This from Spencer's Jihad Watch.

Islamic State insists Las Vegas was jihad, says shooter converted to Islam six months ago

"Most people believe the Islamic State is lying in claiming any connection to this, and that Paddock was not a convert to Islam. But ISIS continues to claim the attack anyway, and does not have a history of claiming credit for attacks for which they were not responsible. Maybe they’ve started doing so now. Maybe not. They don’t seem to be afraid that Stephen Paddock will turn out to be a white supremacist neo-Nazi or some such. They don’t seem to be worried about being definitively exposed as grandiose liars."

This coupled with the following -

1). The clear and secretive way the investigation is being handled.

2). The between the lines statements of Lombardo (listen to the interview)

3). The application of Qui Bono (who benefits) by the confirming or denying it was a Jihad attack.

4). The absolute incongruence between Paddock and all other "Lone Crazed Angry White Old Guy" mass murders.

5). Lack of published motives (which they have had for so many others so very quickly)

Look...I have more but out of respect for those who shared it I will not post it. There are apparent OCONUS connections here and the trickle of information coupled with what they have not said leads an educated modern man to arrive at conclusions.

It has been posted that at some point a full report will be published...like the Warren Commission did, and like the 911 Commission Report (that the Saudis tried to quash). But that something like this would be needed it self speaks of possible skullduggery does it not? And by the time something like this is available to the public...the potential victims of the jihadist, how much time will have passed?

It is in the Government's interest for this to NOT be a terror attack. It is better for everyone if this is a crazy guy with a gun. Better politically, socially, economically, and any other way I can think of.

They tried to do this with the Orlando Attack even though Mateen had clear philosophical ties to Isis and said so on the 911 recording. They attempted to make it about something else and ultimately failed. This may be an understandable tactic...to deny it was ISIS even though it was. Its kind of like the old joke "I blocked that punch with my face". Who controls the information controls the narrative.

But that doesn't do those of us on the ground any good. If there is an enemy that can strike at any moment, at a time of his choosing, and who looks like us, knows all our customs, and is in fact one of us. Such an enemy is impossible to detect and extremely difficult to interdict beforehand. How would the American public behave if such a thing was publically stated by those in authority?

Final Word - Until otherwise revealed my position is that Passock was an Islamic Convert Jihadist, and until a conflicting and compelling motive presented, the Las Vegas Attack was a Jihad Attack.