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Thursday, August 28, 2014


I am sometimes astounded at the fools that are charged with running the most powerful countries on earth. Well...OK...more than sometimes. They keep making the same assumptions and the same mistakes. The issue of the moment of course, is ISIS. The new Al Queda, or so it seems. One wonders if the USA had acted otherwise, and followed a more "distance from disorder" mode, if ISIS would have ever come to be, but that is for debate another time. The debate is now about the ISIS threat to the western world. Here is what we know. 1). The existence of...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Fog Of War - A Lack Of Certainty

Clausewitz wrote about it as "The Fog Of War". SunTzu wrote about it as "not knowing yourself or the enemy". It is a lack of certainty. It comes from a lack of information about what is actually at hand. Without information, accurate decisions are very difficult to make. What happens is you get a bunch of educated guesses and then a tentative decision based on those guesses. That is why military planners spend more on gathering intell than on the weapons to exploit that intell. How does that play out for the individual operator? Quite simply, if one is denied...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The next installment of this series was going to be how to spot the other guy that is armed, but I received so many comments and questions about the issue of carrying concealed in a vehicle that I moved up the segment on that and made it "Part 2". I think before we discuss any of the dynamics of carrying concealed in the car, we should look at the bigger picture, taking a mission-oriented focus rather than a tool-oriented focus. And that is dealing with a threat from the car. DRIVE OR SHOOT? Let's try an exercise. Picture in your...

Exploring the Pekiti Takeoff

Gabe Suarez built his gunfight training around the concept of dynamic movement while deploying a weapon. If you are facing an attack, and you find yourself without a weapon, dynamic movement is perhaps the only means of survival. Immediate, explosive and dynamic movement is absolutely necessary and with proper technique, just might make the difference in overcoming the odds when they are stacked against you. The value of explosive dynamic movement is made crystal clear during Suarez Force on Force classes. Of all the gun classes I’ve taken, I truly believe that Force on Force training taught me more about...

Monday, August 25, 2014


This is the first in a series of articles discussing how to carry a weapon without detection, as well as how to detect others that may be carrying weapons. I have been carrying concealed firearms all of my adult life. I carried in spite of regulations before my life in law enforcement. I carried officially during off duty hours and while working various plain clothes as well as undercover details as a police officer in Southern California. Later, I carried weapons as a "private businessman" in various non-permissive environments overseas in Africa, and Latin America as well as Europe. There...

Friday, August 22, 2014


I recall a student I had many years ago. He was a kenjutsu aficionado. Kenjutsu, for those who missed that day, is the old martial version of samurai swordsmanship. In any case, after training he remarked on the similarity in concept of what I was teaching him and his sword studies. I'd never seen a true traditionl early period Japanese sword form so I asked him to show me. Immediately he grabbed up a katana and demonstrated. He drew the sword, cut once and twice and sheathed. That was it. Astounded at the brevity, I asked him about it. He...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Counter Fractricide: How NOT To Shoot Good Guys

My understanding is that the police mistakenly shoot one of their own almost once every year. There are no statistics kept on good guy on good guy encounters involving CCW personnel. I hope that this piece not only saves some lives, but also helps the CCW operator and Police Officer make sound tactical decisions.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How NOT To Get Shot By The Police

The concern is that the good guy CCW, or off duty LEO for that matter, taking out the bad guy might be misidentified by responding police and shot. Police shoot one of their own every 18 months around the nation so it is a very plausible event. Contributing factors seem to be as follows - You are more likely to be mistakenly shot by police in areas where the carry of weapons by citizens is not common. Places like New York or Los Angeles immediately come to mind. The notion seems to be that only cops or criminals have guns....

Monday, August 18, 2014


Fred was temporarily incarcerated in county jail until he caught the chain for a nickel at CDC...probably Soledad. He was a convict, and the ink on his arms was a resume of murders and other miscellaneous acts detailing a life of violence. I will say Fred worked for me, and we will leave it at that. His main goal in life at that time was to be able to write to his wife and kids while he was inside. Funny what a pad of paper and a few pencils and envelops can get you. I asked him once when we...

Thursday, August 14, 2014


One of the things that is incessantly being discussed in the CCW/LEO community is the after-event-discourse. In other words, what do you say...or not, after you have whacked an attacker. As expected, the variety of advice is as different as people's choices in guns and ammo. A prevailing attitude - promulgated by the attorneys - is to simply shut up and say nothing under any circumstances. I disagree and here is why - I have been in more than a few of these and also investigated quite a few of these. I noted some trends and tried to use those...

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