Just as in rifle work, the most accurate shot will likely be from prone.  But prone often created additional problems.  Among them are that the terrain surfaces don't accommodate prone shooting.  Urban terrain littered with broken glass and other injurious debris will not allow you to simply drop to the deck like on those videos.  The need for elevation changes may exist, requiring you to shoot up or down from your spot.  This is extremely difficult to do from prone.  As well, intervening vegetation or structures may prevent a line of sight shot, requiring you to elevate your firing position.

Many times the proposed answer to this is a kneeling position.  You can do some good work in kneeling, but it has limits as well.  The same surface terrain concerns exist as in prone.  Yes, I know all the bearded guri (plural of guru) on youtube wear knee pads 24-7...even in the shower I suspect...but normal people do not.  That means that dropping into the perfect kneeling position right atop a broken bottle, or a sharp piece of metal will not help you make the shot you wanted to make, and will likely take you out of the fight. 

To answer situations such as what we have described, we adapted the rifle squatting position to the pistol.  The squat position is sometimes ignored by rifle instructors that have spent too much time at the "all-you-can-eat", but it is a huge advantage for those who can do it.

There are also physical advantages of being able to work from this shooting position.  Americans specially, spend far too much time sitting in chairs and over time lose important hip and back flexibility.  The ability to adopt this position...or work up to using it, will go a long way to prevent the various mobility issues faced by older shooters. It may not be easy at first attempt, but the wise gunfighter won't stop there.

Here are some of the advantages of the Pistol Squatting.

  • It conveys the same accuracy and tactical advantages as the kneeling position.
  • It allows for positional elevation, as well as elevation adjustments of the pistol on target.
  • Works with cover.
  • Can transition to double kneeling or sitting, or standing easily.
  • Allows for good 360 degree coverage.