a police dog handler after a time in the military including service during Vietnam.

I recall thinking, "I want to be like that guy".

A study of other gentleman killers will reveal guys like Fairbairn, or Burton.

Look them up people. Relearn your research skills.

Trust me, in this era of emasculated males attempting to make a bellicose showing by getting tattooed from nose to nuts or growing their body hair to sasquatch proportions, reading about men like Sir Richard Burton will be a shock...and a relief.

Same for many others. Fairbairn was quite learned and studied the ways of both east and west concurrently.  Theirs was a more refined age, but one where men were expected to be deadly as well as educated.

Today, we are deluged with the scruffy, the smelly, and the uncooth as examples of manhood. Perhaps it is a psychological opposite of the man-chicks seen in the media...but an unguided opposite.  We can do far better than the opposite of the Justin Beavers of the world.

Instead of the hairy chested nut scratcher, let us strive to be the gentleman killers.