SUAREZ SUPER MATCH SI-334 SLIDE - BLACK MELONITE The original red dot slides and still the best. Manufactured for the gunfighter, this slide is by far, the best precision made custom slide available for the Glock platform available anywhere, and exceeds the quality and performance of the OEM model. The dovetail for the Trijicon RMR is cut in exacting detail during the manufacturing process. The RMR sits tight in the dovetail, and secured solidly at a center zero point on the slide. To insure reliability, the material removed is a close equivalent in weight to a Trijicon RMR. Thus a Suarez Slide, with an RMR mounted, weighs virtually the same as a standard factory slide, enhancing the reliability factor. FEATURES Tighter tolerances for increased accuracy, reliability, and performance. Precision manufactured from heat treated 17-4 aerospace stainless steel. Front of the slide is angled and contoured for ease of holstering and carry. Front serrations are ergonomically angled and shaped for ease of use under duress. Barrel locking areas at the front and rear of the ejection port are manufactured with tighter... Read more →

The shotgun, in any configuration is a "go and get it" weapon. It is not a reactive "fight right now" weapon like the hand gun. The fact that you went to retrieve a more powerful weapon precluded any other option in the fight. And often, in such an event, having extra ammunition is an asset. After all, you never know and you may need more than is currently in the weapon. Some guys opt for a weapon mounted "Side saddle". These are fine, but they do add extra weight and thickness to the weapon, which in some cases is not a good thing. One of the best assets of the 12 ga weapon is it is light and handy and fast. Making heavy and cumbersome and slow by adding more weight vis-a-vis ammunition, defeats the purpose of the weapon. When I carried an armory-made version of the Witness protection Shotgun in the Gang Unit, I wore belt-mounted ammo pouches or loops. But for a modern private citizen that has wisely chosen a Tac-14, or its highly improved cousin, The Stakeout,... Read more →

GUN LAWS - SHOULD THERE BE ANY AT ALL? Since the Marijuana and Guns thread on warriortalk got bogged down by the usuals...lets address a bigger issue. Should there be any gun laws at all? I know...I know. The slippery slope. The left has been pushing for years...since I can remember anyway. And so the right pushes back, as it should. But how far should that push back be? Should anyone be denied the ability to own and carry? And where is that line drawn? Let the debate begin. Read more →