Every so often there is a break-through in every industry. I think this concept may be that for the martially-focused gun student. We present the first in a series - Suarez Pistol Kata "Diagonal Lines". Most people have an incorrect perspective of "kata". A kata is not a gymnastics exercise to impress others or to win prizes, although one might think so watching the modern martial clowns acting it up for the crowd. Their performances have nothing at all to do with anything martial. A kata is not the ridiculous and meaningless dance routines you see at the kid's McDojo. A Kata is born in battle when a successful teacher arranges a collection of concepts that he has used against other men in a way that his students can practice them alone. A kata is a catalog of combat proven information, techniques and movement patterns distilled into its purest from in a repeatable and established pattern. Practicing them leads to internalized understanding of movement and a mindless execution of technique. This is the first kata in a series. Named Diagonal... Read more →

We train for gunfighting. In gunfighting the loser generally dies. Simple methods allow deployment under the worst circumstances. Simple methods are high success methods. Thus we seek to simplify as much as possible, everything we do. As an example, consider the gunhandling methods of the others. You have speed loads, loads with retention, type one clearance, type two clearance, and so forth. You need a day itself just to train each possible technical interpretation. They follow the concept of complexity. That concept basically states that more complicated your methods, the cooler you will appear to be to your watchers and students. I am not interested in being seen as cool...but I am interested in being seen as the guy that won the gunfight with simple and boring techniques. This is not for shooting a match on a sunny day or a pre-planned completion of a drill for score. This is for shooting for blood when another man or men are doing their best to kill you and in extremely reduced light, when you are at your worst and when you... Read more →