Let us discuss the relative positioning of the red dot sight in relation to the iron sights. Sometimes I think if I came out with a verifiable supplement that would double the size of your penis and at the same time make every young woman within a half mile want you, there are men in the gun community that would say that a small penis actually was better and that real men did not desire young women. Why would they say that? Because it was my idea, and not theirs - pure and simple. It is, after all is said and done....about money. When everyone is broke, everyone is friendly. But when they are competing for market share, is war. And right now the focus is either to develop a different system than ours and claim superiority, or to copy what we are already doing. Like everything else, we need to know the source and reasoning...and history of each development to understand its motivations and validity. The first installations of red dot sights did not make use of back... Read more →

I get questions about this quite often. So at the risk of offending somebody, here is why I think the MOS system is a poorly thought out Compromise and should not be a top choice for those wanting to get into the red dot world of pistols. The MOS was developed for a single purpose, and excellence for the end-user was not the reason. It was developed so Gaston Glock could sell red dot capable slides to all the cheap bastards that are too cheap to buy a Trijicon RMR or a Leupold Deltapoint Pro. They will glom on to trash like Burris Fastfire and want to install it on their slide. The MOS was designed to accept any and all red dots and thus it is an exercise in compromise...period. This may not be a concern for GSSF or other pistol games, but those wishing to carry for more serious reasons, here are the problems I have seen with the system. Problems with the MOS - 1). The Compromise requires a taller mount of the red dot than is... Read more →


WORKING THE DUAL ILLUMINATED RMR We have been working with these for a few weeks now. I have been carrying one daily on my Glock 17 to get a first hand idea of the advantages and liabilities of the units. Specifically I am referring to the Trijicon Dual Illuminated RMRs: The RM03, 04, 05, and 08. These have 13 MOA, 7 MOA, 9 MOA and 12.9 Triangle respectively. I am referring as well to the Amber Dot units and not to the Green Dot units. The green do units require a pinkish hue to the glass and we will discuss those later. The Dual Illuminated units have a plastic strip along the top of the RMR that acts as a fiber optic collecting available light to power the dot. It is also powered by a tritium element that ostensibly will last ten years or more. These do not require any batteries and that is both where the advantage and liability lies. It is an advantage because all one need do is install it on their slide and run it unconcerned... Read more →

Nothing is free, and with all new technologies there are perceived issues and a learning curve. Because a smart phone is more difficult to use than a landline should not cause is to eschew the smart phone. Better to learn the new technology and take advantage of its benefits. 1). Problem Picking up the dot. This is an area where everyone over thinks it. There are entire articles devoted to this with so many varying proposed soultions many guys simply say its too much and dismiss the dot altogether. So here is the simple way...too simple in fact. If your dot is co-witnessed to be on your front sight, and if you have trained countless times to acquire that front sight, what will you automatically begin to see when you present the pistol and catch the sights? Wait for it....the dot of course. If you see the front sight, you will see the dot. Now what happens is that as your eye becomes accustomed to seeing that dot, it will always look for the dot and actually begin to ignore... Read more →

The V1 and V2 slides were our first productions in 2011 and 2012. That brought the V3 slides with its various product improvements. Our slides remain the best slides available on earth for the Glock platform. Manufactured specifically for the Trijicon RMR, they are made to exacting tolerances to match levels of refinement. And without the over-priced and whorish appearance of other slides on the market. These are not made for photography or for sports...they are made for shooting terrorists in the face with an accuracy unheard of in combat circles. And in the hands of professionals, they have been doing this for a long time. All of my personal carry guns sport an RMR, either an RM06, or a Dual Illumited RM04. That said, there have been other red dots breaking into the market which, while of varying quality and ruggedness, have nonetheless been accepted by the buyers. To address that need we were the first to produce a slide for the Leupold Deltapoint Pro. That was the Suarez V4 Slide. Now, to address the various other red dots... Read more →

First I want to discuss the uses and necessities of this. As I type, I have a Glock 17 Pistol in my belt. It has a threaded barrel, and an RMR (RM06)...but no weaponlight. Why not...don't ALL weapons need lights? No, they do not. Let me restate that. Not all weapons need light, and specially not all pistols. Ostensibly, the purpose for a weapon mounted light...or in this discussion, a pistol mounted light, is to identify the nature of a potential threat/target obscured by darkness. In other words, to give you more information than that which you are currently operating on. A clear and present threat does not need to be identified any further. If you live alone and a large figure in moving down the darkened hallway telling you in an unfamiliar voice that he is going to kill you, you do not need to identify him before emptying your high capacity magazine into his face. If in twilight, on a city street, a couple of bad guys "prison strut" over to you, with a "Yo motherf*cker!" while reaching... Read more →

Continuing with our objective to really make the Glock perfect via the replacement of all MIM parts, we developed the Tactical Grade Firing Pin Safety. Like our firing pin, it is made from hardened tool steel and polished to perfection. We shoot a great deal. I have been shooting Glocks since 1995. Between my staff and I, we see over 1000 students per year, most with Glocks. How many rounds we fire, or see fired, I can only guess at but likely more than most SWAT units. If it can break, we have seen it break. One of those issues we see is the wearing out of the safety plunger. This is exacerbated when guys polish them. The factory unit is a MIM part and plated. When you polish the plating away in the quest for a smoother trigger, you remove the barrier that makes this part hard. The results are predictable. To alleviate that problem we have introduced this new part. We are not the first, but we have done it right without overcharging the customer. Ours has many... Read more →

It seems that lessons need to be continually relearned because either they were never learned in the first place, or they were quickly forgotten due to inconvenience. The topic is weapon lights...and pistol lights in particular. They look very dramatic on those custom handguns in photos. We need to ask why they are there, and secondly if they are an asset on every single weapon. To answer the unasked question about my perspective and authority, all but one of the dozen gunfights I was involved with were in reduced light. The first issue is that if you do add a light, you need to know how to use it. I am always concerned about drawing fire by using a light excessively or inappropriately. If there was no concern over such things, we would simply turn the light on and leave it on like they do on TV Cop shows. I expect that most guys that add a light to their pistol, rifle or shotgun, will do just this and then vociferously defend their tactics online. The problem is that all... Read more →

Metal Injection Molded Parts (MIM) are the future for many manufacturers, not just Glocks, but everything from 1911s to SIG (yes...even the new angelic 320). I had my doubts and so I researched. Two concepts that I have always held foremost when examining an issue have been, "where there is smoke there is fire", and Deep Throat's famous, "follow the money". Both those facts are kept in mind here as we read of broken parts in just about every modern pistol. We hear more of course from those that are most prolific, but nonetheless. Then we hear from the MIM-apologists, telling us that the MIM parts are just as good as everything that came they secretly open the box containing the new free rifle or pistol they got from the manufacturer that uses MIM parts. So here is what we know. MIM, also known as "sintered metal" is used not because its better, but rather because its cheaper. When a manufacturer makes a change it is for one of those factors, never simply "just because". So is an MIM... Read more →