Suarez International is at the leading edge of modern gunfight training. We will be expanding our reach across America and will be hiring up to a dozen new staff to do so. We are looking for fit and capable teachers to instruct civilian pistol students at various skill levels. Military and police experience is a plus, as is prior teaching experience. Our current staff are among the highest paid trainers in the nation. Interested parties please submit a short 2-3 minute video resume to info@suarezinternational.com Read more →

The liability freaks online are already giving birth to multiple calves about this. So here is my educated and experienced perspective on the case. Synopsis: Couple of drunks point a BB gun out a hotel window. Someone sees it and calls the police. Police get a man with a rifle call and respond. Drunks don't cooperate and one of them gets shot. That is it in a nutshell. Now to the fine points. 1). About 9 p.m., Shaver, the 26-year-old suspect, took the rifle out and adjusted its scope like a “Pictionary toy from the ’80s” with Nunez. The men were standing at the window, facing south, and began pointing the rifle out of the window, Portillo told police. 2). Outside, in the ground-floor pool area, a husband and wife in the hot tub noticed someone holding a gun from a fifth-floor window, the records said. Startled, they rushed into the lobby to tell a clerk about what they’d seen. 3). "We've got some scared people," he said. "A couple of the guests – I’m an employee – they’ve come... Read more →

At the risk of starting another caliber war, I want to answer a question that several members at warriortalk.com posed. In essence: Why would we pick a 9mm like the Glock PDW when we can have a 5.56x45 SBR? Well...it is a valid question and I will give my perspective on this based on 32 years of experience going into harm's way as well as teaching those who go into harm's way. Every weapon is a special weapon with a specific application. There are no weapons that handle every possible combat task equally well, and any choice is an exercise in compromise. While we all have personal preferences, the professional, or professionally-minded enthusiast should not have a "favorite weapon". Rather he should be skilled at a variety of weapons so that given some forethought and planning, he can select the best tool for the job. Now lets recall the concept of the PDW and its pseudo-official definition: A personal defense weapon (PDW) is a class of compact magazine-fed, self-loading, hybrid between a submachine gun and a carbine. The name describes... Read more →

Handstops have been in existence in the shooting world for years. They have been used as the name implies - for short weapons, placed in a way to prevent the hand moving forward of the muzzle, or as barricade points to hold against cover while shooting. I put one on my Mk18/Commando, intending to use it as a hand stop. Now I have been fencing Epee for a while now and I immediately saw some parallels in the feel of these "hand stops" with the pistol grip on my Leon Paul Epee. The epee pistol grip (otherwise known as the anatomical or orthopedic grip) was originally developed for a 19th century Italian fencing master, L.Visconti. Visconti had lost some fingers in some sort of mishap, and had the grip designed to enhance the leverage of those he had left. This grip has become popular among sports fencers in the late twentieth century because of the way it enhances a fencer's lateral strength for the parry (block), complements the agility and athleticism of competitors. In high-level fencing, pistol grips are used... Read more →

SKIPPING BUCKSHOT…AND OTHER PROJECTILES I learned to do this back in 1986. It had been used in gunfights by the L.A. Sheriff's Deputies several times and a viable tactic. This was the age before lawyers wrote qualification courses and Internal Affairs guys were in charge of tactical training. Before the silly statement was spoken in fear, "every bullet has a lawyer attached to it", and the death before litigation culture became the norm. Today, I don’t know of any private or public sector schools teaching this actively. I know that we teach it and make it a common activity in our shotgun classes unless the surface simply doesn’t allow for it. The discussion is on using the ricochet effect, particularly with buckshot, to our tactical benefit. In the old days before tactical-speak, it was called “skip shooting”. It can be used with any projectile to a degree, but I learned it, and it is easiest to pull off, with buckshot. Buckshot pellets are not "soft and bouncy" like a rubber ball, so most of the momentum perpendicular to the surface... Read more →

Since the first musketeer decided to cut a length of leather to carry his “smoke stick”, fighting men have added slings to their rifles in one form or another. Some slings are so silly-complicated that they need to ship out with a special DVD. Other slings so simple that they consist of an old bootlace tied by an African bushman to his worn G3. Whether complex or caveman simple, the sling has many uses. The sling exists primarily to carry the weapon in non-contact situations. Look through any news stand gun magazine and you'll invariably see, either in an article or an ad, a photo of some guy “wearing” a long gun. I say "wearing" because he will probably be using some sort of multi-strap like device harnessing the rifle to his body. If the issue is simply to do away with the Fudd rifle rack while standing around looking cool at the range, any sling will do. But if the matter involves moving through rough country, running, or really needing a hand-free situation, it will get considerably more complex…or... Read more →