Yes, I know...your guru taught you a faster way...or the gun juggler on Youtube does it differently...or (gasp), the Special Ops instructor at the local indoor range showed you a much more clever way. Trust me...I learned them all. There are a myriad of ways to reload a pistol, but lets consider the environment. This illustrated reload is called the PROACTIVE RELOAD. Proactive being the operative descriptor. It is used when the fight appears to be over. Nobody else is shooting at you, and you have nobody else to shoot. But those situations are only apparent and your perception of the situation may be wrong. Thus we do not relax. Understand that this is not the same as what you may need to do if your pistol stops working WHILE YOU ARE UNDER FIRE. For that see the article on the speed load. 1). You are alone. You did not bring your Dark Ops team with you...and no...your dog in the truck in the next parking lot doesn't count. And you are only carrying what you left the house with.... Read more →