Looking At The Holster

The issue is looking at the holster on the reholstering. I know....I know...we are told its bad its wrong, ect. But why? Let me lay my case out.

1). According to our research, half of all unintended discharges resulting in shooter injury occur during the holstering process.

Sure...sometimes it is due to trigger fingers not being properly indexed, but there have been many times when it has happened due to some sort of obstruction in the holster, or misplacement of the pistol into the holster.

2). If the threat was still a threat, only a fool would be holstering his pistol. Read that again guys. Please enlighten me if there is any tactical reason to holster the pistol while facing a threat because I cannot think of any.

3). Often the police guys (I was once one) will say they have to holster to handcuff someone. That changes nothing. You do not point a gun at someone and then holster to handcuff. You hold them there, proned out, face down in the dirt, until your back up arrives and he points his gun at the bad guy. Then you holster and go handcuff. So the ability to keep eyes on target before holstering is of dubious necessity.
And, if you do decide to approach and handcuff alone, the bad guy MUST have cooperated with you to get into a tactically untennable position, proned out, facing away from you, flat on his face with his hands out and feet crossed...otherwise, the fight is still on and holstering to close is not a smart move.

So, is it a big deal if a shooter looks at his holster briefly prior to holstering his piece?
No, I don't think so.

Now we are not saying to sit there gazing at the kydexial splendor of your holster for hours as you slowly holster, but simply a quick glance to verify everything is as it should be before introducing the pistol into the holster.

I spent 15 years in LE service and I saw many many guys who had been drilled to NOT LOOK at the holster, still do so very briefly when holstering. It is the same principle we see in other actions under duress. The eyes want to see what the hands are

So are instructors being foolish to tell the students that "there is no threat in the holster"? That they should keep their eyes downrange while they holster the pistol?

In my never humble and always opinionated opinion, yes. There is nothing wrong with looking at the holster when placing the pistol back into the holster. If there was a threat, your pistol would remain in action. If there is no threat, your safety is better
served by holstering safely.

When you train with me you will be looking at the holster briefly prior to re-holstering. Why? Because it makes more sense, cost you nothing tactically, and gives immediate feedback of any clothing/obstruction.