It was just last week that I was watching an online video of the crushed bodies of children in France. And the week after that was Istanbul, and then Orlando.  It is as if these scenes are blending into one another, and old memories, you only partially remember.

There are common threads of course, and for those who have not been paying attention I will go over them again:

1).  A man either directly or indirectly inspired by Islamic Terror is involved.  We know their descriptors for a number of reasons.  One is the social-ethnic heritage.  A man’s birthplace is absolutely irrelevant today.  A rattlesnake born in Afghanistan is the same as one born in Paris, France.  Ideology and culture trump nationality.

2).  A soft target is always selected.  Many soft targets exist because of arbitrary rules and nice people that elect to go along with them. Sometimes an entire nation is a soft target because the belligerence has been socially engineered out of its inhabitants.  In Germany the only hard target is perhaps GSG9 HQ, but elsewhere, where even the thought of using violence on another human being is horribly illegal…soft targets.

3).  It has become common for western media and governments to attempt to obfuscate motives.  The San Bernardino Terrorists were angry at their co-workers.  The Orlando Terrorist was really angry at his gay lover.  The Nice driver was all but impossible to reframe with the numbers he pulled off, and that he was shooting at people and all of that jazz.  Now we have Munich and the attempt to initially paint the killer as a white supremacist.  And then when that seemed so far fetched as to stunt the suspension of disbelief, they labelled him as a mentally disturbed Adam Lanza wannabe.

4).  Then prayers are prayed…stupid balloons are set aloft, songs are sung, stupid westerners talk about forgiveness, and then…nothing.  Everyone waits for the next Islamic Terrorist like the relieved sheep in the slaughter pen, happy it wasn’t them, but seemingly resigned to the new normal that tomorrow it might be them, yet not taking any steps to change the dynamic.

It is notable that both Merkel and Obama seem to have an aversion to naming names.  Both are invested in the immigration of Syrians - many of whom are invariably jihadists at worst and importers of their home country’s disorder at best.  The French, although tactically impotent, don’t seem to have any issues about saying “Islamic Terrorist”.  But perhaps they have had enough.   A good fiction writer might conceive of a story where Arab royalty writes a number on a napkin for Obama and Merkel, promising a deposit of same once they leave office if they allow certain things.  There is definitely something behind that curtain even as the man in the suit tells us repeatedly that such is not the case.

In any case, we have a man of Iranian decent (who happened to have been born in Germany), with an illegally obtained Glock 9mm (how are those restrictive gun laws working for you Angela?) specifically targeting children in a page right out of the terrorism handbook.   A Muslim witness told CNN she heard the gunman say, "Allahu Akbar," or "God is great" in Arabic.   It is interesting to note that the right wing tag was first attempted because of a yelling match between the terrorist and a witness who called him a “dirty Turk”, but another witness saying this is simply ignored.  

The authorities said, “The investigation will not yield quick answers”…we can add, “other than what fits the Merkel/Obama objectives”.  And then almost as if on cue - "Based on the searches, there are no indications whatsoever that there is a connection to Islamic State or to the issue of refugees”, he told a news conference.

On my forum – warriortalk – one member who should know posted this -

"Ali David Sonboly is no Iranian but pro Turkey’s Islamists from Syria. That plus he had a record with the Interpol and was being watched.

First of all. There is only one way to spell Sonboly in the Arabic but in the English it can be spelled multiple ways yet it is always the same spelling in Arabic: سنبلي

Unless one knows Arabic, they do not know where to look. Examining clan Sonboly and even Sonboly’s own Facebook (no longer up), we find that the Turkish flag is a main symbol."

From Spencer of Jihadwatch:

And in the meantime, we should not be surprised to see desperate rear-guard attempts, however ludicrous, to fool people and divert them from the obvious, particularly in regard to jihad terror attacks. The elites, besotted with the multiculturalist idea, enthralled with internationalism, and intent on socialist leveling, are importing Muslims into Western countries in staggering numbers. Yet every jihad massacre awakens more non-Muslims in the West to the suicidal folly of this program.

And so the public must be fooled into thinking that none of the jihad attacks are actually jihad attacks. The Orlando jihadi, you see, he was gay and exacting revenge for a bad relationship, or for getting AIDS. The Nice jihadi, you see, he was a bad driver.

This one had psychological problems. That one was bullied by his non-Muslim coworkers. That one over there, he got kicked out of a study group. And on and on. Every jihad attack was not jihad, if you believe the mainstream media: yes, it just happened to involve a Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” as he opened fire, but you see, the reality is that he had a troubled childhood, doncha know?"

From Pam Geller:

... the media has jumped all over the Breivik aspect. How corrupt and absurd. There is nothing that points to Ali being “inspired.” His inspiration is Islam. His method of jihad was mass shooting, so of course he would review past shootings. From this the enemedia announces, “Munich shooting: Teenage killer Ali Sonboly ‘inspired by far-right terrorist Anders Breivik.'”

And who can believe the German police? They scrubbed the thousands of sexual attacks on New Year’s Eve in order to protect Islam. They even deleted the CCTV tapes. Merkel’s sharia is strictly enforced."


Occam's Razor?  Munich is yeat another self-inspired Jihadist out to murder infidels in a soft target and everything about it will be obfuscated by the media for the same reasons as before. 

We live in a time of are your own counter terrorist.