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Thursday, August 28, 2014


I am sometimes astounded at the fools that are charged with running the most powerful countries on earth. Well...OK...more than sometimes. They keep making the same assumptions and the same mistakes. The issue of the moment of course, is ISIS. The new Al Queda, or so it seems. One wonders if the USA had acted otherwise, and followed a more "distance from disorder" mode, if ISIS would have ever come to be, but that is for debate another time. The debate is now about the ISIS threat to the western world. Here is what we know. 1). The existence of...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Fog Of War - A Lack Of Certainty

Clausewitz wrote about it as "The Fog Of War". SunTzu wrote about it as "not knowing yourself or the enemy". It is a lack of certainty. It comes from a lack of information about what is actually at hand. Without information, accurate decisions are very difficult to make. What happens is you get a bunch of educated guesses and then a tentative decision based on those guesses. That is why military planners spend more on gathering intell than on the weapons to exploit that intell. How does that play out for the individual operator? Quite simply, if one is denied...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Counter Fractricide: How NOT To Shoot Good Guys

My understanding is that the police mistakenly shoot one of their own almost once every year. There are no statistics kept on good guy on good guy encounters involving CCW personnel. I hope that this piece not only saves some lives, but also helps the CCW operator and Police Officer make sound tactical decisions.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Breaching for the common man part III (Barriers, Soft entry, & Tools)

In this third part of the series on breaching we will address some techniques for bypassing common perimeter barriers such as fences and walls, as well as a few “soft” or covert entry considerations and then discuss various breaching tools and how to carry them. Perimeter barriers are unique in that some level of stealth is often desired when breaching them, so as not to provide early warning to an adversary that an assault is taking place prior to the main assault breach kicking off. This again brings us into a discussion of tactics and will vary from target to...

Non-Combatants And The Active Shooter

I know for one, I would cancel any appointment to be right there the next time a couple of active shooters decide to go out in their "blaze of glory". I kinda look forward to being there one day. I suppose that simply horrifies the mediocrity seekers. Oh well, I don't live for their approval. But what do you tell the non-combatants in your family. You know...the underage ones that simply will not be carrying weapons? Here is what I have said. And I stand by it. School or any public place. 1). At such times, the ONLY authority there...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Basic Breaching for the common man Part II (Ballistic & Windows)

In the second part of this series on breaching we will discuss the ever popular “Ballistic” or Shotgun breach, as well as some techniques for breaching windows. If you happen to miss part one please take the time to have a look at it as well. http://blog.suarezinternational.com/2014/07/basic-breaching-for-the-common-man-part-1-doors.html#.U8xDyLHis08 Ballistic breaching This is the technique that everyone is always so keen to learn about, because let’s be honest it’s damn sexy and just plain cool to shoot open a door with a shotgun. But we need to understand that ballistic breaching is not without hazards and thus is a technique where its...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Basic Breaching for the common man Part 1 (Doors)

Breaching is the term used within “Tactical” circles to describe the forced entry of a building or other obstacle. In simplest terms let’s just call it what it is, Breaking & Entering. I like to break reasons for breaching down into four categories Dynamic entry (raids), Exit/Escape, Rescue, and Access (soft entry). It should be understood that breaching is in and of itself a very specialized skill set, in fact we have guys on teams for whom breaching is their primary focus. So understand that my intent here is to only give an overview of some basic tools and techniques...

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Active Shooter Problem

by Jack Rumbaugh Suarez International Director of Training It has been a little more than two weeks since the December 14, 2012 school shooting in Newtown Connecticut and I am still trying to wrap my head around the events of the day. One way to help us understand what happened is to look back on history to understand the psychopathology of the active shooter. We will examine six cases from 1949 to the present. One of the earliest incidents to be considered an active shooter event was in 1949 in Camden, New Jersey. On September 6th, Howard Barton Unruh killed...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Book Of Five Rings - Modern Application

Miyamoto Musashi is thought of in many circles as one of the best swordsmen to have ever lived. In actuality, there have been many other men both before and after who have killed many more men in combat than Musashi’s humble score of 60. But undocumented knowledge does not outlive the one who possesses it. Nonetheless, what Musashi did, that perhaps his colleagues of the sword failed to do, was to document his findings in the form of a book – Go Rin No Sho, or as we know it, The Book Of Five Rings. Read literally, it is a...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There I was... In the food court.

Jack Rumbaugh, Suarez International Director of Training. The first thing that registers in your mind is that the noise you just heard should not be something you hear in the mall. You know immediately that something is wrong and that you are hearing the sound of an assault rifle being fired inside the building. Your Starbucks spills on the floor as you overturn the table, moving to the nearest cover. The panicked shoppers are running over each other trying to get to the nearest exit. You realize one of the terrorists is stepping out of an alcove, blocking the exit...

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