When one of these events takes place it is imperative for us to learn from them should we hope to prevent or interdict the next one. Sadly, this is rarely done to a true operational level. It may be too soon to do this, but we have had three major events in the last three weeks. I do not think it is too soon. These points were brought to the discussion on my forum by one of its members - FACT 1: Shooter visited the site five days prior to the attack. This was probably a reconnaissance of the site. We know that both terrorists as well as "crazy people" have done this prior to their initiation of attack. Alternatively, he may not have decided to attack yet and was working up to it LEARNING POINT: In today's tech world it is an easy thing to have 24-7 passive surveillance. We have it at home and at Suarez HQ. This can run all the time and can be monitored remotely. An alternative is the use of game cameras. Any... Read more →

The social media aspect of the gun community is hilarious. Recently, one group that does virtually all their marketing on social media trolled my Suarez Red Dot Glocks Group with a negative video on the Shield Optic (knowing we sell those optics, and in the hopes of getting some sort of reaction from us). We do not allow such things so once discovered, they were exposed, and expelled. These "operator alumni" were so upset that they resorted to prank calling my office line. I was half expecting a pizza delivery at 3 AM. The point of their exercise seemed to be to denigrate the Shield Optic. Why would this even be a concern. Hell, if you want to slam a substandard optic there are plenty out there. Then one of my staff pointed out that the leader of that "tactical children's group" is sponsored by a company that focuses on the use of a competing optic. much for so called objective perspectives. But continuing - Suarez International is a dealer in the Shield RMS optic. We have been dealers... Read more →

It is Monday after class. I just finished a great discussion with David Yamane, who attended the class as an observer. As you know, on Sunday, at the same time we were training, 27 church goers were shot to death in a Sutherland Springs church. He asked me an important question during his interview. "What would you have told that pastor the day before the shooting?" My answer was direct. I would have told him not to forget that evil was real and earthly, and that it was in fact his responsibility to tell his congregation as much...and to protect them from its earthly manifestation while they were with him. During the last few hours of class, the tired students were drilling in proactive-aggressive shooting. Things reserved in the minds of many gun students (and instructors) for counter terrorist operators and police officers. Advance on the threat while you put multiple rounds into the face. Advance on the threat, shooting him in the face and then firing again into the face of the fallen target to prevent the detonation of... Read more →

There is a saying in spanish that describes insurgency combat - "tira la piedra y esconde la mano". Loosely translated it means "throwing a stone and then hiding the hand that threw it". Inherent in the act is concealment, and the expectation of going unnoticed, specially when surrounded by a crowd or mob or people. Preferably a mob that had no involvement, directly in throwing the stone. So the recipient of the stone has no idea which individual in the mob threw it, but he damn sure knows it came from that particular crowd. And the stone thrower, like Mao's fish, keeps swimming along unidentified. But the people in the can bet that they know who he was as they were standing right next to him, or heard his friends discussing the procurement of stones, or something along those lines. I think we all see it. The problem is that the west cannot successfully deal with the dynamics of that mob and retain its own egalitarian self-image. But soon, its self-image will not be the most important thing. But... Read more →

The Terrorist - Uzbekistani Muslim ISIS Advocate on a Green Card The weapon - a Truck like we have seen nearly a dozen times in Europe. More dead innocents - victims of the Jihad - that didn't think we lived in a time of war. So what is your mission? Are you prepared to fight for your homes and your families and your lives? We live in a time of war...that much is undeniable by any rational American. Read more →

Photo of costumed person holding a gun at Oak View Mall, Omaha Halloween event prompts swift social media reaction I posted this image with the "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" caption on Facebook as well as on my forum. The responses are - well - somewhat amazing. There are arguments that "anyone would be able to tell that is a fake weapon" and that some of us are too quick to shoot. So here is the point of this discussion - to get the readers to think. I have seen this thought process before and we can divide it into two sides. One side takes what they see at face value, makes decisions based on that and then takes action. The other side doesn't really want to take action and will look for any "out" to justify them not taking action. So lets look from the first perspective - Context - this image is what you see. Can you at first glance tell whether that is a fake weapon? I can't. Sure if we get closer and examine it it becomes... Read more →

The topic is lights on handguns. Let’s discuss the why and how. The why is easy. A pistol mounted light is in place to illuminate possible adversaries and danger areas during a fight. There is no other reason to add one. If there is, please advise me in the comments. And no, “makes the pistol look cool on Instagram”, while it may be true is not a reason to add one. The how is a little more complicated as it involves not only operating the light, but also tactics for light use. On both I can speak with a solid level of experience since I was in no less than six direct gun battles at night in limited visibility situations, and the rest were in less than optimal lighting. First to establish immutable truths. And there are such truths – maybe not a concern on a clinical training range but certainly so on the street. 1). The trigger finger is for operating the trigger and nothing else while the pistol is in your hand. The trigger finger is not for... Read more →

I recall a pistol student I had many years ago. He was a kenjutsu aficionado. Kenjutsu, for those who missed that day, is the old martial version of japanese swordsmanship. In any case, after training he remarked on the similarity in concept of what I was teaching him and his sword studies. I'd never seen a true traditional early period Japanese sword form so I asked him to show me. Immediately he grabbed up a katana and demonstrated. He drew the sword, cut once and twice and sheathed. That was it. Astounded at the brevity, I asked him about it. He remarked that simplicity had a beauty and sophistication all its own. The old warriors did not need many complex methods, just a very few that they could pull off any time, any place, mindlessly, and with quickness and accuracy. Flash forward a few years to a conversation I had with a Suarez Staff member. He'd worked in the middle east in a PSD for many years. He related about the time when he worked with Gurkhas. Always a bladesman,... Read more →