I worked for fifteen years in Southern California Law Enforcement. During those years I worked Night Patrol, SWAT, Narcotics (Raids as well as UC work), Gang Unit, and any dangerous detail I could find. I was in alot of shootings. But I pointed guns and yelled at many more bad guys than I ever shot. So in this thread I will discuss the gunpoint dialog...or what to say. If he has a weapon in his hands, skip all of this and just shoot him. You will thank me when you are 80. So will your yet-to-be-born kids and grandkids. And so will the supermodel –wife you have not yet met. First, I want to point out that unless your adversary is some criminal incarnation of Mister Rogers, he is not afraid of you. He has contempt for you and everything you hold important. And more...your life and that of your family means absolutely nothing to him. That is the guy I want you to prepare for, and not the wishy washy pseudo thug with the saggy pants halfway down his... Read more →

Invariably, every time I post something about the Stakeout I will get emails from guys who simply do not know. Its like the pudgy doctor that has not kept up with modern science telling to eat grains and go jogging. So here is the long and short of it. The ATF has made rulings that a “shotgun” originally sold with a pistol grip only, and that has never had a buttstock attached, is not actually a “shotgun”, but a “firearm”. It can be listed as “firearm” or “other” on the 4473 and any other FFL documentation. In essence it is exactly like an AR-15receiver. There is no minimum barrel length for such a firearm. The only important point is that it not be short enough to be “concealable”. If it was concealable it would be classified as an AOW (“Any Other Weapon”) and be an NFA weapon. The ATF Tech Branch has stated the weapon must be over 26” to be considered not concealable. Multiple people have submitted inquiries about this to the ATF and they have received the same... Read more →

Time for a perspective check. Every so often, the temptation returns to us all. It could be the video we saw on social media with the "youtube hero" doing something really fast. It could be the competitive shooter running a stage. But the bug nibbles on your earlobe. "Gooooooo fassssssterrrrr". I have my opinions on this. I have read all the old time killers.And understand...all of this is in fact about killing, and only coincidentally about hitting a steel or perforating a cardboard. Killing an armed and threatening adversary is the point of the exercise and regardless of all the flash and fanfare of the day, we should not forget that. Charles Askins was the quintessential killer. I read everything about him. I think we would have been the best of friends actually. I have also read Bill Jordan. He is reported to have done some killing but nothing of record that I can find. And Bryce...he was quite the killer. What all the killers shared was not speed. Oh gasp...was that another cow on his way to the fire?... Read more →

These are being built as we speak and we expect to ship the first dozen in about a week. In the interim I have been shooting the first one almost daily on the way to the shop in the morning. I have some observations after approximately 500 rounds through the weapon. Conditions have not lent themselves for any video lately, but I am hoping to do a few sessions in the coming weeks as the training area dries up. 1). The Stakeout Strap is not essential, but after all of this shooting I have found it does help. The front hand is crucial with this weapon...both pre and post shooting. It does all the work. Before the shot it drives the weapon forward and after the shot, the front hand works the action and drives back into battery and toward the target. There is a timing involved and the strap helps keep the hand in place. 2). Recoil mitigation. This is a heavy recoiling weapon and anything that can be done to mitigate the recoil should be done. The porting... Read more →

One of the things the detractors of the Red Dot Pistol often bring up is the possibility of the optic being occluded in one way or another such as rain or other environmental factor (mud, fog, etc.). The reality is that in a close range gun fight, inside 7 yards for example, you do not need any sort of a sight picture to shoot your adversary in the chest. So if the reactive need for the handgun arose, and even if whatever sighting system was there, suddenly disappeared, you would still be able to hit the other man in the chest. I can prove this to anyone in about 30 minutes on the range if they have an open mind and come without an agenda. So the requirement to fire a reactive shot at close range with occluded or missing sites is not a problem. Suggesting that a pistol cannot be used unless the sighting system is 100% functional smacks of a total misunderstanding of the nature of gunfight. Not surprising since the expertise of so many “authorities” begins and... Read more →

In this day and age, we need to know who we are dealing with, and unlike the two past presidents, we will not fall into the trap of failing to name them. Communist: One who thinks those who are smarter, more clever and work harder, should support the lazy and the stupid with their hard work. And they are willing to force their ideas by, well, FORCE. They often co-opt racial, political, and religious extremes to their needs. Examples can be seen in Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung, and the Black Panther Party. Fascist: A snobby communist in a flashy uniform or suit waving a flag while dramatic music plays in the background. Examples are Hitler - of course - Saddam Hussein, and Jesse Jackson. Socialist: An American who is a communist. His tool is more the legislative process rather than the Guerilla band with rifles. He wants to change America by the force of law, using them to rob from those who "have too much" to feed those who do nothing. Examples are FDR, Jimmy Carter, and of course... Read more →

First of all, I am not putting down the officer. Those of us that served in that job in a thankless and hostile environment know the thought process I will describe here. But as a trainer and, what some have called, a thought leader, I must point out mistakes like this, lest some of my guys repeat them. Lots of faults here not the least of which is a socially protected Southern California thug culture that alienates itself from mainstream society, and revels in disrespect for all authority. Next place to lay responsibility is an Agency Culture that fails to hire capable (meaning fit, strong, and fight-experienced) officers with enough physical confidence to not "go to guns" as the only resort. And finally responsibility lays on the officer himself. He acted out of emotion, and fear-aggression. And in this day and age of so many resources and self-provided training available, failed to prepare himself for the reality that exists every single day on the street. So here we go. 1). Off duty, one should not give a "flying feline fornication"... Read more →