Here is an old training film. It may not be as fashionable as what you see on YT today, but it has some very good footage. Much of this stuff comes from my era as well. Specially the ricochet shooting material starting at 4:00 Read more →

In The Land Of The Blind, The One Eyed Man Is King - Or You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know All combat systems, from archery to jujitsu, need to be blooded and tested if they are to true fighting systems rather than sports. The farther away from the combat experience a martial system becomes, the more stylized and artificial it becomes. Its advocates will relate how the “founder” did it way back during the war, although their own experience on the matter is based on third or fourth hand knowledge. The reader may not immediately see a problem with this. After all, not everyone can be a soldier or a cop, or even a street fighter. Moreover, many cops and soldiers never actually get combat experience, even though they may train for it. Those that do get it, many don’t really know why they prevailed, and of those that do know, few feel compelled to teach others how to do so. Something else that happens is that a trainer may have had a number of contacts, but their scope... Read more →

Oh, this is going to be a good one. So here is a clip from my forum warriortalk. Warriortalk is where we throw ideas around and many of those ideas come to fruition as actual training methods and weapons. Yes, I am a capitalist and I create and develop ideas for profit. But only reasonable ideas turn into products, or classes. There are a great deal of things that we simply never follow up on because there is no actual application. So we were discussing the weapon, and the exact term - "Pistol Caliber Carbine" widely in early 2009. We actually began using the term at warriortalk as early as late 2008. Everyone copies everyone in every industry. Historically interesting as now, even the competition crowd is using the term and created an entire category of gun game around the weapon. And recently the gun media have been debating and cogitating the utility of the weapon. First we must understand that our perspective here is gunfighting. I have no interest in gun sports so that aspect of application is never... Read more →

This article was written by Greg Nichols, an esteemed member of our staff The Shotgun or the Rifle As we start 2017, SI is taking a new look at an old LEO standby, the shotgun. It goes by many names, the shotty, bitch, gauge, room broom, boom stick, among others. So as the title suggests, why would I choose one over a rifle? What are it’s envelopes where it shines over other platforms? Would I select breech load, box fed, or tubular magazine? The current fashionable trend seems to be to take the shotgun outside of it’s envelope of operation and attempt to make it operate and perform as close to a rifle as possible (using the rifleman’s perspective), or turning it into an AOE (area of effect ) weapon for people (the wing/clay shooter’s perspective). In my opinion I see both of these view points as a bastardization of what a real fighting shotgun is purpose built for. It's all about efficiency here gang, when it comes to the semi/pump argument there really isn't a huge gap in performance... Read more →

I recall a tour of a military museum in Europe a few years ago. We saw the evolution of the sword. First the Roman Gladius...perfect for its day and the tactics of its users. Then as mounted fighters became the norm the swords grew longer, and then wider and of better steel to deal with the prevalent armor. And then as the west grew more urban, and firearms made armor obsolete, the swords became easier to carry and more suited to street combat in urban Europe. Firearms shared a similar developmental path. Any visitor to the Cody Museum in Wyoming will see the same things. The west today - America specifically - is a world at war with itself. The identities of the left and the right are increasingly in conflict and historically, when such ideologies reach an impasses, compromise is impossible. Historically, one side will simply refuse to submit. The other side will either leave things as is and separate from them, or seek to force a unified submission. We surely recall the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Black Guerrilla... Read more →

When I teach a class I tell the students that my job is to teach them at three levels. One is to teach the mind as they need to know why they will be doing what they are doing. I encourage questioning and there are reasons why we do what we do…and they must understand those reasons. Two is the hands, or technical mastery. And three, most importantly is the heart, or how they will feel. How they will feel? Yes, because I am not a technical instructor teaching them the intricacies of bullet golf. I am a teacher of killers. And I am teaching them how to kill evil men…and all the intricacies of that action, whether internal or external. A huge part of this is what has been labelled mind set, but there is so much more to it than just a mere thought process. Theodore Roosevelt, a life all men should study, wrote: All men who feel any power of joy in battle know what it is like when the wolf rises in the heart. He was... Read more →

Continuing with our "Justified Killing 101" series I want to discuss a topic we see with dogs, but has rarely been ever used to describe humans in conflict. That is Fear Aggression. Look at the two images above. Before reading the rest of the article look at them and see the differences in demeanor, posture, emotion, as well as the outward manifestation of those emotions. On the left we see a small dog baring his teeth. If a picture could have sound you could almost hear the little growl coming from the little throat rolling into a full blow little bark. The little dog is afraid and if he was a human, we would say he was emotional, angry, and loudly acting out those emotions. A fear aggressive dog is dangerous because he is unpredictable and uncontrollable and his fear will lead him to bite even if biting is not what is called for...and even then, those bites will be applied hesitantly and poorly. On the right we see a wolf on the stalk. Look at the image again. There... Read more →