Remington sends out many of their shotguns and weapons based on shotguns with two dimples in the magazine tube. This was a manufacturing shortcut for Remington, but the effect is that it prevents installation of any magazine extension on the weapon. So if your Remington has dimples, no matter whether you want to add a Suarez Plus one, or any other company's extensions, it will not work right, and you will not be able to add any more rounds than the four that fit in the dimpled magazine. Solutions? Remove the dimples. Many will try to do this at home with varying success, often damaging the magazine tube or leaving unsightly holes in the tube. The problem is that if you mess it up, it creates far more problems than sending your 870 to us for work. A far better solution is to send the 870 to us for dimple removal. Our gunsmiths have the tooling and expertise to make the dimples go away and allow you to mount any magazine extension you wish on your 870. REMOVE THE DIMPLES... Read more →

The DM models are not an advancement at all, and actually make the shotgun more difficult to use in the realm where shotguns are really used. I have no interest in the DM models for the 870 and believe they solve no problems at all, but they certainly create more drama for the user. Read more →

THE TAC-14 PDW KIT It is an arm brace and not a stock and therefore legal anywhere a Tac-14 is legal (verify local laws). Kit includes a Mesa Stock Adapter, a pistol receiver extension, an AR-15 Pistol Grip, and a Shockwave Blade Arm Brace. This kit exceeds the design and quality of other kits on that market primarily due to the angle of the "arm brace". Other systems put the "arm brace" at an awkward downward cast angle making efficient use difficult. The angles on this unit are perfect and time tested. Easily installed on a Stakeout, Amphibian, or Tac-14 by the end user. Check all local laws before installing. Pistol Receiver Extension Mesa Tactical Adapter AR-15 Pistol Grip Shockwave Arm Brace BUY IT HERE FOR TAC-14 BUY IT HERE FOR MOSSBERG Read more →

Well...there is a great deal of silliness involving the shotgun these days thanks to the gun golfers. The use of the shotgun does not require shooting it empty and then racing to load it with one hand while peering into the widened loading gate like a teenager at a Playboy centerfold. Sport and life are not the same. Shall we say that hymn like three times now? I suspect that I have not shot more bad guys with shotguns than most other trainers in the industry, I am at least in the top 3%. I never used more than four rounds in a single event. Loading during the fight was never an issue. Speed loading via the loading port, like a pistol speed load, was never necessary. In fact I have queried our 50,000 member mailing list and this forum several times through the years about these topics - Tell me of a time when a pistol speed load or a shotgun speed load (or a rifle speed load for that matter) saved the shooter from imminent death. And by... Read more →

REMINGTON 870 AMPHIBIAN 12 GAUGE (NP3) Introducing the Suarez International 14" Amphibian Remington 870 pistol grip firearm. The Amphibian is 26.5" long with a 14" barrel, and is an extremely small, light, and portable weapon. And finished completely in NP3 it is suitable for maritime duties or for service in any wet environment that would otherwise harm a weapon with a standard finish. This weapon is built on Remington Model 870 that came from the factory with a pistol grip mounted and classified as "Other Firearm". This is a NON-NFA, Completely Compliant and Legal 'Firearm' (technically not a shotgun). Transfers as "Other" on 4473. The Remington part number for these is "81187". As long as these Pistol Grip Only (PGO) firearms remain longer than 26″ in overall length, and have never been equipped with a shoulder stock, they are perfectly legal with a barrel that is less than 18". Do not change the pistol grip on the firearm, nor shorten the barrel in any way, nor carry the weapon concealed. If you do any of these things you may be... Read more →