Trump may be president, but America...and the world...have not changed. The Islamic Terrorists still hate us and want to kill us. The resurging Leftist Terrorists also hate us, and if given a slight chance will also kill us. In fact, we hear that they are now planning to arm themselves to promote and enforce their political agenda. And don't think this last point is far-fetched in anyway. Look up the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Black Guerrilla Family, The Weathermen, and other groups like them that operated in the 1960s and 1970s. We could do an entire article series on the "Violent Leftist Movement in America". The funny thing is that the media almost pretends that these people do not exist. It is as if if they do not acknowledge the Islam connection to terrorism...or the Liberal-Socialist connection to urban violence and riots, that somehow they don't exist...or is there another reason they refuse to say the words? But today we are here to discuss the events in Fresno, California. In a nutshell - Fresno Police report that a thirty-nine year... Read more →

What does this have to do with anything today? Because what you are seeing in St. Louis is not really about race regardless of what the media are saying. Kareem Abdul Jabbar got a couple of things right. It is about “class warfare”, and its being created and fed by the Communist Movement in America. Read more →

Some observations I think Trump will fundamentally change the country, and for the better...for people like us. For liberals and freeloaders, life will suck like it has never sucked before. In less than ten days look at what he has done. None of this is outlandish and are things most capitalists and conservatives have all thought needed to be done. But like an unruly child being disciplined for the first time, the nation's left is going bananas. I do see him succeeding at his...our...goals even if by force because he is not overly concerned about re-election like most others have been. He is going to be there 4 years, change things, and leave...maybe. I think it is going to be great for those of us who want to make and keep money. Specially good for the gun industry as I see the HPA and several other bills passing. The government's reach into the gun business will be reduced and those forces likely repurposed. In the meantime, I would look at the tumult of the Hippy Terrorists of the 1960s...the Weathermen,... Read more →

The following article was submitted by Suarez Specialist Instructor Danny Ammons. Rising Threat: The Islamic State’s Militarization of Children In the opening scene of “American Sniper”, the sniper spots a woman and child exiting a building. The woman hands the child what looks like to be a grenade and the child starts running towards American troops. The sniper had to decide to take the shot and eliminate the threat even though it was a child. The sniper then had to kill the woman because she then posed a threat by picking up the grenade and headed towards the American troops. The sniper fortunately made the right choice by using deadly force but now has to live with the fact he killed a child. These are the new contours of the battle against the Islamic State. A growing body of evidence makes clear that the Islamic State (IS) is actively exploiting children on the battlefield in order to gain the upper hand against stronger and better armed adversaries. Most recently, on August 20th, 54 people were killed and 66 injured at... Read more →

Yes, I am happy about it just as a Jew would be happy at the demise of Hitler or Arafat. Some history... Fulgencio Batista, Castro's predecessor, was a dictator. A brutal one just as bad as any in Latin America...a region renowned for its lack of democracy. Batista was a smart man and allied himself with US business interests. And he used his position to enrich himself and oppress any opposition. Castro's revolution was not always billed as a Communist one and there were several other actions fighting Batista that were not aligned with Castro. But in the chaos of the final days of the revolution, Castro came out on top. The USA had plenty of opportunity to intervene, and Eisenhower had developed a sound plan. A puppet installed by the USA was far better than Castro. But as is so common, even today, with US foreign policy, when Kennedy inherited the presidency, he allowed the anti-Castro operation to fail and solidified Castro's hold on Cuba. JFK, IMHO, was as much responsible for Castro's lengthy rule as anything else. Think... Read more →

Continuing with the "More Guns = Less Terrorism" series, and having shown that the vast majority of so-called gun crime are thug on thug, or thug on citizen. And that the majority of these murders and assaults take place in cities with a high population of low income, racially diverse populations, and high incidence of gang and drug activity. Those are facts. The reason of why those facts exist is for another time and others to discuss. That being the case, why does it rail the socialist so much for a man in Texas to have an AR-15...or for a woman in Arizona to carry a pistol on her belt? Why do they want such people, in fact, ostensibly, "everyone" disarmed? Read carefully my historically challenged, Pokémon-chasing American as you are about to get an education. Firearms and other weapons convey to the wielder the ability to magnify his will. In and of themselves, weapons are benign artifacts. Give a good man a pistol, and it is the pistol that saves life. Give a bad man a pistol, and it... Read more →

It was just last week that I was watching an online video of the crushed bodies of children in France. And the week after that was Istanbul, and then Orlando. It is as if these scenes are blending into one another, and old memories, you only partially remember. There are common threads of course, and for those who have not been paying attention I will go over them again: 1). A man either directly or indirectly inspired by Islamic Terror is involved. We know their descriptors for a number of reasons. One is the social-ethnic heritage. A man’s birthplace is absolutely irrelevant today. A rattlesnake born in Afghanistan is the same as one born in Paris, France. Ideology and culture trump nationality. 2). A soft target is always selected. Many soft targets exist because of arbitrary rules and nice people that elect to go along with them. Sometimes an entire nation is a soft target because the belligerence has been socially engineered out of its inhabitants. In Germany the only hard target is perhaps GSG9 HQ, but elsewhere, where even... Read more →

All over the internet we see the usual “Je Suis Nice”…or “I am Nice”. While my heart burns with anger at the scenes from the terror attack, I think that sentiment is a waste of energy. The usual timeline: Terrorism by Islamic Jihadists – Shock and tears – prayer – back to normal until the next time. So rather than “I am Nice”, we should ask “OÙ EST MARTEL ?” When the ridiculous French Obama tells his people that they have to get used to having their sons and daughters crushed to death by a muslim driven truck, or blown up, or shot, or eviscerated, the French and the rest of us should ask - “OÙ EST MARTEL ?” Charles Martel for those who don’t anything of events before their birth was a French hero that crushed one of the early Muslim invasions into Europe in the 700s. And yes, this notion of Islamic Terrorism has been going on for a while now. “What would Martel do?,” one asks. Well I don’t think he would tell his people to get... Read more →