Discovery Of Dynamic Movement from Suarez International on Vimeo. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away - in a gunfight with three LA Gangsters - we discovered the reality and advantages of dynamic movement in a gunfight. Twenty seven years later, here is the history, the lineage, and the study that took us to the leading edge of where we are today. Enjoy. Read more →

HOW TO BE A VICTIM AND NOT A SUSPECT In the past section we discussed the value in being categorized as a victim rather than a suspect. You don't have complete control over this, but you have a far greater degree of control over it than the "CCW Lawyers" would have you think. In order to show you how to become a victim, I will first show you how to become a suspect. Silly? No...just read. This is how you become a suspect, get listed as the primary suspect in the report, get arrested, booked and charged. Don't call 911. That should do it immediately. But lets say you did call 911 for the sake of the article. You were short and evasive with the 911 operator, creating an adversarial position from the start. Then when the officers arrived, you gave a ridiculously short, artificial, and dismissive statement, after which you demanded your lawyer. Congratulations Gary Goodguy, you are now the suspect in a homicide investigation. You will not be able to change that ever. The next steps of course... Read more →

This will likely become a series of articles rather than just one, but I wanted to begin here with this discussion. There are two things that you must realize. Opinions that have not been tempered with personal experience are not as valid as those that have. For example...the opinion of an emergency room doctor on treatment of an injury is vastly more valid than that of the Red Cross First Aid graduate. Personal experience on a topic creates valid opinions. Lack of that invalidates the same. The second point is that nothing is easy. There are no magic words, magic techniques, or magic invocations where everything stops. Someone may have told you that at some point but is simply not true. What there are are lazy people and lazy instructors. The lazy people want a cheap and easy "magic technique" (such as a special stance or a special sight picture) and a "magic word" (I want my attorney), rather than engage their brain, educate their mind and be more than the couch surfing underachiever class wants from life. Before the... Read more →

One of the systems I studied was JKD, or Jeet Kune Do. If we are to use western terminology, you would call it the Intercepting Fist System. What was notable about JKD was that it sought to develop the individual’s personal attributes for fighting. Today, in our concept integration program, this attribute development is essential to the modern gunfighter. Let’s see how these apply. 1). Awareness and Sensitivity - To see the opponent's intentions. This requires an attentive and receptive mind that is outwardly focused. It requires the ability to profile people that may be adversaries, but also to profile events, locations and times of day…and perhaps even of the year. The gun people might be tempted to call this “mind set” but it goes way beyond this. 2). Line Familiarization - To be familiar with the angle of attack that an opponent launches. Most of the gun world ignores this, but we focus on it deeply during the reactive area of training. And not only the line and angle of an opponent’s attack, or line of fire, but also... Read more →

I had responded to the call of suspicious circumstances. It was dark and cold and the sort of night that you wanted to spend in your cruiser writing reports with a cup of Starbucks on top of some parking structure and not walking around somebody’s backyard. The call had been of a fight in progress by the I-10 freeway. This was an area frequented by the Santa Monica subculture of stree people. Unlike the images of the media, we did not find many widows and orphans in their ranks, but rather dopers, parolees at large, and thugs on the run. In that part of town it may have been anything from a common domestic to gang fight in progress…or both. On arrival I was greeted by the victim with a huge gash across his face. The paramedics had arrived before me (something I had never seen before nor since…probably a mistake in dispatching). I recall the bloodied victim’s response when I asked him “Que paso hombre?”. “Machete!” I moved through the freeway underbrush quietly without even a flashlight hunting the... Read more →

Another aspect of the excellent Combat Instructor is focus. Focus is an interesting word, but in our context it refers to a startling clarity of understanding, and a intense attention to mission. It is not simply "being in the moment" as we so often hear from the Zen is Owning that moment. There are degrees of focus of course and 100% focus cannot be maintained indefinitely. And you will find that when at that level of focus, or perhaps an equally useful word - intensity - others become intimidated and uncomfortable. When the instructor is demonstrating an action or a tactic, he must turn on that 100% focus on demand. When he is running a class, he must maintain his focus so that he controls the direction and tempo of the class. A lazy instructor will lead to a boring class. Controlling the direction and tempo involves having a schedule of order of things so to speak. Somethings must be taught before others, and if we are to arrive at a complete and cohesive conclusion at the end... Read more →


This article discusses some of the material from our Killing Within The Law Series of Lectures. It is provided by one of our professional staff – Detective Wendell White On-line critics of the Killing Within the Law course have named it reckless, controversial and provocative; however, evidentiary value exists to prove it is timely, needed and unprecedented. While modular in nature, there is a darker element – a dark art so to say – of the KWTL course never before discussed or revealed. The purpose of this post is to briefly reveal a portion of the darker nature, a never-before-discussed thematic discourse, of an introductory module on Interview and Interrogation; the acceptance or declination of this topic here on Warrior Talk will help gauge interest and applicability to the course as a whole. Interview and Interrogation – the topic simply sounds foreign and intimidating to the unassociated and general populace. While not revealing all, one simple aspect of interview and interrogation potentially necessary for the one undergoing the process is to learn to manipulate the interviewer and interrogator. Manipulation you... Read more →