It was July, 1992, right after the Rodney King Race Riots in Los Angeles. My partner Al Acosta and I were assigned to a perimeter surveillance point in Los Angeles on what I recall was a bank robbery takedown. We were both Gang Officers and sported the shaved head, steroided-out looking Gold's Gym physiques and Fu Manchu facial hair. The surveillance was likely going to turn into a gunfight so while attempting to fit into our environs, we were armed to the teeth. Hour after hour we waited with our team, posted in various locations, for the target to arrive. It was hot and staying hydrated meant drinking water. As as many of us know...what is taken in, must go out as well. We were parked in an alley and needing to check my hydration levels, I got out of the Mustang and walked over to a dumpster to check for color of stream. Apparently my cover shirt had ridden over my belt pistol (strong side carry back in the old days) and someone happened to be looking out the... Read more →

If you carry a gun, you are a gunfighter. You can try to deny this with all manner of politically correct, court approved, pussified euphemisms, but none will erase the fact that bad guys will fight you for your money, your car, your ass, and anything else you have that they want. You either comply and give it up, or you fight them to keep it. And if you have a gun you are a gunfighter. Once the fight kicks off, the gunfighter wins by killing his adversary. It really is that simple. If you don’t know that you could kill someone, do yourself a favor and stop carrying a gun. Why? Because when the bad guy is done with you he will also have your gun and then one of us will invariably have to shoot him for you…but there are probably many non-gunfighters that will be his victims with your gun. So learn to be a killer or just don’t play this game. Harsh? Yes…it is that kind of a game. No room for snowflakes here. In the... Read more →

I worked for fifteen years in Southern California Law Enforcement. During those years I worked Night Patrol, SWAT, Narcotics (Raids as well as UC work), Gang Unit, and any dangerous detail I could find. I was in alot of shootings. But I pointed guns and yelled at many more bad guys than I ever shot. So in this thread I will discuss the gunpoint dialog...or what to say...and whether you should say anything at all. If he has already shot people, and there is no doubt about what is happening, skip all of this and just shoot him. You will thank me when you are 80. So will your yet-to-be-born kids and grandkids. And so will the supermodel –wife you have not yet met. What in God's earth is so hard to understand about that I do not get. First, I want to point out that unless your adversary is some criminal incarnation of Mister Rogers, he is not afraid of you. He has contempt for you and everything you hold important. And more...your life and that of your family... Read more →

Instructors that teach yelling out warnings prior to shooting - when the events have clearly identified the bad guy shooter - are idiots. Yes, I said it and I stand by what I said. And I have the real world experience to back up my position. Students who have been trained that way - get that stupidity out of your minds right now, and get your minds right. We have discussed this before. The first time was about twelve years ago on this blog with regards to the Tacoma Mall shooting. Tacoma Mall Shooting - 2005 It was back in 2005, at the Tacoma Mall in Washington state. A civilian CCW guy named McKown heard the gunshots. Gun in hand, McKown scanned for the shooter. As the gunshots stopped, McKown tucked his pistol back under his coat. We later learned that was when the shooter was reloading. McKown said, "Young man, I think you need to put your weapon down." The shooter shot McKown, hitting his spine and paralyzing him for life. And From today's headlines - Congressman Scalise Assassination... Read more →

“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.” Winston Churchill My own comments: Fortunate are those who are tapped on the shoulder once. Blessed are they who are tapped multiple times. Read more →

The birth of our reactive shooting methods began on a cold and rainy December night, in 1991. It was December 7th, the 50th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl was cold, and raining, and I felt like crap. I had been fighting a cold for a week and it was finally taking hold. I remember standing over the phone, actually holding the receiver and debating whether to call in sick or not. (This was long before smart phones millenials would use today). As it turned out, I popped a couple of Day Quills and drove in to work. My plan was simple. I would get a nice hot Starbucks, a copy of the latest Investor's Business Daily and hang out in the heated car until I got a radio call. I was not in the mood for that "proactive police work" we hear about...not that day...not the way I felt. And it was all going according to plan too. Then at about 2345 HRS I got the call. "3L7 respond, any unit to assist, Armed Robbery in Progress,... Read more →

I was asked how the Suarez material differs from the Modern Technique invented/codified by Jeff Cooper. Here it is...a long read, but it sets down the historical context. I attended Gunsite in 1990. Cooper was there as were a few of the current "stalwarts" for the modern technique, a couple of SEALs and an entire group of LAPD SWAT with 1911s. I was running my issued weapon, as crappy as it was, a Smith & Wesson 5906 that had been tuned up by Steve Deladio in Long Beach, CA. While I was open minded, I did have some ideas about what was what since I had been working around criminals, gang members and killers for five years. I had not been in a gunfight yet, but I was around alot of guys who had. In the end, I got top score and won the shootoff, against all of those guys. Cooper and I became friends, and I attended Gunsite every year until 1995. So one could say I became well versed in the Modern Technique. In Cooper's words in the... Read more →

From the perception of safety comes the relaxation of standards, and then the rise of the acceptance of marginal performance as something adequate. Inevitably, the acceptance of mediocrity leads to its adherents defending their current state as normal and ridiculing those who do not wish to be held down by their low standards. Profound? No, simply an observation from life. It happens in police/military circles as well as in any industry and in society as well. We see it in the gun world…perhaps especially now that the specters of Hillary and Obama have passed into unpleasant history. It is as if now, some have glomed on to the illusion of safety from magazine bans, and assault rifle bans. And being safe from such things, it is almost - in their minds, as if evil itself has been driven out from the country. And they no longer need to maintain skills or maintain top grade equipment. Finally, they think, they can now be like “normal” people. Point out that we are still at war with Jihadists, and that the Urban Terrorist... Read more →