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While the Obama administration continues to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to direct American foreign policy and, therefore, to implement “strategies” that render America defenseless in the face of Jihad and stealth Jihad, there are some alternative strategies that have the potential to turn this catastrophic situation around completely in America’s favor. Below are 9 concrete steps that, if implemented by a future American administration, would make a big difference in preserving our civilization and in defending Americans from terrorism: Related articles Congress Infilltrated by Islamic Terrorist Org.. CAIR Met With Congress 325 Times in 2016 GOP Leaders Stalling Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Act? BREAKING: Look Who We JUST Discovered Are Members Of The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD... Media SILENT Read more →

I am not a subject matter expert on suicide vests. But simply shrugging and saying, "Not my rice bowl", is a foolish perspective. So I inquired of a brother whom some of you are familiar with. His nom d'guerre is "Sua Sponte" and he had a great deal of insight on the mechanics and use of the terrorist's IEDs. Here are his comments: IEDs are in many ways as unique to the "bombmaker/organization" as is a fingerprint to you or I. This means we can predict a few things. For example in war zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan or places with a very vibrant black market we tend to see SBIEDs (Suicide Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) or S-vest for short, being made out of RDX based military grade explosives, such as the Semtex family, C-4, Composition B, or Block TNT. All of these are easy to use and very stable, I have literally chewed on C-4 in a class to show guys that its not going to accidentally initiate if dropped or shot. These types of explosives have a very... Read more →

"No Guns Allowed" Signs are for idiots. It may have made people feel better in the era of Barney Fife, but today a gun free zone is exactly what the Active Shooter or Terrorist seeks specifically. And in the interest of ignoring such asinine rules, I submit a study on how to detect an armed individual. If you see these target indicators, it is a good bet that the person in question is armed. Similarly, avoid producing such indicators yourself. The following from a confidential training circular that came across my desk. Learn to Recognize These Behaviors Officers have learned to identify the specific indicators that a person may be armed. Below are a few of the most common. It should be noted, however, that the following signs do not always indicate the presence of a weapon: Security Check: Gun violators in particular will typically touch and/or adjust the weapons concealed on their bodies numerous times during the day. This may be a gentle and difficult to observe bump with the elbow, wrist or hand. On rare occasions, it could... Read more →

In the movie El Diablo, Thomas Van Leek, played by Louis Gossett, Jr., is a no-nonsense gunslinger who shot a number of antagonists in the back. When asked about it, he replies simply, "Because his back was to me." That is supposed to be a comedy line of course as we know no western hero worth his salt would ever deny his opponent the opportunity to draw first, much less shoot him in the, well...a coward. You see, much like the Hall Monitor Mentality, the Lone Ranger Mentality has been deeply imbued in the American male psyche. The Lone Ranger never drew first, never threw the first punch, and my God…never shot a man in the back. And many a good man has shed the fullness of his life on the asphalt and dirt because of that ridiculous programming. Just last weekend we had a suicide bomber in Bavaria. No, it was not a chemical experiment gone wrong by chemist refugees. It was a Syrian that had pledged allegiance to the Islamic Jihad. I am told the bomb was... Read more →

On 24 July 2016, twelve people were seriously injured in a suicide bombing outside a wine bar in Ansbach, Germany. The bomber, Mohammad Daleel, was the only fatality. A 27-year-old Syrian man who pledged allegiance to ISIS, and had been denied asylum. In a refreshing statement in the era of redactions and denials, Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrmann told German news agency, "My personal view is that I unfortunately think it's very likely this really was an Islamist suicide attack." The terrorist tried to get into a crowded open air concert site but was refused entrance. You will recall from a past discussion this is the same thing that Joel "Joe" Henry Hinrichs tried in the 2005 University of Oklahoma bombing. He was refused entry to the concert because he didn't have a ticket. He then sat down on a chair outside the nearby restaurant. According to witness accounts he briefly leaned forward at 10:10 p.m. and then triggered the explosion. Earlier the same day, another Syrian killed a woman with a machete and injured two others outside a bus... Read more →


In 1916 Theodore Roosevelt wrote, “Christianity is not a creed of Africa and Asia at this moment because the seventh century Christians of Asia and Africa had trained themselves not to fight. The Moslems were trained to fight. Christianity was saved in Europe solely because the peoples of Europe fought back.” "Mohammedans, wherever they held complete sway, where the Christians had been unable to resist them, Christianity has ultimately disappeared. From the hammer of Charles Martel (Battle of Tours) to the sword of Sobieski (the siege of Vienna), Christianity owed its safety in Europe to the fact that it was able to show that it could and would fight as well as the Mohammedan aggressor.” Read more →

It has been some ten years now since I conducted the first Active Shooter Interdiction Course. Ten years! I taught this course in Los Angeles at the Burro Canyon Shooting Facility. The purveyors of the status quo in the industry ridiculed the class, vilified me, and suggested that this was a silly thing to spend time on. Well, ten years later all I can say is, "How 'bout now bitches?" In the last ten years one would have to spend some serious time researching how many active shooter/terrorist events there have been. I certainly can't tell you from memory, but suffice to say that theme is a recurring pattern. And since I have written extensively on that pattern, for both US and OCONUS events, I will leave it for you to research. But one aspect of that theme is something I want to discuss today. And that is the long pistol shot in this application. Something we included in every single Terrorist/Active Shooter Interdiction course since the beginning, and something we include in every single intermediate level or above pistol... Read more →


This struggle the west finds itself in is not new. It began when Abraham unzipped his toga and manifested itself in the ongoing attempts to overtake the west which has been ongoing for over 1500 years. And it seems the lessons of the past have been forgotten in the west. But today is July 25th. It is the Catholic Feast day of Saint James - known as Santiago Matamoros. So on this day, let us understand the nature of our enemies, their goals and tactics, and how to best prepare to defeat and destroy them if they should ever threaten to cross our paths. Read more →

It was just last week that I was watching an online video of the crushed bodies of children in France. And the week after that was Istanbul, and then Orlando. It is as if these scenes are blending into one another, and old memories, you only partially remember. There are common threads of course, and for those who have not been paying attention I will go over them again: 1). A man either directly or indirectly inspired by Islamic Terror is involved. We know their descriptors for a number of reasons. One is the social-ethnic heritage. A man’s birthplace is absolutely irrelevant today. A rattlesnake born in Afghanistan is the same as one born in Paris, France. Ideology and culture trump nationality. 2). A soft target is always selected. Many soft targets exist because of arbitrary rules and nice people that elect to go along with them. Sometimes an entire nation is a soft target because the belligerence has been socially engineered out of its inhabitants. In Germany the only hard target is perhaps GSG9 HQ, but elsewhere, where even... Read more →