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With the constant information coming in from Istanbul, Turkey and the Ataturk Airport. As well the inevitability of that happening here as the American Jihadists increase their skills and operational tempo, I coined the "Istanbul Drill". The Istanbul Drill teaches us to shoot for the face and neck area as well as to follow up the downed terrorist with additional face and neck shots. Set up two targets. One already on the deck. Draw and fire a burst of five at the standing the face of course. Instantly transition to the downed target (representing the same guy - now fallen), and put an additional 5 shots into his downed face. I will do a video of this in the next few weeks. But moving on. The Instabul Drill has brought up a great deal of discussion at about what some call "anchoring shots". The original term referred to a big game hunting technique one would find discussed in books by Roark and Capstick. The concept is similar, but the application is very different. So let's be clear.... Read more →

America is a country of rule followers. For good or bad, that is how all little kids are raised. Perhaps it is to facilitate the first grade teacher's jobs, but kids are taught to sit still, and follow the rules, otherwise, they will get a (gasp) "U" in citizenship. (for unsatisfactory in case you just didn't go to school). Church is much the same way and smily faced pastors parade out the entire "submit to authority" scripture to enforce the "good citizen" thing beginning in Sunday school. Why do I enter the discussion from this angle you ask? After all, this is a discussion about Hard Targets and Soft Targets, and has to do with Counter Terrorism. Aren't we supposed to be talking about tactics and guns and stuff like that? Don't worry my belligerent lads, all in due course. But first, back to the first grade. The rule was of course to play nice and get along. But there was always one that didn't even try. Today they call them "The Bully" and entire training events (for adults no... Read more →

We have a discussion on warriortalk about the integration of the arts. Specifically, Karate as many of our staff have a background in this system. Karate is a thing of the heart and the mind, or as the Japanese say, spirit. One notable Karate man once commented, "Karate is an explosion of life force". Thus to hit a man in the throat with your hand, or to blow his face off with a shotgun down the hall are the same. Those who do not understand this, do not understand Karate...regardless of how many techniques they know or how many stripes on their belts. Related articles Are You Challenging Yourself? Read more →

Interesting Times, Complainers, and Your Future The Chinese have a curse. It goes, "May you live in interesting times". I disagree with the Chinese however and do not see that a curse but a blessing. Interesting times bring opportunities. Anybody want to live in "Boring Times"? One day you wake up, 85 years old, bored out of your mind and longing for death. When someone walks up and asks, "Hey whats up?", you will mean it when you say "nuthin much!" No, I think interesting times are great, but the focus has to be revised somewhat from what we have been seeing lately. Rather than, "Hey look at what those guys are going to do to us", the focus should be, "Hey, look at what that opens up for us over here". I suspect that Solomon lived in interesting times, as did many of the notables we hear about and read about. But they spent their time taking advantage of events rather than complaining about how those events would upset their boring and mundane lives. Complaining? Yes, and not only... Read more →

In the beginning, American shooters trained the concept of legitimate self-defense. Use of force training and de-escalation methods were discussed and trained. Using the vaunted "Big Boy Voice" to challenge the bad guy from ready positions was promoted far and wide. And gun writers admonished the novice gunman about the concerns over legal liability, regaling them with horror stories intended not so much to frighten them into inaction, although they often did just that, but rather to create the need for the book to be bought or the liability awareness class to be attended. And for the most part, unless someone did something stupid (Zimmerman comes to mind), the muggers in the parking lots of America, and the gang members invading homes from coast to coast were dealt with efficiently. But those halcyon days of the J-frame in the side pocket and the "Courtroom Tactics" column in the gun magazine are gone. It is now 2016 and the reality is that within a month of this article being published there will inevitably be another active shooter event in the USA.... Read more →

The favorite words of the under achievers are "I Can't". And to project their low standards on others, and thus validating their own choices, "You Can't". And then, in order to make those standards the norm, and get others to accept them, they like to minimize the problem. In the age of the parking lot mugger with the switchblade, minimizing the problem was not a concern, because the problem was in fact quite simple. First, if one avoided places and times and activities where their path would cross that of the "thug", they were probably never going to be tested. In fact, since most places where thugs flourished had very restrictive gun laws, it was already a moot point. And as well, unless one went through life with their head planted firmly in their rectum, they would even see an event bubbling and could avoid it. Look at the two images above. One is a spoof of course. A scene from the classic movie, West Side Story. But the character in the photo served as the stereo-typical street thugs seen... Read more →

I recall discussions with people from former communist countries in Eastern Europe, and I recall in my own childhood, the total lack of information one got from Cuban newspapers. Information is power, and socialist/communist governments always tend toward obfuscation and information control. And so now we have the Redacted/Omitted Transcripts released "officially" on the Orlando Jihad Murders. Earlier we received this - before the official officials got hold of it. This is what Mateen the Jihadist posted on Facebook. Given FB's political leanings, I suspect this is no longer visible. “America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic state..I pledge my alliance to bakr al Baghdadi ..may Allah accept me,” “The real muslims will never accept the filthy ways of the west” “You kill innocent women and children by doing us taste the Islamic state vengeance.” And what was already reported several times in the news - Mateen provided his full name and then went on to pledge allegiance to ISIS. Law enforcement officials have said that the gunman pledged his solidarity to the Islamic State, as well as to... Read more →

The Orlando Jihad Murders are proving to be another pivotal event for the American people. We see the legislature blaming aspirin for headaches, we see Obama telling everyone that the killers don't really want to kill anyone and that it was the gun's fault, and the usual crocodile tears while searching for a band aid by the Eloi of America. I find it ridiculous, but I don't laugh about it anymore than we laugh at the same joke told for the tenth time. After the comic element wears off it is simply tiring, predictable, and annoying. An Islamic Terrorist, inspired by a Terror organization motivated around religious goals and facilitated by Obama's policies, murdered 50 unarmed people. Anymore elaboration on this is simply irrelevant. I believe completely that today every man and woman is a potential counter terrorist. And since do not know who the terrorist is, or when they might strike, prudence demands that we take a war footing in America. Nobody will come to help us in time so we must accept that we are our only real... Read more →

I am a rifleman in my heart. I own at least two dozen assault rifles. (Yes, that is what I call them). My company makes some of the most accurate over-watch rifles for US Police CT units that shoot sub-MOA groups. I designed and implemented one of the first urban patrol rifle, and with all of the cross burning by the democrats, I should certainly jump on the rifle band wagon. But I won’t. Oh, I will agree that every able-bodied American with a brain, for true national security, should own at minimum one AR-15 type rifle, but that is not what I will be discussing. The threats Americans face today as a nation, and as individuals are unprecedented. And those threats are exacerbated by an incompetent or subversive leadership, and a highly fearful (political correctness or death) law enforcement community. We saw it in San Bernardino just a few months ago, and in Orlando a few days ago. The days of the J-Frame in the corner pocket against the beatnik muggers of America are long gone. Today’s threat is... Read more →