Let us be honest with one another - shooting and killing an "Active Shooter" is easy. It is solely a matter of overcoming the ingrained hesitation that has been trained into the modern American, and the existence of sufficient marksmanship skills. That is all. And what is happening will be quite clear to any intelligent first world people on scene. It will be clear because it has happened time and again. The paradigm has been established, we know what will happen and thus we are prepared to take action. Moreover, we can often wait until the terrorist has actually "opened the game" with the deployment of his rifle...maybe even his first few shots. So in essence we are still reactive to him. But what would it take to justify in your mind, killing the active shooter before he takes his first shot...truly before he ever gets his rifle out? What sort of information would you need? I expect that - today - if one of us saw an Adam Lanza type guy with a rifle walking toward a Pre-School...or a... Read more →

It was the perfect target if you think about it...if you have studied the enemy's playbook. A crowded event, in an unsecured location, attended by non-combatants, in an unarmed egalitarian western nation. The stuff jihadist dreams are made of. So 23-year-old Salman Abedi, son of Lybian refugees, set off a nail bomb at the conclusion of the concert as attendees were exiting the hall. Thusfar, there are 22 dead and some 60 severely injured. Having some knowledge on the nature of blast injuries, the death toll will likely increase, and the injured will likely never be the same. The response is almost comical. First there is collective horror and revulsion, then a call for tolerance from world leaders and media figures. A reassurance that this was an isolated event, and that it has nothing to do with religion. There will be flowers and candles and Union Jack icons on social media, and all of that. And somewhere in Afghanistan or some other place far away from the site of the mass murders, a drone will blow up a hut in... Read more →

America loves rifles. Hell, we have been at war now for - what - sixteen years?! Fourteen years ago, when many of the Youtube heroes were still waiting for their balls to drop, you couldn't have rifles. Then in 2004, President Bush allowed the 1994 Assault Rifle Ban to sunset. Suddenly, the floodgates opened and all those evil weapons we could not previously own were almost growing on trees. And since the rifle industry has always been better at marketing than the Fuddish shotgun industry, the shotgun began to be ignored, and the rifle - notably the M4 series - was favored. But all weapons are tools, and tools have specific jobs they are designed for. You may love that new chrome plated craftsman hammer you got last Father's Day, but if you need to turn a screw, rather than drive a nail, it will not be the right tool regardless of your affection for it. So...context. So...reality. Recently we had a discussion on warriortalk about the use of shotguns for "riot survival". Good and timely topic in light of... Read more →

From our ground breaking "Killing Within The Law" series, we bring you the Flowchart of Deadly Force (aka The Flowchart of killing). Intended to simplify the ambiguities of street combat. Hesitation kills as is evident in any study of real world events. This will help avoid both hesitation as well as over reaction. Read more →

On my forum a question was recently asked: What role does the shotgun have during civil unrest? My main battle weapon for years was a shotgun. And I admit, I had my love affairs with the AK and the M4. And at home, the weapon by my bed is a Glock PDW with a 30 round stick and a can. The reason for the last is that I still have kids living with us and I want discretion, silence, and surgical accuracy. But I am rethinking the best weapon for a riot type event. It very well may be the shotgun. Here are some points to consider - 1). Riot events involve either getting the fuck out, or hunkering down. If the former is your option, then range is not an issue is it? Only if defending a stronghold will that be an issue. What are the odds of one versus the other? If defending a stronghold, then the rifle has a great deal of advantage until things get inside. Then the battle goes to the shotgun. So if we... Read more →

We run more students through our training courses than most other private sector training organizations in the USA. As such we see a very good cross-section of what the level of skill is across the nation. And by skill, I am referring to the ability to hit a target on demand at various distances, and from various situationally adapted positions. On point we constantly have to fix in our students is the management of the trigger. They stay off the trigger until the last possible moment and then they jump onto that trigger and slap it for a brief instant only to quickly move off trigger again. It is as if an instructor at some point along their formative development convinced them that the trigger was like a hot stove and that it would burn them to the bone if they lingered upon its surface. An analogy that some readers may understand is the novice driver that is afraid of the gas pedal and that stays off it for as long as possible and then is either flooring it or... Read more →

Question: Hey Gabe...isn't a terrorist or active shooter statistically unlikely? I mean...aren't we more in danger from common unskilled thugs than ISIS trained Syrian Jihadists? Answer: Well...I will bet that the attendees at the X-mas party in San Bernardino, and the folks at the Pulse would have agreed with you 100%. But you either train for the terrorist or hope for the best. It is 2017 after all and the enemy of 1995 is no longer the it? Nothing out of the ordinary will ever happen...until it does. Then you will either be the hero...or you will be the bitch. All depending on how right your mind is and what you took with you that day. Read more →

Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt. Every so often we get a thread at Warrior Talk asking about what a CCW person should do if he sees a crime, or some apparent victimization. The implied question of course is the quest for justification of the desire to jump in with both feet to save the day. That inherent desire, while noble, may also be quite foolish and self-destructive. But staying out of everything doesn't have to be the mantra either. Like many things - it depends. So I am not saying to default to doing nothing, merely that you should have sufficient information on what is happening before reacting. Lacking sufficient information, minding your own business may be a better option. Your decision will be based on three factors – location, companions, and information. Let’s discuss it. Location. I have traveled in places that I refer to as Non-Permissive Environments. Those are areas where the legality of being armed may be questionable, yet where it is so dangerous that going unarmed would be stupid. In such places... Read more →

THE VALUE OF KATA There are guys that will roll their eyes and mumble about "dead patterns" when someone brings up Kata, as if they sprang from their mother's nether regions with a full and complete understanding of all things martial. Just as successful point shooting (real world close range handgun killing not range masturbation) comes from a thorough education in the use of the sights and accurate shooting, so does mindlessness, comes from mindfulness, and patternless movement - you guessed right - comes from patterns and paradigms of movement. And Kata provide that. I suppose I could go into a long dissertation on that but I will not now. Maybe later. Definitely later. I will need to discuss this because modern people think everything that came before their own birth is irrelevant. In my early years I trained with guys that had killed more people than action heroes in the movies...and they studied Karate Katas. My parent system is Kyokushin and that has its roots in Goju Ryu, so I tend to favor that type of movement pattern. I... Read more →