Hands vs. Guns Video Concepts

Hands vs. Guns Video Concepts

Suarez International Staff Instructor – John McCreery


“It’s not about feeling their energy, it’s about smashing their freaking head into a brick wall.”

-Gabe Suarez

This quote sums up pretty well the Hands vs.Guns Video.  It flows nicely with one of the main points of the video when dealing with up close personal violence, “boil it down to the most violent and most basic.”

There are three main ideas that I think everyone can take away from the video when having a gun pointed in on them to help move toward a successful outcome.

  1. Change the relationship of the gun being pointed at you and nullify the weapon.
  2. Change positioning. – change the line of gun in relationship to you. Preferably take outside line, move your body– possibly along the 11.
  3. Counter attack

Drawing your gun is an option here.  After you’ve taken control of the gun/arm. There is a good chance this may be a close contact shot or from retention.  The movement of attacking the arm and closing will probably leave you in close proximity and firing from the retention position into the lower torso and then transition to a head shot.  Ideally, this would be done by countering while moving on the 11 as mentioned above. This could also be hand strikes - probably the most logical for an up close situation. If you are at arms length and the attackers gun is out, it is not a weapon answer on your part.

 A knife is also an option at this point if you’ve gotton control of the gun. This is where you might see the advantage of a fixed blade for speed and simplicity. Again, being close in may be a good chance to attack the gun hand/arm with the blade   You will also possibly find the arm pit, eyes or under the chin - apple on a stick  - as targets.



Using the environment once you close is an option. Gabe offers that you could continue to drive into the the person and use a wall or plate glass window to drive them through, or move them into passing traffic. By turning out and rotating, there is an option to bounce the head off of nearby solid object or the ground.

Body weapons are options after closing at this distance. Elbows to the head, hammer strikes, low line kicks to disrupt balance or foot traps to help drive them into other objects.

There is a chance you may be able to get a takeaway by grabbing the wrist and cranking the gun toward the bad guy.  If you are successful with this, smash them with the gun. Do not worry about trying to run the gun and shooting them with it. I repeat, smash them with it!!!


Carrying your gun everywhere is always the best option. But, if you are in an NPE or caught behind the curve, unable to access a weapon, the concepts and techniques from this video are priceless. The simplicity of everything taught are concepts you can take away and implement after watching the video or attending any of the combative type classes taught at SI.