A). More Ammo is More Better. I like extended magazines that reach to the muzzle. I do not find that they unbalance the weapon in any way. Most quality anti-personnel shotguns come this way now. The new Aridus receiver mounted ammo carriers are a great idea and have changed my mind about "side saddles" and other on bard ammo carriers. B). Modern furniture. There is no reason other than nostalgia to keep wooden forearms and stocks on the weapon. The new Magpul furniture is excellent and what I currently have on our training Remington 870s. There are those teaching shotgun that do not care for the Magpul line on the shotguns. Only thing I can say there is "follow the money". Magpul shotgun stocks or those wanting a pistol grip, a Mesa Stock Adapter with a Magpul CTR. I find these a better choice than the Urbino type system as you can not only change the length of pull instantly, but you can choose your pistol grip and the color of your stock. It would be nice if there was... Read more →

THE REASON FOR THE WEAPON A bad guy surprises the crap out of you inside a room, in poor lighting and you have a weapon in your hands. The first image is what a hurried shot under pressure, without a proper sight picture looks like with a single projectile weapon - like a submachinegun, or rifle. Time elapsed: .75 seconds. The second image is what a hurried shot under pressure, without a proper sight picture looks like with a multiple projectile weapon - like a shotgun (or a non-NFA 26" shotgun "other"). Time elapsed: .75 seconds. That right there is the sole reason for the shotgun in CQB. Is it indiscriminate? Maybe. It is not for hostage rescues nor for surgical shooting. But it allows you to send nine times as much ill will with one trigger press in half the time. We talk of shooting in the face...this will likely remove the face. The shots I took when I carried one could never have been taken with a slug loaded weapon, nor with a rifle. Related articles ROLE OF... Read more →

I have been working with the battle axe for a few now and have come to some conclusions. 1). This is different than a traditional stocked weapon. It requires a different attitude and shooting method than most use. Much of it once learned can carry over to stocked shotguns. 2). This is a limited ammo system. It requires reduced recoil ammo and I suspect at the end of the day, its best use will be #4 Buck. This is not a 50 yard weapon, but an approximation of the close range battle axe. Devastating in its niche. Only idiots will try full power loads or slugs here since you will not be able to run it well that way. 3). It is not a hip shooting weapon, although it can be used that way and many other ways. It is best used from eye level and can be run quickly if the shooter works it well. It is not a girl's weapon unless the girl is a powerlifter or MMA fighter. The battle axe is not an egalitarian weapon. 4).... Read more →

Look at this image. Is the shooter pointing in with a stocked shotgun, or is it a pistol grip only weapon? This was a discussion on my forum Warrior Talk recently. What I told the guys there was that they needed a fresh perspective on shotguns, and the PGO "other" shotgun in particular. Way too many prospective shotgun guys are mentally monkey trapped with shotgun traditions, shotgun sports, and the like. The focus on my blog, and classes, and when we launch or custom shotgun program, will not be "birds, bunnies, and clays". I have nothing against those pursuits, but just as NASCAR has little to do with PSD/Emergency Driving, shotgun sports and shotgun fighting are not the same things. The PGO, or as I plan to call them, "Stake Out Shotgun" is a newly rediscovered system that I will be working with this year. I ran a similar system years ago when I worked a surveillance unit with the politically correct name of "Crime Impact Team". There is an internet myth that these weapons are only fired from the... Read more →

THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY SEEM The Shield Maiden and I had been working on our ground fighting skills, as husbands and wives often do, when the call came in. It was five "9"s in succession. Translated that meant, "call station right now shit is going down". This was long before texts...and even before Al Gore invented the internet...we carried pagers. I grab up the phone and call in. "Gang-related Murder. Sgt. Cooper thinks it was the mom". Shit...I hated those kinds of calls. I tossed the Go-Bag in the back seat of the T-Bird and sped down La Tuna Canyon to PCH as Phil Collins tuned out on the stereo in the summer evening. The victim was a known gang member and the common thought back then was that all of the family were gang members as well, from the 90 year old deaf grandfather to the five year old little brother with snot running down his face. I walked in past the uniforms as I threw on my "Gang Unit" jacket to explain my shaved head and long... Read more →