We Live In A Time Of War!



All over the internet we see the usual “Je Suis Nice”…or “I am Nice”.  While my heart burns with anger at the scenes from the terror attack, I think that sentiment is a waste of energy.  The usual timeline:  Terrorism by Islamic Jihadists – Shock and tears – prayer – back to normal until the next time.  So rather than “I am Nice”, we should ask  “OÙ EST MARTEL ?”

When the ridiculous French Obama tells his people that they have to get used to having their sons and daughters crushed to death by a muslim driven truck, or blown up, or shot, or eviscerated, the French and the rest of us should ask - “OÙ EST MARTEL ?”

Charles Martel for those who don’t anything of events before their birth was a French hero that crushed one of the early Muslim invasions into Europe in the 700s.  And yes, this notion of Islamic Terrorism has been going on for a while now.  “What would Martel do?,” one asks.

Well I don’t think he would tell his people to get used to this…that this is the new normal, or that the Islam has nothing to do with the Islamic Jihad.  I suspect his solution would horrify most patrons of Starbucks, but it would be effective.  And I suspect it would revolve around making the mere thought of carrying out a terror event so costly in lives and fortunes and pain and horror to those who carry it out, where they came from and their entire regions that the bad guys would abandon the entire idea.

When is it enough France?

When is it enough America?

At what point are the ideals of the past no longer worth the blood of the present?