Jeff Cooper once said, "The Rifle is the Queen of Weapons". This was of course in reference to the chess piece that can do anything well, and to the surpassing of all other pieces. And it is in that vein that I try and make my rifle program a complete presentation of the rifle and not simply a "long range" school, or a "CQB" school. Rather we wish to address everything that a rifle can do. And incidentally, I do not go along with the notion that a 308 is a rifle and a 223 is a carbine. All my rifles are rifles...regardless of caliber. And since my focus in studying the rifle is from an anti-personnel point of view, all my rifles are assault rifles...as much as that may annoy the liberals and frustrate the gun apologists. Unlike the pistol or the shotgun (sort of), the rifle is not a defensive weapon. The rifle is for attack and assault. It exists to allow the user to project force and enforce his will on his adversaries. Hardly the "sporting artifact"... Read more →

See the series of images. 1). Cheekweld...no need for shoulder pocket. Note on the Knights SR-15 I have removed the stock and I am only using the buffer tube to illustrate to the class how this is used. 2). Drive it out like an MP5. Notice my support side arm is nearly straight, like I was muzzle striking the target. The firing side hand has some rear tension on it, but not overwhelmingly so. 3). See around and not through the scope. Notice I have the scope caps closed, again for illustration during a training demonstration. Keep both eyes open and look at the target. 4). Use visual Index Points. Top Turret on the 3x10 works great. Related articles Floating the Support Hand The M4 Pistol Pdw Read more →

In discussing shotguns - 1) All weapons are "special niche weapons". Some niches simply cover more things. And some of these weapons, ridiculous as it seems, are acceptable in areas where others are not. For example...an M4 Pistol is untenable in California unless it has that silly bullet button, a muzzle break, and a ten round magazine. But an 18" pistol gripped shotgun is perfectly legal. 2). Attempting to compare weapons against each other (ie. what is better...a shotgun or a rifle) is silly as each has its virtues and shines in it's special niche. Doing so is like comparing a Corvette with a Tahoe. They are both Chevys but from purpose, design and execution, they are worlds apart. 3). If the shotgun is in evidence as a study weapon...meaning you do not use it for anything other than sport (with their rules), or for simply getting through a shotgun training session now and then, then it can be left as is with no additions or changes. However, if that weapon is to be relied on, it should be optimized.... Read more →

ULTIMATE COMBAT RIFLE CAMP October 14-16, 2016 Phoenix, Arizona Instructor: Gabe Suarez The Ultimate Rifle Training Session In America This three day class has it all. We begin by quickly honing rifle fundamentals with precision shooting and simple stress proof gun-handling. We will extend your abilities at the mid ranges of rifle use, firing from field positions and from natural terrain. You will study and learn Proactive Close Quarters Battle, snap shooting head shots at speed as you assault a threat. You will also work on the other side of the problem, when you do not have the initiative, firing from either the right or left side in Reactive Close Quarters Battle. You will learn how to hit with perfect fundamentals as well as when the fundamentals are not available and you must use some form of point shooting. There is a great deal of moving in this class and you will be shooting as you sprint off the X in the reactive gun-fighting exercises. You will be introduced to Small Unit Team Tactics and move together through various drills... Read more →

The AR Recce Pistol To people who are paying attention, the recent events in the United States and around the world have once again emphasized that YOUR personal safety is YOUR personal responsibility. Unless you don't mind showing up in the newspaper as a bunch of bloodstains on a floor, it behooves you to be prepared, and obtain the best tools, and the best skills available. I take my responsibilities seriously, so I'm always looking for an edge. To that end, I have been working with an AR pistol system using a Leupold 1.5 x 4 Mark AR Mod 1 for several months now. I call this my Recce Pistol, analogous to the Recce Rifle, which is a light rifle adapted for long range work, without giving up its close-range fighting capability. Why would I choose to carry a Recce Pistol instead of a Recce Rifle? Simple: Here in North Carolina, pistols are covered under our concealed weapon permits, while rifles are not. In fact, having a loaded rifle or shotgun in your vehicle is illegal, even with a concealed... Read more →

Ian McCollum of InRange TV/Forgotten Weapons attended the Ultimate Combat Rifle Camp back in May and recently posted this video review and interview with Gabe Suarez. My write up of the class is posted on my personal blog here. Left to Right: Russell Phagan (SinistralRifleman.com), Gabe Suarez, Ian McCollum (Forgotten Weapons/InRange) Read more →

Does your firearms training mirror a Gunfight? I challenge you to search YouTube for Police Dash cam Shooting, Robbery Shooting, Self Defense Shooting or any other combination of terms you can think of to describe a violent attack these days. Watch the video, If your current firearms training mirrors a multitude of those videos then good for you. The same question should be asked about the manner in which you train edged weapons defense or unarmed self-defense. In the firearms world, so often many schools teach you to stand on a line. After each string of fire that line is dressed up perfectly.The only movement is 1 step to the left or 1 step to the right to get off the line of attack. They may also only move straight forward or straight back. Is that "realistic" movement needed to survive the incidents you've seen on YouTube videos? Is your training Firearms Training or Gunfight Training? Can you take the skills you practice or have learned on the range and survive a gunfight? Think in terms of Boxing. You can... Read more →