This last weekend we taught a three day Red Dot Pistol School. It was attended by over 20 students with various weapons and red dot systems. We took them through a great deal of work, and met standards of face shots at 25 yards, and body shots at 100 yards. We broke up the training between proactive work, as may be conducted during the various Active Shooter/Jihad Killings that have become so much a part of modern life - and reactive work as typified by common self defense shootings at close range. I expect we will have an after action from the students to publish shortly but we fired approximately 1,000 well directed and accurate rounds in three days. During one of the days, during a break, I had staffer Greg Nichols video a few shooting drills with our NFA Glock PDW. This weapon has very serious capabilities and is already being examined by some police units as a special applications weapon. Have a look. Related articles The Stocked Pistol Revisited for 2014 SUAREZ VIDEO: THE PISTOL PDW/SBR CONCEPT -... Read more →