I came into this study at a time in my life when I was not quite an American. My family and I arrived as refugees from Communist Cuba - victims of the communism so many foolish Americans seem to be embracing today. Having lost everything, home, wealth, and business, and likely on a government hit list, my father took his family and fled for America. There were no Cuban kids for me to call friends, and at a time when schoolyard fights were common, it was clear that I was not like every other kid in school. Karate was a physical language, and it demanded physical respect. I found where I belonged. That is what I liked about Karate. Success or failure was dependent on me, and not anyone else. If I failed, it was my fault. If I succeeded, it was my success. In karate there was no point in the silly practice of "blame assignment" that is so popular today. Starting in the fall of my tenth year, it consumed every moment of my day and every thought... Read more →

SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL'S KNUCKLE DUSTER SERIES One of the common threads in any group of men that goes into harm's way is a decompression and debriefing session. This is where everyone chills out, the cold beers come out, and there is a heart to heart discussion on what happened and how to do it better the next time. Jokingly referred to as "choir practice", these were hardly spiritual group hug singing sessions, but instead, think of it as a group "high five" with an emphasis on how to kill the bad guys better the next time. Sometimes, depending on the events of the night, we drank our cold beers in silence...nothing else to be said. There was no rank at these events, often handled after hours in the parking lot of the station. The name of these "killer encounter sessions" came from a book by Joseph Wambaugh titled The Choirboys. In honor of those long ago days we first developed the Choirboy. It is, a bottle opener intended to crack a beer in style. As a bottle opener it can go... Read more →


The Season Begins...Let It Be Strong This Year Sitting here after a hard leg workout (dizzy and saw a different galaxy than usual afterwards)...a nice Paleo dinner and enjoying a second glass of Carnivore Merlot. All is good. The dog at my feet and the M4 SBR against the corner. The junior staffer (Snakedoc) plays a song from Pentatonix. Well done!! As we close in on the season, let it be understood - Our Lord, the King of Kings and Warrior of Christian Warriors was...IS...not a soft sissy boy with a welcoming smile, a man bun, and man tits looking for a safe space. He is a man's man, a powerful example of what a man ought to be. Hardly what you will see on Christian Media or at the pulpit of the many Commie Pseudo Churches, And certainly not what you see with the ridiculous western Pope. He is the man who surrounded Himself with ruffians, and scoundrels...who beat the crap out of a gang of men and who (in context of the day) flipped the bird to the... Read more →

Fitness, in OUR context is not just about lifting big heavy weights and having strange women send you "friend requests". It is a complete level of existence where the fit and dangerous man or woman can not only execute daring physical feats, but can carry on an intelligent conversation or speak contemporaneously with authority and eloquence on a given subject. And in the context of the "Combat Instructor", the man must be an expert at communication ("shooting instructor" has connotations that I don't want). The man that shows up to a class populated by a squad of CEOs, Doctors, Diplomats and Lawyers wearing a shirt that has been on his body for the last 30 days, looking like Ragnar Lothbrock and announces, "Yo motherf******! Load your blasters and lets **** some targets!!!" is sending the message that he is uneducated, borderline illiterate, and raises the question of the value of anything he has to offer. Similarly, the man that has not paid attention to his development in speaking and attempts to bluff his way through using words he himself does... Read more →

1). Fire anyone who uses the word "can't" more than once in a conversation with you, or whose daily lexicon is filled with excuses or complaints. 2). Look for opportunity where others see will likely find it. 3). Nothing is impossible. Say that ten times every morning. Fire anyone that disagrees. 4). Surround yourself with tigers who make stuff happen rather than the complaining sloths who watch stuff happen. 5). Place yourself above the daily groanings and whimperings of common men. 6). Choose your objective and move towards it aggressively and ruthlessly...others will follow. 7). Know when to quit. If after examining the battlefield, one door is too difficult, abandon it and find an easier door. But don't do that more than once a year. 8). Business is war and as soon as money is involved, you will realize that your "colleagues" are not your friends. And similarly, war is business. Only go to war to fill your pockets with the enemy's gold. 9). Secrecy of mission is essential. See #8 above. 10). It is not just about winning,... Read more →

It was the early 1990s. This was one of my first forays outside the official world of police work. A gun-for-hire affair, just in case something happened. It paid well, and in cash. My contact was a German Uma Thurman look-alike, and she carried an ASP pistol. It was one of the originals from Paris Theodore's Seventrees Ltd. shop in NY. In the era of small guns being Smith & Wesson Model 60 Chief Specials, or ridiculous sub-caliber pocket pistols, the ASP was a beauty. It later served as the model for the S&W 3913. In the era of concealment first, combat use second, the objective of the ASP and later the Devel, was a combat pistol that was also super concealable. But that was a long time ago and handguns have gotten much better. As well technology today has allowed us to do things that were unimaginable back in those days. So in the spirit of those compact combat pistols, and tapping into the shadowy lineage, we bring you the Guttersnipe Glock 43 Package. gut·ter·snipe ˈɡədərˌsnīp/ noun derogatory noun:... Read more →

Continuing with the "More Guns = Less Terrorism" series, and having shown that the vast majority of so-called gun crime are thug on thug, or thug on citizen. And that the majority of these murders and assaults take place in cities with a high population of low income, racially diverse populations, and high incidence of gang and drug activity. Those are facts. The reason of why those facts exist is for another time and others to discuss. That being the case, why does it rail the socialist so much for a man in Texas to have an AR-15...or for a woman in Arizona to carry a pistol on her belt? Why do they want such people, in fact, ostensibly, "everyone" disarmed? Read carefully my historically challenged, Pokémon-chasing American as you are about to get an education. Firearms and other weapons convey to the wielder the ability to magnify his will. In and of themselves, weapons are benign artifacts. Give a good man a pistol, and it is the pistol that saves life. Give a bad man a pistol, and it... Read more →