Continuing with our "Justified Killing 101" series I want to discuss a topic we see with dogs, but has rarely been ever used to describe humans in conflict. That is Fear Aggression. Look at the two images above. Before reading the rest of the article look at them and see the differences in demeanor, posture, emotion, as well as the outward manifestation of those emotions. On the left we see a small dog baring his teeth. If a picture could have sound you could almost hear the little growl coming from the little throat rolling into a full blow little bark. The little dog is afraid and if he was a human, we would say he was emotional, angry, and loudly acting out those emotions. A fear aggressive dog is dangerous because he is unpredictable and uncontrollable and his fear will lead him to bite even if biting is not what is called for...and even then, those bites will be applied hesitantly and poorly. On the right we see a wolf on the stalk. Look at the image again. There... Read more →

Gabe Suarez brings back the Suarez Shotgun Gunfighting class for the first time in a decade. The shotgun is the battle axe of the modern gunfight battle field and of all the weapons, it is inherently suited to the aggressive Suarez style of shooting. Suarez brings his personal experience in several shotgun gunfights from his days working the Gang Unit to present the most real-world based look at the shotgun available to any shooter today. Read more →

Gabe Suarez commentary on the non-NFA, pistol grip only, Remington 870 12 ga firearm. He explains the use of the weapon and why it is not for the feeble. But that in its niche it is unbeatable as a power tool. Read more →

Yes, I know...your guru taught you a faster way...or the gun juggler on Youtube does it differently...or (gasp), the Special Ops instructor at the local indoor range showed you a much more clever way. Trust me...I learned them all. There are a myriad of ways to reload a pistol, but lets consider the environment. This illustrated reload is called the PROACTIVE RELOAD. Proactive being the operative descriptor. It is used when the fight appears to be over. Nobody else is shooting at you, and you have nobody else to shoot. But those situations are only apparent and your perception of the situation may be wrong. Thus we do not relax. Understand that this is not the same as what you may need to do if your pistol stops working WHILE YOU ARE UNDER FIRE. For that see the article on the speed load. 1). You are alone. You did not bring your Dark Ops team with you...and no...your dog in the truck in the next parking lot doesn't count. And you are only carrying what you left the house with.... Read more →

Last time we compared the Speed Load to the Flying Side Kick of Karate. The comparison was that they are both very flashy, "wow" techniques, but virtually useless. The notion that "it will be there when you need it" is poorly thought out idea since we want to program success and not failure...and the speed rock will in fact lead to failure. And so we begin - this time with the other "flying side kick"...the Speed Rock The premise was to use it in close quarters where one was being attacked by a knife...when the standard Bill Jordan draw would be insufficient to prevent the knife man from succeeding. Nothing was ever said of the gun man's trigger finger, but in those days, it was still believed that one could beat the other man to the shot and that one's shot, hitting, would immediately kill the antagonist. One would grip and rock the pistol out of the holster, as well rocking the upper body back so that it would coincidentally align the weapon with a higher value target on the... Read more →

I am speechless...and that rarely happens by the way. I was sure that I was a heretic in the big Cathedral of American Gun Culture. That stuffy incense filled hall where every bullet comes with a lawyer, and the faithful perfect the angle of their feet in their Weavers as they sing hymns. But there I was open mouthed, incredulous, and pie-eyed. I had to take a moment to reconsider if I had suddenly become mainstream...if my iconoclast card has been revoked...if I was longer worthy to sail under the black flag. Dogs and cats were seen talking to real estate brokers. I am still astounded. Either "somebody" agrees with me, or "somebody" may have been paid by Mossberg to say nice things about the 590 Shockwave. I mean...what is next? A Mossberg Shockwave Class at a famous name shooting school? God only knows. BUY YOUR STAKEOUT 870 HERE Read more →

I almost laughed when I first saw this product, but then, this news item crossed my desk. ISIS has been using drones to pretty good effect. It makes perfect sense and it is surprising that they did not think of this sooner. As well, it will be a matter of time before the US Insurgencies, from the indigenous jihadis, to the counter culture socialists we see blocking roads from adopting this method. It doesn't take much imagination to think what a couple of anarcho-terrorists could do with a van full of drones in a big city. Not so much a laughing matter I think. Here is a video of the Jihadi Drone Attacks. And while I am not aware of what the range and specifications are for this item, it certainly seems like an attempt to address the issue of Terrorist Drone Attacks. I am neither selling nor profiting from this, simply an interesting product at an interesting time. And before you get all giggly and start posting that Gabe has finally gone bananas, it looks like the US Military... Read more →