This article was written by Greg Nichols, an esteemed member of our staff The Shotgun or the Rifle As we start 2017, SI is taking a new look at an old LEO standby, the shotgun. It goes by many names, the shotty, bitch, gauge, room broom, boom stick, among others. So as the title suggests, why would I choose one over a rifle? What are it’s envelopes where it shines over other platforms? Would I select breech load, box fed, or tubular magazine? The current fashionable trend seems to be to take the shotgun outside of it’s envelope of operation and attempt to make it operate and perform as close to a rifle as possible (using the rifleman’s perspective), or turning it into an AOE (area of effect ) weapon for people (the wing/clay shooter’s perspective). In my opinion I see both of these view points as a bastardization of what a real fighting shotgun is purpose built for. It's all about efficiency here gang, when it comes to the semi/pump argument there really isn't a huge gap in performance... Read more →

I recall a tour of a military museum in Europe a few years ago. We saw the evolution of the sword. First the Roman Gladius...perfect for its day and the tactics of its users. Then as mounted fighters became the norm the swords grew longer, and then wider and of better steel to deal with the prevalent armor. And then as the west grew more urban, and firearms made armor obsolete, the swords became easier to carry and more suited to street combat in urban Europe. Firearms shared a similar developmental path. Any visitor to the Cody Museum in Wyoming will see the same things. The west today - America specifically - is a world at war with itself. The identities of the left and the right are increasingly in conflict and historically, when such ideologies reach an impasses, compromise is impossible. Historically, one side will simply refuse to submit. The other side will either leave things as is and separate from them, or seek to force a unified submission. We surely recall the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Black Guerrilla... Read more →

Gabe Suarez brings back the Suarez Shotgun Gunfighting class for the first time in a decade. The shotgun is the battle axe of the modern gunfight battle field and of all the weapons, it is inherently suited to the aggressive Suarez style of shooting. Suarez brings his personal experience in several shotgun gunfights from his days working the Gang Unit to present the most real-world based look at the shotgun available to any shooter today. Read more →

Gabe Suarez commentary on the non-NFA, pistol grip only, Remington 870 12 ga firearm. He explains the use of the weapon and why it is not for the feeble. But that in its niche it is unbeatable as a power tool. Read more →

I am speechless...and that rarely happens by the way. I was sure that I was a heretic in the big Cathedral of American Gun Culture. That stuffy incense filled hall where every bullet comes with a lawyer, and the faithful perfect the angle of their feet in their Weavers as they sing hymns. But there I was open mouthed, incredulous, and pie-eyed. I had to take a moment to reconsider if I had suddenly become mainstream...if my iconoclast card has been revoked...if I was longer worthy to sail under the black flag. Dogs and cats were seen talking to real estate brokers. I am still astounded. Either "somebody" agrees with me, or "somebody" may have been paid by Mossberg to say nice things about the 590 Shockwave. I mean...what is next? A Mossberg Shockwave Class at a famous name shooting school? God only knows. BUY YOUR STAKEOUT 870 HERE Read more →

I almost laughed when I first saw this product, but then, this news item crossed my desk. ISIS has been using drones to pretty good effect. It makes perfect sense and it is surprising that they did not think of this sooner. As well, it will be a matter of time before the US Insurgencies, from the indigenous jihadis, to the counter culture socialists we see blocking roads from adopting this method. It doesn't take much imagination to think what a couple of anarcho-terrorists could do with a van full of drones in a big city. Not so much a laughing matter I think. Here is a video of the Jihadi Drone Attacks. And while I am not aware of what the range and specifications are for this item, it certainly seems like an attempt to address the issue of Terrorist Drone Attacks. I am neither selling nor profiting from this, simply an interesting product at an interesting time. And before you get all giggly and start posting that Gabe has finally gone bananas, it looks like the US Military... Read more →