Saturday, July 19, 2014

RMR Equipped Glock Use and Benefits

In this video I discuss the use and benefits of the RMR Equipped Glock. Actual match footage is used to demonstrate how the RMR equipped Glock works. Russell Phagan-Suarez International Specialist Competitive Shooting Read my blog here Discuss on the forums here

Friday, July 18, 2014

Home Alone – The Minimalist Approach to Getting in Shape

If you have finally decided to take Gabe’s advice and start working out but are not sure what gym to join or when you’ll find time to hit the gym, let me offer some advice. Forget the gym. At least postpone it until you get in better shape and can maximize the benefit of a membership. There are advantages to a club; however, the travel time cuts into workouts. My hectic schedule and rural location convinced me to go it alone. If you want to give it a try, here is how to start. Schedule a regular time. I find...


I often get questions about which RMR a buyer should add to their pistol. There is no easy answer. It depends on what the end user wants as each has advantages and liabilities. We can divide existing Trijicon RMRs into three groups. First is the Dual Illuminated units. These are comprised of the RM03 (13 MOA Amber Dot), RM04 (7 MOA Amber Dot), RM05 (9 MOA Amber Dot), RM05G (9 MOA Green Dot), RM08 (13 MOA Amber Triangle), and RM08G (13 MOA Green Triangle). They are all within a few dollars of each other, but the Dual Illuminated are the...

Thursday, July 17, 2014


There are two parts to this discussion. One is identifying a tail, the second is eluding them. A big part of this is daily preparation to make yourself difficult to track and to facilitate eluding any tracker. First consider equipping yourself in a way that you do not stand out in a crowd. There is a great scene in the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" where every "suspect" is dressed the same way, facilitating Pierce Brosnan's character to elude the police. Obviously you can't cause 1000 guys to dress just like you, but you can dress in a way that...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

VEPR-12 at Ironman 3 Gun 2014

Why Mag Fed? In all action shooting sports, the less time spent reloading the better. This is particularly true with shotguns, as they are the slowest to reload. While most divisions limit shotguns to tube feds with 9 rounds loaded at start, Open and Trooper divisions have more options. Traditionally Open division shooters have used very long extended magazine tubes and speed loaders to load as quickly as possible. In the past several years the X-Rail rotating magazine tube assembly has also become an option to give competitors more rounds on tap. All these accessories come with costs for the...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Basic Breaching for the common man Part 1 (Doors)

Breaching is the term used within “Tactical” circles to describe the forced entry of a building or other obstacle. In simplest terms let’s just call it what it is, Breaking & Entering. I like to break reasons for breaching down into four categories Dynamic entry (raids), Exit/Escape, Rescue, and Access (soft entry). It should be understood that breaching is in and of itself a very specialized skill set, in fact we have guys on teams for whom breaching is their primary focus. So understand that my intent here is to only give an overview of some basic tools and techniques...


One very important visual skill the red dot pistol shooter needs is to learn the "Visual Hand Off". This is a term we use to describe what happens with the eyes as a shooter new to the red dot system is learning to use it.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shotguns, Alternative Mounts, and the SI Movement Matrix

John Chambers - Suarez International Staff Instructor If one has taken any advanced rifle or pistol training with SI you are very familiar with the “clock drills” that are involved when practicing getting off the X in various directions. With a pistol, it is very easy to move around the clock face and one can easily shift the pistol to their right or left hands as needed to respond with the greatest speed. However, when these same drills are worked with the long gun, there is a lot more involved when you are trying to get the muzzle oriented to...


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Suarez International reloading doctrine

One of the elements of Suarez International gunfighting doctrine that tends to cause lots of discussion is the way we encourage students to perform their reloads: by default, we retain the used magazine. There are lots and lots of tacticool guys on the Interwebz who favor playing Hansel and Gretel with used magazines, but as WT member Saladin (who has been there and done that) famously remarked during the subgun class in Prescott: “Ammo don’t come in magazines.” Without a reliable magazine to feed from, your semi-automatic becomes only slightly more useful than a muzzle-loader. I’m sorry if that hurts...

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